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A boy and his courage. 0

Unlike DC Comics and the standard Marvel Universe, what happens in the Ultimate Marvel Series, happens for good.  Characters that die stay dead.The Ultimate Universe started with Ultimate Spider-Man #1.  It was new, fresh and had a much tighter continuity between series.  I picked up issues #1 and have been a devoted reader of everything the Ultimate Universe produced.  Yes, I have read every single issue published under the banner "Ultimate."  It is a beautiful and tightly compact narrative-- i...

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Finally, Five. 0

February 2010 saw Jeph Loeb and Art Adams release issue 1 of their new bi-monthly series Ultimate X.  It is July 2011 and we have finally received the fifth and (presumably) the final issue of this series. Five issues over nearly a year and a half feels very drawn out and has likely led to a distant audience.  If it didn't have the power houses of Loeb and Adams on it, I'm doubtful it would've been even on the radar for most comic readers.Let me state my biases up front:  I'm an Art Adams fan-- ...

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Sorcerer Kings comes to an end 0

Superman/Batman #84: The Sorcerer Kings conclusion.Quick rating:3.5 out of 5 starsTo the point:I’ve enjoyed this entire storyline. Kryptonite is Superman’s obvious weakness, but long-time readers will know that magic is as well. This was a great storyline creating a distinct alternate DC world that came into existence when the Cabal forced the magic-users to reignite the sun with magic– the world changes and Superman, a solar battery, becomes an agent of magic (even sporting the epic Conan-esque...

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