JediXMan on: The Old Republic

I'm not sure if I will make this a regular thing or not. This is less of a review as it is my general opinion and my experiences with this game thus far.
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JediXMan on: The Old Republic: 

I decided on the Jedi Knight class early on. I knew that I wasn't going to be playing as a Smuggler or a Trooper, and I didn't really feel like playing as a Consular. When I entered the game, I was brought back to my Galaxies days; I wasn't sure whether to feel nostalgic or terrified. Galaxies was "fun" but repetitive when it game to the NPCs basically saying "go there, kill that, get reward." While yes they do the same thing here, at least there's a stronger feeling of urgency and reason. That and the NPCs talk and so do you, which is a welcome addition. Another nice addition is a STORY MODE. Galaxies never had this. Fine, some things had continuing missions, but they weren't plots just quests that granted you more quests that didn't offer more than a shiny new weapon or piece of armor to play with. The missions feel real, the characters feel real, and I feel like there's an actual reason for killing whoever they're sending me off to kill.

One problem I do have, though: tedious traveling. I don't mind walking; a brisk walk does the body good and my fingers a break. But I am constantly being attacked by enemies. It's not that they're hard; often they just take a few seconds. But it's just annoying, and I have to consciously avoid packs of enemies, and so now it feels like a stealth game at times. Which brings me to the issue that I knew I would have with it being an MMO: there are ALWAYS enemies around. I do these missions, kill these guys, but that faction is still there when I return. It feels like I didn't do anything at all, despite all the praise and pats on the back I'm getting from countless NPCs. This is something SWG actually did well: you could use vehicles. Now having bought the Collector's Edition, I got a nice little speeder (which looks incredibly uncomfortable to ride on - or hang on, in this case - but whatever). But this isn't as nice as it would seem. I'm still being attacked and my speeder conveniently disappears. In SWG, that only happens if the enemy destroyed my vehicle, which I would then have to have replaced or repaired. Speaking of paying, WHY DO I HAVE TO BUY A SKILL TO RIDE A SPEEDER? Come on, I bought the CE. Least you could do is give me the skill with the speeder for free.

Another thing SWG did better (just to clarify: SWTOR >>>>>>>> SWG. But I can recognize the successes of SWG): space battles. This just feels like I'm helping by firing the guns, but I can't move as freely as I'd like. SWG almost felt like a simulator, and it really had a sense of scale. You could manually fly around a planet and almost get lost in the size of space. While we're on the subject of space: I am tired of hangers. WHY do I have to take an elevator to get to the spaceport? It's just annoying. Maybe I'm nitpicking but it's still annoying. Also, why can't I customize my ship? It's a small request, but I'd like it.

Moving on to the more recent:

I decided to make a Bounty Hunter when my Jedi Knight came to a really, really stupid roadblock in the story mode. I'm sorry, but the story mode should go hand in hand with what it thinks my level should be upon reaching that point in the story. It shouldn't require me going to higher level planets to grind and get the crap beaten out of me just to progress.  

To give you an idea: I am a level 26 Jedi Sentinel with good gear (level 24 when I started this blasted mission). I pack up on stims and med packs, hit myself with all my fancy powerups, launch my companion and myself at my opponent (SINGLE opponent, I should clarify), slam him with everything we have, and promptly get knocked to the ground (literally) over and over again without even taking down half his health. I was loving this game right up until this point. I get the "teamwork" thing but that's for side missions, not story missions. It's just ridiculous.

But I did discover the hidden gem that is the Bounty Hunter class. Performance-wise, it is fun, powerful, and all around awesome. I just wish it involved more hunting individual people rather than mowing down henchmen. The story mode is nice and interesting enough. But the best part is what is in the following under spoilers:

And while the Bounty Hunter only has 1 companion after getting his ship (the Jedi Knight had 2), Mako (*wink*) is a far more interesting character than T7 or Kira. Although this might be because Mako's history is mentioned earlier than Kira's. I can't know, since I'm... STUCK!  That and Mako is helpful. She heals me constantly. While she isn't great in offensive moves, her assistance gives me the ability to relax and pound away on my enemies, rarely concerned with my own health meter and just happy to carpet bomb my opponents to my heart's content. And back to BioWare's subtle reference. Now they're nice and all, but it kind of annoys me. Justicars? Mako?

So anyway, that's just how my experience has been so far.