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Just in case.........

I'm rewriting my bio, so this is just in case I lose my new bio^^

 About Me
  • Name:Jane Audron
  • Real Name: Foxhound2
  • Age: Old
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair Color: Blonde, with red, black, and white highlights
  • Eye Color: Kaleidoscope Eyes
  • Species: Fox and Wolf
The character I created original name is Foxhound2, but she change her name for her human form. She has a twin sister that looks exactly like her and her name is Sasha. Also, she has twin brothers Maddox And David which they had no idea about (born 1 year before the girls.) Here brothers are single. Fox is slowly learning her destiny. Over the years she has uncovered here peoples past. She learned that she is the final Scaserrä. Scaserrä's are the people that are chosen to keep there planet in balance, they also can learn any power from anybody they meet, can inherit from family, and the last two live forever. Cool huh . The name of her planet is Encarcircon, only to types of speices live her fox\humans and wolf\humans. Fox is the last Scaserrä she wonder how the one before her died when they were supposed to live forever. Also se wonders if other Scaserrä had servants. She has to servants, Stryker, he is made out of sand, and Leviathan, A man made completely out of metal. Her brothers and sisters also live forever which is rare since they also got so of being a Scaserrä. Her cousin is the new Dark  Scaserrä, because of her twisted uncle's (father's twin) soul. 
Fox learned later in her life her dad really is a wolf that looks like a fox so he was abandoned.The wolves and foxes lived in harmony till the war, but every thing was put back together by Fox, her family, and team mates ."That's weird,"Fox says, but that has happened to many people on her planet. Fox own a military Super human team called "Black Hawks." Well the military & government only say that because everybody on that team is an alien. She likes to ride her custom motorcycles and pilot her Mech. Her friend Velmea helped her build it. Velmae= Grease monkey. Sometimes I get pissed of real easzly, so everyone on my team and people i've met know why, this is how i feel if u do. I've been shot up, killed, and lost some body parts. I can grow then back or replace them with cybornetic part that look like my arm before it was cut off. I love guns.
 Kid Life
When I was a kid, I had so much fun. I had many friends, (and enemies). We got into trouble a lot. Accidently burning crops, breaking vehicles, 
almost getting somebody killed, the list goes on, I was bad when i was young. My father was always going to the temple, never knew why, until later in my life. My cousin visited often, but I never saw his parents. When he came over we caused even more trouble, and that's when we usually would get grounded. I really didn't care since, my grounding wasn't that long.
My Human kid look
My Human kid look

The Attack
 It was just another usual day. My sister and I playing with our friends, and working in the fields.
    Man it's hard surviving a Hundred years without anybodies help and your sister turned evil out to get you. Life sucks. I wonder who and why they toke my sister, and turned her evil. And who where the people that attacked our planet. We'll I'm honing my skills and finding some new ones. I joined a military group called the Black Hawks. It's a group of people with inhuman powers. I was the leader. We traveled everywhere. I loved to travel to different places on my motorcycle or mech. Where ever we went my sister was there. She kept saying " Join us and well rule what we were born to rule, we are the Scaserrä" I said "NO!" every single time. I tried bringing her back once I weakened here but she'd just disappear into black smoke. I was starting to wonder who had control over my sister, and what is this Scaserrä she was talking about. So I did my research. I found out that Scaserrä are the protectors of my planet.. or destroyer.
    A team I joined, when I was fighting my sister. I consists of superpowered people, mostly everyone comes from different planets like myself. It started out with four people, Xeony Miller, Axcel Crusader, Mia Kain, and Me, Jane Audron. We dealt with military stuff to rouge aliens. 
  • Xeony Miller: He comes from a planet that really didn't like super heroes. He part wolf and fox, like me.
  • Axcel Crusder: He's a shapeshifter, come from a planet named Crontianta76.
I really liked Xeony.
Bringing Her Back! And Taking Him Down!
    A couple a years later I got into a major fight with my sis. Jane " I can bring you out of the darkness and into the light." Sasha " Screw you're self!!!." Let me just tell you it was the fight of my life, there was blood every where, some how I had a feeling one of us will be killed, but I was wrong, very wrong. I was able to knock Sasha out long enough to purify her, from the evil within. I brought my sister back, but I still had to help get the rest of the darkness out of her. A couple of months later after Sasha was fully back to her normal self, we decided to hunt our uncle down, and bring a stop to his evil deeds. Well it was kinda a bad idea. We almost got killed , and turned evil during the fight several times. He was tough, but I was able to deliver the final blow to kill, or so I thought. I had a feeling things weren't over.  After that we toke a break from action.

Losing a Friend, and Gaining a New Enemy
    During the time of our break, my best friend/ boyfriend Xeony went missing. We all wondered what happened to him, but we could never find him. Then I recently learned my cousin Dragos became evil, and what made it worse he had his father's soul inside of him. I guess that's why he left the team before I killed his father. Man, this was one of the worst times of my life, I just lost a best friend and family member, a gained a new enemy. I knew my life wasn't become any easier after this. 

