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Graves Danger Awaits The Justice League 0

I skipped the "Origins" intro of The New 52 version of Justice League. Not because I wanted to, but because I was a Johnny-come-lately to The New 52. I started out with only Batman but since have added a few other titles including Justice League. I picked up at issue #7 expecting to be blown away but even after issue #8 I was still wanting more.Here we are at the beginning of the newest arc titled "The Villain's Journey" and it really sinks it's teeth in right from the get-go. I've read about th...

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Leia vs. Vader! 1

Reading the early 80's series of STAR WARS comics from Marvel takes me back to those days when we didn't know all the details that Lucas would eventually unfold in his prequels. In fact, this particular issue was released only a year after THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK therefore there is no Han Solo as he was last seen being encased in carbonite and taken to Jabba the Hutt by Boba Fett.The story takes place on a planet called Aargau, which is a banking planet of the highest security. Leia and a charac...

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A Shift in Focus 1

In 1995, the folks at DC Comics felt that some other aspects of Gotham City needed to be explored. They wanted us to get glimpses into the minds of some of Batman's Rogues Gallery, the lives of the Gotham City Police, and the exploits of some of Gotham's other heroes. The Batman Chronicles was designed to give writers--- including those who had never even published a Batman story--- a chance to explore Gotham's dark alleys and even darker minds in anthology fashion as opposed to longer, drawn ou...

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