Favorite manga

Full list is in spoilers since Vine doesn't have all the manga. The list is in numerical order. For all you people who really only read Dragon Ball, naruto, bleach, one piece or the other popular shonen jump stuff, give these a try.

Battle Angel Alita

Lone Wolf and Cub

The Ravages of Time


Eden: It's an Endless World!


Uncivilized Planet


Our Happy Hours

A distant neighborhood


Shingeki no Kyojin

Vinland saga


Wandering Emanon

Gods Tell Lies

Benkei in New York


A Revolutionist in the Afternoon

Memories of Emanon

List items

  • Ah my favorite manga. Short sweet, consistent with little flaws and great character writing. Objectively there are other manga as good or even better (like Lone Wolf & Cub) but this one has a special place because I like it's use of highly stylized cyberpunk and post apocalyptic themes.

    BAA has an ending that isn't liked by everyone. I was fine with it but the author wasn't because he was forced to end the series so he quickly came up with it. There are two sequels following the main story: Battle Angel Alita: Last Order and Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicles.

    Last Order picks up before the ending and retcons the ending, the story for Last Order is complete. Mars Chronicles picks up right after Last Order but focuses more on Alita's origin story.

    Neither sequel is as good as the original but they're still good enough and something I'd recommend to fans of the original that want more story and lore.

  • The Legend itself. You can't read Japanese Manga without reading this. Anyone should read the best Samurai manga made. Great writing and heavy focus on Japanese culture of it's time. It's not sensationalizing the life of a Samurai because it wasn't always great but this is very realistic and episodic.

  • A Manhua this time. It's a remake of The Romance of Three Kingdoms, a book I've never read. This is a highly creative very long story spanning many years with many intelligent characters and interesting plots in Chinese history. At first this manhua is very confusing for a non-Chinese speaker like me due to the sheer number of characters with Chinese names to be remembered and the way events unfold. You will be amazed if you keep reading this.

  • Another legendary and influential manga with a legendary and influential anime that accompanied it. I read the manga first this time and I was amazed, this is one of the first and few manga that is completely colored too. If you've watched the legendary movie, read the original manga, it is that much better. Many more characters and perspectives are introduced and the manga is consistent enough and written well to account for all the characters introduced.

  • God what can I say about this incredible manga. A realistic, gritty, highly sexual, romantic and mature cyberpunk manga set in the near future with lots of fatalities.

    Eden is a very well written and mostly concise manga with lots of twists and turns that will leave the reader constantly guessing and wanting to finish it.

    This could've been my favorite manga and can easily contend with other Cyberpunk giants like Akira, Battle Angel Alita and Ghost in the Shell but it's held back by the fact that the manga was cancelled so the author scrambled and quickly came up with a rather uninteresting and rushed ending. Unlike Battle Angel Alita, there was never a sequel to the manga, but alas the journey mattered here more than the end.

  • A personal sensationalized and well drawn slow paced telling of the legendary samurai Musashi Miyamoto. This manga gets compared heavily to Berserk and Vinland Saga, it's far better than the latter and does some things better and worse than the former.

  • Quite easily the most overrated manga on the internet and one of the most overrated manga of all time. Berserk is a very good Dark Fantasy manga. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes something with good writing, grim dark, great art and more. Too bad the series is far too long for itself and the quality stopped being consistent a decade ago. It's really good, it isn't the best manga that many people would like you to believe. The Golden Age Arc still remains as the best part of the story, if the manga concluded there then Berserk would be ranked much higher.

  • Great time travel story, with less focus on the time travel and more on how the main character's life changes after getting to go to the past and seeing why and how his father left him. This would touch people who's fathers weren't in their life.

    There's a french movie about this manga. Never watched it.

  • A mature remake of Astro boy. Astro boy was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. Finding out that Naoki Urasawa, the writer of Monster, rewrote the manga in his style and said manga was actualyl good was surprising.

  • Ah the premier most popular manga released this decade. I really like this series, even though there's a lot to criticize it about. It's still very good.

  • A manga I once used to like a lot. After reading it again, I find that Vinland saga is heavily average at times and could be much better. There are large tone shifts in the story and character changes that I really don't like/don't make sense. I personally like the slave arc but there's no denying that the story after the end of that arc isn't as good as what came before. It's one of the more realistic depictions of Vikings you'll find in fiction, too bad they ruin the realism at times by portraying characters straight up fighting bears and horses.

    Askeladd is the best character.

  • Very short manga written by Gunnm's writer. Not much content because it's a Battle Angel Alita spin-off but it's highly stylized and cyberpunk.

  • An Assassino in New York.