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My Dream Cast for Star Wars Episode VII

This assumes the Original Cast returns; so Billy Dee, Mark Hammil, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are back. Since i'm unsure of exactly where this will take place I'm gonna list a lot of casting choices

Jaina Solo - Jennifer Lawrence

Jacen Solo - Andrew Garfield

Anakin Solo - Nathan Kress

Ben Skywalker - Alex Pettyfer

Mara Jade Skywalker - Jessica Chastain

Darth Krayt - Jeremy Irons

Onimi - Hugo Weaving

Darth Sidious (Reborn) - Tom Hardy

Thrawn - Jamie Foxx (Physical) Michael Ironside (Voice)

Shimrra - Ryan Gosling

Lumiya - Elizabeth Banks


My Top Five Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

5. The Wolverine

I'm excited for this primarily because it looks to continue the story of the previous movies. Being set later than all the other X-Men movies increases my excitement, as does Hugh Jackman's casting and the rumor of a Jean Grey cameo. The director is good, and placing Wolverine in Japan is also good.

The original Japanese arc for Wolverine with Frank Millar and Chris Claremont is legendary, and if we're lucky this movie will be as well!

I don't really have more to say than this other than: hope it's good!

4. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Honestly, An Unexpected Journey greatly surpassed my expectations. Like, a lot! The Hobbit, as i understood it, was just an adventure novel, and therefore i thought it would be far less exciting than LOTR which is just epic in nature. That said i only had a few critiques of Hobbit1. It's pacing was mildly messed up, Riddles in the Dark was unecessary, and there wasn't much dragon.

Desolation of Smaug looks to fix that. More dragon, no Riddles in the Dark. I haven't read the books, so i don't know the exact plot. But considering how great the first one was, i think the next one should join it.

The world itself is beautiful, as is the casting. Thorin Oakenshield did a magnifacent job before. Hmm what else to say...? I don't really know yet. But if Desolation of Smaug is near as good as An Unexpected Journey, then i'll be satisfied.

3. Star Trek Into Darkness

I loved the first Star Trek. I loved the trailer for this one. The casting is fantastic, and i'm hoping Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Gary Mitchell, though i'm not entirely sure of that. I adore JJ Abrams' work, and this looks to be just as great as any before.

The emotional arc of the movie looks to be much stronger than before. Kirk now has a girlfriend who, in the original series, he marries. Bones is back as well, and Spock too! Zachary Quinto did a great job before, and i suspect he'll do it again! The cinematogry looks great too.

This is really all i've got. If you can't tell, i'm pretty excited.

2. Iron Man 3

The Trailer blew me away. Having a party/fun loving Tony Stark was fun. But seeming him get serious against a new antagonist seems like it'll be great. Now it could be partially my sentimental value, as me and my dad really connected upon seeing Iron Man 1, but this move looks to be fantastic.

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark will be as fantastic as it's always been, and so should Gwentyh Paltrow as Pepper Potts. The Mandarian's actor, may not be the best pick, but it appears that he'll be done right. I'm also incredibly excited for whatever post-credit tease appears.

The Appearance of Iron Patriot, Mandarin, Extremis and the Iron Man armor under someone elses control looks like it'll be awesome! It looks to me that Shane Black may even surpass Iron Man 1.

1. Man of Steel

My most anticipated movie of the year for a few reasons. Namely these: Zack Snyder directing, a master at adapting comics; Christopher Nolan producing, also a master at producing and finally, it is the movie that is supposed to launch the combined DC Universe. The potentials for this should be fantastic.

The trailer itself was fantastic, and got me excited. Jon Kent saying Maybe was surprising, and the take on Clark Kent and Superman appears to be fantastic. While i wouldn't have picked Zod as the villain, he appears to be used correctly. The edgy-ness of the trailer excites me too! Seeing Superman's destiny play out seems like it'll be a beautiful journey.

Henry Cavill as Superman may not be the best call, but i think he can pull it off. My only real casting complaint is against Michael Shannon, admitedly, i only saw him within Premium Rush, but i just don't like his acting. I woulda placed Russel Crowe in that role instead. Anywho, Russel Crowe as Jor-El is acceptable, and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent is awesome. What excites me the most about the casting though, is Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

Honorable Mentions:

Red 2

Gangster Squad

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Pacific Rim


Thor: The Dark World

So those we're my top 5, what're yalls?

