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Current X-Men titles: from best to worst

Excluding X-23, Wolverine, Daken, etc. Just the team books for now.

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  • The previous X-Force title was fantastic. I feared that this wouldn't be as good, especially since I didn't care about the characters. But right after the first issue and every issue afterward, this series has been consistently amazing.

  • Has had its highs and lows, but the art and writing has always been good. And I am a fan of Magneto, so this title suits me.

  • It's actually very sad and unfortunate that the longest X title just isn't very good. The arcs are just generally boring. It was good before #500, but after that, it just lost any luster it once had. And Land being a reoccurring artist does not help - at all.

  • Hated the Curse of the Mutants arc all around. I tried. I really tried to give this series a shot. But... no. I'm sorry, but it is pure crap. And the art is horrendous.