• Date joined:2018-06-09
  • Alignment:Evil
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☬ Real Name: Jean Luc LeBeau

☬ Birthplace: Créteil, France

☬ Alias: The Father of Assassins, The Last Arashikage, LeBeau Legacy, The Aristocratic Assassin, Esoteric Engima, The Fellstar Phantom

☬ Height: 6'5"

☬ Age: Indeterminable

☬ Weight: 188 lbs

☬ Hair Colour: White

☬ Eye Colour: Green

☬ Species: Mutant

☬ Alignment: - Unknown

☬ Affiliation: The Order of Sancta Camisia, The Arashikage, France, The Legendary Hellfire Club, The Vine Villains, Les Assassians Silenciuex, La Cour des Hiboux, The Montessi DaBrickashaw

☬ Orientation: Heterosexual

☬ Identity: Unknown

☬ Relationship Status: Widowed

☬ Gender: Male

☬ Family: Prime Notables; Kazarian LeBeau, Angelqiue LeBeau, Dark Huntress, Ester Cotillard LeBeau, Elizabeth LeBeau

☬ Occupation: Universal Anomaly, Esoteric, former Assassin, Dark Fellstar