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Faviourte Graphic Novels

hey, this list tells you my faviourte Graphic Novels...

List items

  • Well, this is my faviourte graphic novel....even though its more of a story on Superman, i stayed for Batman, his house got destroyed, he no longer fights etc i also liked the other hereos in this too

  • this whole graphic novel was amazing! the re told sotry into the depth of Batman, everythining was amazing! even though he didn't do much detective work etc this was the start of his career, so give him a break, everything was amazing, NOTE---i did not read this in seperate parts

  • well, this is Batman, his never ending career, his war on crime, how his life will never be simple, how we will always be Batman, the novel also takes a look into villians too (two face mostly) this was a good read =]

  • now this novel isn't rrecognized as much as is it should be, first of all the art was amazing, second of all it takes a psychological view into the mind of Batman and how he is also reminded of the death his parents in the eyes of others, anyway, good read

  • now this graphic novel is jsut a solid telling of Batman and Superman kicking ass, its just awsome, simple plot etc its jsut a solid graphic novel, well these are my faviourte graphic novels SO FAR, i will update this time to time, well, bye