Superior Spider man vs Uncanny Xforce

Scenario: Superior has decide to break in the Uncanny xforce. He has a week prep. Fight is at the X force's base. All of the X force has standard equipment. Start from 30 yards away. morals on. X force: Cable, Colossus, Domino, Forge, Doctor Nemesis, and Hope summers


My Spiderman 700 and Superior spider man theory

So everyone and their mother has been making a theory but I think I'll make mine. So lets begin.

700 theory

Peter, now in dock ocks body, seeing no other way to stop Octavius use the golden octobot, which has a peice of his consciences in it, to staged a break out at the raft and call for all of his old emenies to attack Spidey Ock. They all do while Peter, in ocks body, goes to track down the Jackal. Peter manages to convine the Jackal to clone a new body for him promise that when this is all over they can settle their score. Jackal does and clones a body for Peter exacltly like his and transfer Peter's conscience into the new body.Something goes wrong and Peter dies for a moment which explains the 700 preview. While this is all going on the Spider villians are all attacking Spidey Ock. Peter is transferred into his new body and goes to face Spidey Ock with Jackal say in the backround '' remenber our deal Mr.Parker". Peter, in his spider man costume, arrives on the battle seen. Peter arrives and says something like " hey there fake me" to Ock. Ock says something like it can't be you. Peter says " yup me in my newly cloned flesh". As the Spider villian get confused Peter reveals the other spidey is a fake.The villians ,not caring, attack them both.The Lizard and Moribus are suppose to play big roles. So as the villians are defeated something happens to the Lizard and he reverts back to Curt Connors but is critically injuried. Peter asks for Morbuis's help to save his life. Morbuis asks why should he and Peter says because he is still a good man. Morbuis agrees and they go to horizon labs to help Connors. Both Peter and Morbuis give Connors a bloood transfusion to save his life. As they finish up Ock spidey comes in an attacks them. He manages to knock out Morbuis. As he and Peter fight he manages to peter with a stun traser. Peter is then parazlyed. As Ock is about to finish Peter Norman Osborn arrives and kills Ock Spidey. Osborn then explains that Peter is his enemy to kill. He then attacks Peter as the stunning wares of Peter tries to fight back but his power are gone. He then realizes that Ock hit him with an eletric gene cleasure that took his powers anyway. Norman starts to pummel Peter but is stop by a now awake Curt Connor who now has both Spider and Vampire powers with a trace of his old Lizard powers left. He battles Osborn and manages to stamete him. Osborn escapes saying he looks forward to thier next confrontation. Curt helps Peter up and both realize that Morbuis is now gone. Peter waiting to retire and seeing someone he respects to pass the mantle down to allows for Curt to become the next Spiderman. Curt agrees, wanting to make up for all his crimes as the lizard, AND BEGIN THE SUPERIOR SPIDER MAN.

Superior Spiderman Theory

Curt Conners is now the Superior Spiderman. He poses, under an aliases, as Peter'a lab assiastant, Peter also aids Curt as sort of an oracle to him like pre 52 barbarra gordon to Batman. When you think about it it makes sense.

- His just as smart as Peter

- Darker now that he killed his son

- Doesn't like kids( probably because he killed his)

- His identity must be secret because he is still wanted for his crimes as the Lizard. Probably why Norah freaks out when she figures out who he is in SSM 4.

Now the whole Mary jane and Him getting together doesn't make any sense right? Well Slott only said Spidey and Maty Jane would reunite. He didn't say they would date. So Connors is hallucinating about his wife and son. He goes to see Peter about it and runs into Mary Jane. Thinking she is his wife he kisses her. She gets all freaked out like on the SSM 2 cover and backs of him. Seeing what he has done he appologizes and explains it to her. They then talk for hours. Peter later calls Connors and says they have work to do. Mary Jane says if he needs her she's there. This gives her a role in the series. Connors sayys thanks ans web slings to meet Peter. It says this way until Spider man 2 comes out. Then Peter gets his powers back, becomes spidey again, and Connors will either die or be a supporting cast member.

So what do you fellow comicbook nerds think of this theory?