It's not easy being Green

Life can be tough sometimes, especially if you're green.

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List items

  • I had to have She-Hulk at number one since she was the inspiration for this list. Whenever I see a list of 'sexiest females' I usually facepalm and shake my head in a doleful manner. However, She-Hulk stirs the loins all other comics characters can not reach! Yes, I am in my 30's... early 30's though, I'm not 'that' old.

  • The singer of "It's not easy being Green". Maybe his greenness was reason for the very odd relationship with Miss Piggy? It confused me as a kid. I mean come on, he's a frog and she's a pig...

  • How many famous ghosts are there in the world? Jacob Marley, Casper and erm, Slimer! Everyone loves this focused class 5 non-terminal full roaming repeating phantasm.

  • The galaxy's green police force. I have wondered why they're green though. It'll mean nothing to those alien members without eyes, or indeed, with eyes who can't see that part of the light spectrum. These are the kind of things I think about. Need help...

  • She's green isn't she? Ivy leaves are green after all.

  • HULK SMASH! Despite having been grey and red in the past, no green list is complete without the Hulkster. I hope he's in The Avengers film, I really do.

  • Ah, Oola. Oola, Oola. If only Princess Leia hadn't stole my heart you'd be the slave Twi'lek for me.

  • Lok'tar, friend. Leader of the Horde and all round badass. I'm more of an Alliance person myself but I will be rolling a Goblin soon though.

  • Lets face it Spider-man has some pretty lame enemies. Lizard, Mysterio, Scorpion, all seem to be perminately stuck in the 60's. The Green Goblin however as enough of a personality and crazy streak to keep him interesting.

  • Hulks upper body and the legs of a normal man... and a fin on his head. OK, I admit it, I've never read Savage Dragon before.

  • Probably the most famous green Transformer. There are others you know, Brawn, Hound, Cosmos... I know my Transformers you know.

  • I can picture the meeting at DC in 1941. "Lets have Robin Hood as a character! But... we'll called him The Arrow! NO WAIT! Green Arrow... cos he wears green..."

  • Martians are green. Who'd've thought it?

  • Snot people from the nose of Alex. He's got a serious overactive imagination that kid.

  • I'm always getting Swamp Thing mixed up with Manthing. Wait, isn't Manthing green too? I'll have to add him.

  • Manthing! Always getting him mixed up with the guy above.

  • One of Mike Myers, many, many, many characters with a Scottish accent. "Och, Donkhay!". Do us all a favour Mike and just stop.

  • Talk about 'breaking the 4th wall'. This guys breaks it, smashes it into pieces and then burns the pieces to ash in a very hot oven. He then invents a machine that can burn the ash and then shoots that machine into the sun.

  • "Green list? Include me you must, hmm? Mwehehehe!"