JXM Ranks the FOX X-Men Movies (2000-2019)

Here's my final list for X-Men movies after the 10th has concluded. I have no confidence in New Mutants ever being released, so I guess now is a good a time as any. This list also won't include the Deadpool movies because I consider them to be their own thing.

10 movies, 19 years of film making. Let's go.

List items

  • While the first X-Men movie has a special place in my heart, this is an objectively better film overall. McKellen's (Magneto) and Stewart's (Xavier) are superb in their roles, and frankly they are still the best Magneto and Xavier the movies have ever, and maybe will ever, see.

  • The one that started it all, and terribly underrated. It may not be as flashy or as well paced as X2, but it deserves so much credit for being a comic movie that takes itself seriously. The tone of this movie plays out like a drama, and it is excellent for its time. It has aged quite well. I'm also rather nostalgic because I remember this movie when I was a kid just getting into comics.

  • Logan joins a special category of comic book movies that can legitimately be called great films, such as the Dark Knight. This film is fantastic and a wonderful sendoff to the franchise. The only reason it's not higher is because this movie is... really heavy, and doesn't lend itself to entertaining rewatching.

  • I thoroughly enjoy this movie, especially the unrated cut. Maybe Silver Samurai wasn't great, but this movie as a whole was good.

  • I actually don't hate this movie? I know a lot of people do, but I don't. It has some great moments from Fassbender's Magneto and Isaac's Apocalypse. While Lawrence's mystique is as insufferable as ever, this is one of the few movies where we actually see the X-Men in action... as X-Men.

  • So... this is a very mediocre movie to me. This is the middle of the road being neither especially good nor really bad. It has great pacing and a good villain, with some great acting from McAvoy and Fassbender. I just can't stand some of the characters, especially Lawrence's Mystique, Beast, and Darwin. But this is still a pretty decent film.

  • This is an unpopular opinion, but I don't like this movie. It focuses on a character I consistently don't like (Lawrence's Mystique) and is a terrible misuse of Dinklage's acting talent. It also does weird things with the timeline and is essentially irrelevant to other movies. That in addition to Kitty's... weird magic time travel powers (???) just make this movie bad and awkward to me.

  • Ah yes... this one. I actually like the first act and this movie shows some of the best moments from McKellen's Magneto. But after the first act, the movies grinds to a halt with an underwhelming Phoenix plotline. But hey, there's always Dark Phoenix, right? What could go wrong

  • I... don't have much to say here. It's bad, and we all know it's bad. But the reason it is not dead last is because the story had some internal sense.

  • This film is... just bad. Real bad. It's one of those really head scratchingly bad films that is somehow worse than the already pretty bad Last Stand. Underwhelming performances all around, strange character arcs (and a rehash of Magneto's arc) and disregards prior canon. But really, who cares about canon? This franchise dies not in flames of glory, but ember of what once was and could have been. Hopefully the MCU does better.