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Top Ten Favorite Villains in Comics

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  • I love this villain more than any other, not for what's he's done; but for his potential. I await the day that a author in the New 52 chooses to use Vandal Savage to his full capabilities. Savage could potentially be an immortal amalgam of Lex Luthor and Ra's al Ghul; instead they all but ignore him.

  • I want to point out, that i particularly like Osborn when he is Iron Patriot, and personally i think he should combine his two identities. Iron Goblin anyone?

  • Easily my favorite of the anti-Batmen. Also, my favorite Batman villain ever. He connects greatly with Bruce Wayne and Batman, which is splendid. Further, he is completely human and in his first outing managed to nearly defeat Batman.

  • I love Darkseid, not just as a Justice League villain, but also as a Superman villain. He contends with the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and not only survives, but nearly wins! Very few can go toe-to-toe with him, and i find that impeccable. He really is one of the greatest villains ever.

  • I love this guy, because he killed the greatest comic book legend ever. I think he's appreciated. More people should utilize him; simply rarely. He could prove a devastating foe. I can just imagine a New 52 wherein, Doomsday only came once, And is now having a Second Coming. I think even Superman might be scared.

  • A fantastic villain. He's creepy in that we don't know what he'll do next. David Morrisey does a fantastic job on the character. I love him a ton already. (And when i say love, i mean appreciate greatly his impact as a villain)

  • Chaos Unleashed. Need i say more?

  • A tragic, brutal villain. His rage somehow makes him lovable; in the weirdest of weird ways, and i likely the reason why i am one of the few who likes Red Lanterns (it's not amazing or anything but acceptably fine).

  • I especially love Black Mask because of his time as a Crime Lord. I adore the idea of a centralized crime family within Gotham that Batman must take down. I also hope that Snyder somehow ties Roman Sionis to the Court of Owls.

  • I put him on here, primarily because i absolutely loved the idea for Rising Stars; that a Superman-esque character was willing to kill the people he was raised with in order to not weaken, and instead become more powerful. Later, Rising Stars ruined all of that. But that was later, so i'm gonna ignore it for now.