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My Top 5 Video Games of 2012

SPOILERS (I'm only saying it once)

5. Assassin's Creed III

Yeah, it wasn't the Greatest AC ever, but that's okay. While the story basically fizzled out due to the lack of a third act, the second act's climax was beauitul, and looking back, Haytham Kenway was not just an amazing villain, but a fantastic character. Connor was cool as well, but lacked a powerful motivation. However, the segment where he killed his best friend was touching and great. The game played quite well, despite it's simple nature.

Parkour and Combat were streamlined yet still fun. Stealth worked well, but only when the game wanted you to be stealthy. The graphics for the game were utterly beautiful. And finally, the Naval Combat and gameplay were completely beautiful and most of all, FUN!

In Short, AC did what AC does best: make an awesome environment with great gameplay.

Final Score: 9.25/10

4. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a fantastic game that is meant to be played, not analyzed or thought through. It's meant to give the player a adrenaline rush and keep on sending it through. It has interesting and cool characters, like Dennis, Willis and Sam. One of the best antagonists this generation of gaming in Vaas.

I admit that the game loses some steam further into the third act, but the finale was stunning, and the hallucination scenes were great. All around a great game to play.

Final Score: 9.25

3. Dishonored

Immersive world, interesting characters, beautiful graphics, awesome gameplay and a great story. I don't think i really need to see more.

Final Score: 9.5/10

2. Halo 4

Beautiful gameplay, beautiful environment, beautiful gameplay, beautiful characters, beautiful story, beautiful levels, beautiful multiplayer, just an all around beautiful game.

beautiful beautiful beautiful

Final Score: 9.75

1. Mass Effect 3

Yeah, the ending sucked terribly. But i thought every other part of the game was just about perfect. Sure, looking back it had some other flaws, but they we're comparatively miniscule.

Final Score: 10/10


First Impressions - Dishonored

These are my first impressions of Dishonored. I've only played through the first couple of missions, and perhaps, if people want, i'll make an actual review later.

So, that said, Dishonored plays like a Arkham City Predator Map but on a massive scale with side missions, first person perspective, great freerunning (sorta), Assassin's Creed style assassinations and magical powers such as teleporting.

I want to point out here, that the above is super awesome.

The game has an interesting story-line but i don't particularly want to get into it now, other than to say that i hope i see more of The Outsider. I hope there are twists and plot about him. Basically, he's entertaining and interesting.

The free-running of the game is pretty fluid and fun. I've had a couple of problems with climbing and jumping. But its really not that annoying. I was playing on Hard, but it got tough quick, so i switched it back to normal. I don't think the game is REALLY that difficult, its more that i was really trying not to kill my opponents. I did if i absolutely had to, but i attempted to avoid it as much as possible.

The Stealth mechanics of the game are fun, but a little confusing as to when i'm supposed to be hidden and when i'm not. I wish that the indicator in the bottom right of the screen would indicate how close i was to being discovered. The magic powers that i've played so far have been incredibly fun to use. And i really like the rune and bone charm system. Though i will admit that i wish that bone charms were currency and that i could pick out which ones i want.

The only thing that i find very annoying, is the fact that there isn't a way to non-lethal defeat enemies in combat. So if i get discovered i have to flee. The only way for me to not flee is to shoot them with sleep bolts. But those sleep bolts are rare, and i can only hold 10 at the most. I seriously wish there was a way for me to beat people's face in until they get knocked out. It's very annoying that i can't take them out non-lethally. It IS possible that there are later abilities that allow that, as after all i am on the first few levels.

Those are my basic thoughts so far.


Marvel EPIC-The Avenger War

long post sorry

I'd start off with some crossover wherein, Reed Richards attempts to save the life of his third baby (who is born with a degenerative disease that will kill her within a week) Reed concludes that he is only able to do save her by utilizing the Infinity Gauntlet. Reed Richards convenes the Illuminati in order to ask for it, but the vote isn't unanimous. Iron Man fearing that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Unfortuantely, Reed saw this coming and had preped in order to defeat the Illuminati, which he proceeds to do.