Meeting D.Z.
    I was in a middle of a fight when I meet D.Z. Stryker. 
Powers and Gadgets
I'll put a few up her for the time, and hope I can get more on later.

Fox/ Wolf form
In my fox or wolf form, my senses become a lot more heightened, than in my human form. My agility increases slightly. I become a lot more ferocious and sometimes get ticked easily. My senses become so great I can tell if somebody is lying in an instant, comes in handy for my job. I can scale and leap buildings in ease.
Now just to clear things up, I'm not a werewolf, or a werefox. I was naturally born a fox and picked up a human form later in my life, and if you still don't get it you suck at life :P. 

Vampire Form
 Surprisingly somebody from my family tree is a vampire.
Dark Forms
    I have to be careful when I change to my evil side, sometimes I lose control.
        Dark Fox 
    In this form, I'm more violent and ferocious. My fur color turns black or very dark gray, my eyes change to dark purple or black, and my claws and fangs a larger and sharper. Be careful when you challenge me in this form you may not make it out alive.    
Dark Human 
    My skin becomes black, golden lines appear on my right arm and leg, a long razor sharp chain circles my right arm before coming off at the end. My hair appear smokey and
Dark Human form (picture female)
Dark Human form (picture female)
 black, and my voice will strike fear into your heart. I hate changing into this form,because I lose control to easily, but I do love swinging the chain around. They are two smaller black chains circling me constantly, so they are my shields when I'm busy killing somebody, and somebody try's to do a sneak attack from behind me.
Dark Demon form
Dark Demon form
Dark Demon
In this form, I can take you life away in an instant. My skin is rocky, black and white in some areas. I can summon other demons with the wave of my hand. I can summon life sucking crystals out of the ground, they either are dark purple or black. I have better control over this dark form, than any others.

Light Forms
    Great thing about this is I can bring almost anybody back from the dead, and they help balance the darkness within me.
 Light Human
     Just like the dark form, but my skin is light blue or white, the golden markings are dark blue. I can bring back dead people in this form. I also speak in a heavenly voice.
Light Fox
In this light form I become less aggressive, and more agile. My fur becomes white and my eyes become light blue.

Crystal form
When I change to this form I look like a human made out of crystal. The only part of my body that is not covered with crystal is part of my face. The crystals on my body are always changing color, mostly for camouflage. I have to wings on my back, and when I fly I leave a rainbow behind me. I have better control over the earth, in this form.
Another form
Another form
One crystal form
One crystal form

Reptile Form
When I go into this form, sometimes I lose my sanity. I become a creature that hungers for flesh.
Reptile form
Reptile form
Robot Form- See the red.
Robot Form- See the red.
Robot Form
This form comes in handy when I'm in the future and robots are everywhere, so if I need to hide I change to this form. I had to come up with an elaborate for me to see, when in this form, If you look at the picture you see a lot of red metal, well that is actually apart of my seeing ability. I did it like that so I can have a 360 view,just incase something bad happens. My agility is incredible, I can jump and scale buildings with ease. My tail, I can change back and forth to different weapons like the rest of my body.  

Battle Armor
This is my armor I wear when I do special mission, or just feel like being stealthy. The armor hides under my cybernetic arm so it comes out when I need it. I change the colors from yellow, to red, to silver, or black, depends on the mission.
Jane's Armor.
Jane's Armor.


Before the war.
Before the war.
 Encarcicon is home to wolf and fox like people, and many other species.


Errr...... Iowa!?!?!??!?!

Okay, so, my parents to a detour to Iowa, to see my uncle and aunt.(without even telling me we where going there) So, I'm up in Iowa, instead of being down in Georgia..... well I'm happy yo see my uncle and aunt, but I just want to go back home v.v, and see my friends and my bro., but at least I get to have some great cooking,lol. So I, may be on every now and then.

P.S. You will see this blog on my other profile,Blood X, also.
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Kinda Disbanded, Kinda Not :P

Since only, a of my few team members even come on any more, my team is kinda disbanded at the moment. Then our team thread stopped working. Working on putting another one up, but busy working on stuff for the team, so all the team members that read this, PM me for more info.


I like this one better.

The first one was the Hulk :P

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Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. You have a lot of power and determination. Just try not to go crazy again. The Corps are just starting to get back on their feet.
Uhm...you're Spider-Ham. Hope you like the smell of bacon while you're fighting crime.



I"ll take Nightcrawler instead :P

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My Creatures :D

When i'm RPGing I'm gonna use different text color for my creature.

Arachnia- Orange

Hellbender- Red

Ultimatine- Dark orange

Nightts- Dark purple

Toxicity- Gray

Chaos- Dark Gray