Sam Fisher runs the MCU gauntlet

Round 1: Unarmed fight in a dojo Round 2: Standard gear, Central Park, start 50 yards away from each other

1. Agent Coulson

2. Daisy Johnson( No powers)

3. Grant Ward

4. Punisher

5. Elektra

6. Melinda May

7. Black Widow

8. Mockingbird

9. Nobu

10. Daredevil

11. Black Panther

12. Winter Soldier

13. Captain America


Sam Fisher runs the CW gaunlet

Round 1: Fight takes place in a dojo. Pure hand to hand. Start from 10 feet away.

Round 2: Fight takes place in the streets of Star City. Start from a block away. Standard gear.

Morals on for both rounds

1. Huntress

2. Anarky

3. Thea Queen

4. Roy Harper( No powers)

5. John Diggle

6. Maseo

7. Nyssa

8. Slade Wilson( No powers)

9. Malcolm Merlyn

10. Oliver Queen


Punisher(MCU) vs John Wick

Round 1: Hand to Hand

Round 2: Each have gun hands with five clips. Takes place on the street of Hell's Kitchen. Start from a block way.

Round 3: Both are hunting each other in New York City.

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John Wick vs Arsenal (CW)

Round 1: Hand to hand

Round 2: Wick gets a hand gun with 5 clips. Roy gets his bow with 30 regular arrows. Fight takes place in a hotel. Wick starts on the first floor and Roy starts on the 3rd.

Round 3: Roy is hunting John down in Chicago. John is aware that he is coming but he doesn't know when or where.

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