Bad Comics/Manga and what you should read instead

These are series that you shouldn't bother yourself with if you haven't already started reading them. If you have started reading them, drop them and read something good.

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  • It got much much much worse as it continued. In hindsight, it is much better than dragon ball, but not by much.

    Read Hunter Hunter instead. Early on, both series are very very similar.

  • read Hunter Hunter instead.

  • Recommendations: read a good superhero comic. watch a good superhero cartoon. watch a good superhero movie, animated or live action.

    This series started as a comedic/parody manga adaptation of a comedic/parody webcomic. As it goes on, the series has become much much longer than it ever needed to be. One Punch man is right now a full on battle shonen with all the cliche associated with it. It has an overpowered protagonist, lots of bullshit power ups, villain groups, tournaments, long dragged out fights and more.

    It's comedy has completely run stale and telling the same joke over and over isn't funny.

    It has led me to believe that the author has seen this and took the series in another direction.

    It is still very much complete shlock and not in the best kind of way.

    I appreaciate art, so I will say that the series still very much looks great and has highly detailed art. It's generic stuff, monsters tend to have lots of spikes and look like what you'd expect from a generic monster but done in stunning detail regardless.

    At this point nothing separates it from the other run of the mill battle shonen except it has really pretty art. It doesn't have a story to tell, it isn't following a plot at all and has no interesting characters.

  • Horror manga suck. Uzumaki is the closest one to truly being horrifying but it loses it's way by being repetitive.

  • very generic manga/anime series. It is very much your standard battle shonen with a superhero aesthetic instead of the usual super fantasy.

    You have a main character that is in many ways like naruto but without the optimism. He's ostracized by his rival, he wasn't the best at school, he has to "struggle" to learn his powers. Generic battle shonen stuff yet people think it's great.

    All-Might is the standard superhero brick character. Something you should've seen many times by now if you've watched any superhero cartoon or read comics.

    recommend: Teen titans & Young Justice. They both handle teenage superheroes far better than this and Teen Titans had a better villain.