Killmonger(MCU) runs a cw gauntlet

Fight takes place in a dojo. Killmonger is allowed to rest and heal after each round. No powers are allowed.

Round 1: Unarmed

Round 2: Sword fight

1. Wild Dog

2. Laurel Lance

3. Roy Harper

4. Dinah Drake

5. Thea Queen

6. Ricardo Diaz

7. John Diggle

8. Slade Wison

9. Malcolm Meryln

10. Oliver Queen


Sam Fisher runs the CW Arrow Big Bad gauntlet

Round 1: Fight takes place in a dojo. Pure hand to hand. Start from 10 feet away.

Round 2: Fight takes place in the streets of Star City. Start from a block away. Standard gear.

Morals on.

1. Ricardo Diaz

2. Deathstroke(No Mirakuru)

3. Damien Darhk(No powers)

4. Malcolm Meryln

5. Prometheus

6. Ra's Al Ghul