Why not Matt Damon as Batman?

He can do his own stunts. Anyone whose seen the bourne trilogy knows that he can do a deep tortured and intense character very well and is a brilliant character. I could also see him being a billionaire playboy. So I can't think of any reason he should considered. He'd be better than Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper.


My plot and casting for the next batman reboot

Plot: Something like Year one and Zero year where we have a recently returned Bruce wayne take up the cowl and become to cape crusader. The main villain and mobster he should go up against should the black mask since he has never been in a batman movie even though he is an awesome villain. The black mask, seeing batman as a threat, hires deathstroke to take him out.


Jim Caviezel: Bruce wayne/Batman

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James Russo: Black Mask

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Jason Statham: Deathstroke

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Anthony Hopkins: Alfred

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Gary Cole: Jim Gordon

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So what do you guys think?


Doctor Who vs Green Lauterns( Read op)

Fight is in metropolis. This is the current Doctor who( Matt Smith) and he has a month and a half prep with access to the tardus. Green Lauterns: Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Guy garner, John stewart, and Kyle rayner. Start from 100 yards away. morals on.