My hiatus concluded, for the most part.

I've been on a break from writing for the most part due to school. I'm now a Pipefitter Apprentice, and attending college classes. Now that I'm done with the bulk of it, I should be back in the mix, albeit with not quite as frantic a pace as my old days.

My new story is Proud Hearts, and as of today I have the first three chapters posted. They have all three been written for a little while, I just chose to sequentially release them to allow people to read them piece meal rather than dump it all at once. I'm working on the next part presently.

Proud Hearts is a story I've had in my head for some time, and is somewhat complicated compared to my older stuff. I considered trying to market it, but opted not to as with school and whatnot I don't feel like I have the spare mental energy for classes, writing, work, AND publishing.

The story is set on a fictional reservation in Tennessee, and primarily stars the Chietsonkrit-Blackwolf family. Parna Chietsonkrit, Laura Blackwolf, and Tara Chietsonkrit Blackwolf are a mixed race family there, with Parna being a Thai expat and Tara their daughter. The story involves their troubles as Parna and Tara work together to open a kickboxing school on the reservation, and in the background a terror is making its home in their woods. So the story has progressed thus far...

Ch 1) Proud Hearts

Ch 2) Proud Hearts 2

Ch 3) Proud Hearts 3

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