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So... I currently have the workings of a fanfic about my own version of Earth-Two (whether it'll actually get written is another story...). At it's core, it's mostly based off the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two (So, Golden Age heroes like Jay Garrick!Flash, Alan Scott!GL ect., focus on the next gen heroes, that sort of thing), with smatterings of Pre-Crisis and Post Crisis canon mixed in for good measure.

I've currently hit a snag regarding the "modern day" sections of the story. My problem is this; Do I take the easy way out by making the "present day"... well, the present day? Or do I stick with the time-honoured DC tradition (well, apart from that time in N52!E2) and set the "present" in the mid-to-late-1990s so that the Golden Age heroes start their careers by fighting in WW2?

I'd appreciate some advice on this dilemma ASAP.