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My Top Ten Favorite Modern Comic Writers

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  • Mark Waid is a living legend. Considering his resume, who can deny Waid as one of the greatest writers of the our times. Irredeemable, Kingdom Come, Daredevil. All incredibly amazing books. I am sorrowed to think that at one time he was almost Editor-in-Chief of DC. That's a Dream Come True for me.

  • Vaughan has written several incredibly amazing books. His current title, Saga, is easily one of the best monthly comics out there, and quite possibly the best ongoing period. Runaways was stellar, and one of the most fresh and brilliant takes on the Marvel Universe.

  • JMS has written several amazing runs, but I suspect I'll be criticized for placing him so high on this list. Everyone hates Sins Past and One More Day, but I blame editorial for that. (JMS wanted to erase Sins Past with OMD, but Quesda wouldn't let him.) Superman: Earth One is one of my favorite Superman stories ever. And I absolutely love Rising Stars.

  • Geoff Johns will probably one day be regarded as one of the best writers ever at DC. His work has been incredible, especially that upon Green Lantern. He made the character popular again! And look at Infinite Crisis or Aquaman, both are amazing works.

  • Lazarus alone brings Rucka up this high, but also his work on Punisher has been phenomenal.

  • Snyder's current run on Batman is easily considered one of the greatest success stories from the New 52. His run is a classic in the making. His dialogue in Death of the Family, was impeccable. He's easily one of the greatest writers at DC now.

  • Remender's run on Uncanny X-Force is legendary already, and that's saying something considering that it only ended a few months ago. Venom, Uncanny Avengers, and Captain America have been great so far, with Cap looking to be one of the best Marvel NOW! books out there. Keep it Up Remender. Keep it Up.

  • Kirkman is on here for one reason only: The Walking Dead. Is it overrated? Sure, but it's still amazing. At this point, I ponder what else could be done to Rick Grimes. Kirkman's also created several incredibly popular characters and one of the greatest villains in comics; The Governor

  • Morning Glories is pretty much the only reason Spencer is on this list. It is the Lost of comic books.

  • Hawkeye, Fantastic Four. Enough has been said.