30 Best of Marvel's Sorcerers

Right now a lot of strange thing happens with magic in Marvel so I thought to made my own list of my favorite magical characters.

I'm not sure who is the best or who have the biggest power. It's the list of best for me, what means it's a list of my favorite magical characters and the one that stayed in my mind.

Here we go:

List items

  • He's just the best. I never was a big fan of him before but I really loved this character in last few years. His new series is amazing and I really can't wait for his new movie...it'll be epic. After all he's a Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. He's funny, smart and he beated so many motherfu####! It's just like this when I think about magic in Marvel he's the first one to come to my head. Very nice origin many amazing stories. Stephen gotta be number one.

  • Majestic villain who is aware how awsome he is. He's magical skills come from Morgana but he'd beat her easily just because he's a lot smarter. Yes...he's a great combination of wise, sorcery and tactican sense. He showes how powerfull it can be in Secret Wars, maybe he's a villain but he does saved this Universe. There's no deny he's one of the best Marvel character ever made. I really enjoy him in new Invincible Iron Man and I like this changes authors made with him.

  • Illyana is one of my favorite mutants and one of the best sorcerers. She beat up Dr. Strange in AvX and now she train with him. She rules in a huge Limbo where every inhabitant is a demon. She beat Dormammu too. I love every issue with her, I hope for more shared moment with Stephen and maybe some solo series.

  • Not a prince but king of lying. Add amaznig magic skills of Asgard and you got a very powerfull character. But we all love Loki not for his power but very complex personality. How many forms does he have? Even Loki don't know it. I enjoy every one of them and I'm a fan of Tom Hiddleton as Loki too.

  • She killed many of my beloved mutants. That's why she couldn't be higher on this list. I didn't like her before and I'm not a fan of the whole mess with Magneto not being her father now but still she's a very good character. I like her in madness, now she's being carefull but we all know what she can do, how powerfull and dangerous she can be. New series from 2016 so far is amazing and I really like the new look Kevin Wada gave her. I like her more, and more with every issue.

  • Dangerous, sexy and mystery Amora. I'm a fan of her since I saw her first time. She's a villain but many times in the and she stands on a good side. I really want to see more of her in comics. I like her magic trick, she could really trick me in giving her #5 on this list if she just want to.

  • I really like his madness. That's the most important quality of him. Anyway he took Odison's hand and now he provoked a war in Nine Kingdoms. Crazy dude.

  • Very powerfull sorceress known even from legend. I started to like her a lot since the last Weirdworld came out. Del Mundo make her look amaznig. She looks like a classic magical villain and I like that about her.

  • Son of Wanda, member of Young Avengers. Billy is a normal guy with great powers and what I like about him is that he still made many mistake and his abilities are not completly know for him. He got a nice brother and cool boyfriend...not a typical sorcerer just a normal teenage dude.

  • Nico is a young girl with gothic style and powers which requires to cut herslef. Well that's a pretty nice idea for a character. I liked Runaways and now I enjoy her in A Force. Her Staff of One make her look pretty awsome too.

  • He talk to dead very well and looks very cool in the same time. I remeber his great sacrifice last he died and now I enjoy him in new Avengers Unity Squad.

  • He's dead for a long time now but still, even when Stephen just memorize him he seems to be great sorcerer. I feel respect for man who made Stephen who he is right now. Tilda Swinton will be awsome in this role.

  • Not many great skills here but I really like her. She's amaznig freind for Angela and tell stories very well.

  • I didn't know her before she became part of Thunderbolts. I liked her just when...and maybe more when got a pretty nice romantic relation with Namor.

  • Magic conected with nature. That always look cool. Shaman always seems interesting to me and I like Alpha Flight.

  • Young and crazy guy with demonic powers. Not sure if right now he's a good guy or bad one. He just do what he want. I like him.

  • I'm a big fan of her look and style. Both mutant and sorceress, she have a big power and she proved it during Necrosha. I want to see more of her in future.

  • She don't have a big magical skills but I really like her. She's like a female version of child Loki. Very smart and interesting character.

  • Can't wait to see him on a big screen this year. Great nemesis of Doctor Strange.

  • His magic is mostly this cape but still he did pretty good job with it and made a life harder for a few Avengers (Tigra will never forget).

  • I like her cause she looks like a real old witch should look like. She's pretty funny in new Scarlet Witch series (of course as a ghost).

  • Another classic villain who fought many times with Stephen and not only.

  • She's not a typical magical type but she use some spells for teleportation. Anyway she looks like a fairytale character, so it's pretty magical for me.

  • Female companion of Stephen Strange deserve to be here.

  • Well he don't posses any actual magic powers but he have a great knowlage about this stuff...and I like him.

  • He was a pretty badass fighting Stephen many times. I like the way he looks and the whole idea for his magic.

  • I like him...a little bit.

  • She looked pretty cool lately when she helped Jane Foster (Thor).

  • Indigenous canadian. I like this kind of magic related to nature.

  • Not a really succesfull sorcerer but he know a thing or two.