After taking the Infinity Gems and Gauntlet, Reed brings it back to the Baxter Building where, he attempts to use it to save his third child. Unfortuantely, Iron Man reveals that he swapped his Infinity Gem with a fake, causing the Gauntlet to not work. The third baby dies later, and Reed goes crazy in anger. The Thing and the rest of the fantastic Four try to Stop Reed from taking Vengeance, noting that Absolute Power does corrupt absolutely, and that Iron man was trying to save the world from a allpowerful ruler but Reed fights them, accidently killing The Thing in the process. Sue is so disgusted with Reed that she divorces him. Johnny is shocked that Reed killed Ben, and drops out of contact.

In the massive crossover part of the crossover plot, Reed goes to war against the Avengers who fight him in equal force. (Reed had LOTS of prep which makes it a fair fight). In the climatic final battle, Reed activates a dark energy bomb, that sucks in Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Thor, Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye. Reed is finally defeated, and the six missing Avengers are assumed dead. However, do to the frequency that Superheroes return to life, everyone thinks they'll come back. In addition, Reed is taken into custody after Sue Storm traps him in a forcefield and suffocates him. Luckily Spider-Man gets her to release him before Reed dies.

Five Years Pass, and those Six Avengers still haven't come back. Now i realize that Marvel wouldn't do Five Years without six of their most popular superheroes, so here's what i propose. Launch teh Universe ahead Five Years similar to what DC did after Infinite Crisis. Since i'm in charge, that's what they do.

Since the Three main leaders of the Avengers died/disappeared, the Avengers themselves disbanded. However, after a large attack by a major Super-villain (Galactus) Spider-Man realizes that the world needs the Avengers, and has a recruitment drive. This results in Spider-Man leading the Avengers himself. I think this is a good move primarily because Spider-Man is Marvel's flagship hero. He should lead their greatest Team.

So anyway here's my major thought, Launch 5 Avengers titles all gearing up towards Marvel's next summer event: The Avenger War.

Here are the Five Teams:

The Mighty Avengers

Spider-Man (Leader), Daredevil, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Skaar, Black Panther, Invisible Woman and Iceman.

This one is the main team. In their debut arc they would face Doc Ock's Sinister Seven: Doc Ock, Super Skrull, Molecule Man, Bullseye, Pyro and Ghost. Doc Ock sees that Spider-Man has created a team and therefore wishes to fight and defeat the Avengers. The Team wins thanks to the Invisible Woman's brutal moves. The next Arc would be an invasion by the Red King of Planet Hulk renown. After a brutal fight, Skaar would kill the Red King, stopping the invasion. THe Third arc would be smaller and more personal as The Hood attack the team with some serious Stealth. Invisible Woman and Iceman end up defeating The Hood by combining their powers, trapping The Hood and then sending him off to prison. These arcs would take approximately a year and a half or so. After this, The Avenger War would begin.

The Secret Avengers

Winter Soldier (Leader), Wolverine, The Punisher, Sharon Carter, Maya Lopez and Torch who is Johnny Storm. Reformed though, he asks Bucky to call him John. Johnny lost his quirkiness when Ben was killed.

Anyway, Winter Soldier makes this team to take down more secluded threats. In their first arc, they take down Grim Reaper, killing him mercilessly. The Next Arc they take on a group of Mutant Extremists called the Dark X-Men, led by Warpath. Working together, the team manages to pull out a win, but only because Torch uses his powers to the extreme and end sup killed a huge amount of the Dark X-Men. Their final arc would pit them against Weapon Plus, who we learn had instilled control chips into the skulls of every Weapon they made. The Team manages to save Wolverine by having Torch burn off the control chip and Wolverine's Admantium shell. They proceed to the Weapon Plus facility and fight/kill/defeat the other Weapons that Weapon Plus had. They also fight and kill Romulus who was the one who activated the Weapons. After this, The Avenger War would begin.

The Redeeming Avengers

War Machine (Leader), Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn-NON GOBLIN), Mister Fantastic, Black Cat, Emma Frost, Zeke Stane, Lady Bullseye and Sandman.

This team i really like. Just like the Thunderbolts. SHIELD decides to use supervillains who want redemption in order to combat threats. To that end, they get the USA to recruit War MAchine to lead the team. 2 important notes: Osborn has been completely de-goblin-ified. No Goblin formula in him at all. He's incredibly remorseful for what he's done. In addition, Reed, while much darker than before, is also remorseful for what he's done. Finally, Norman, Reed, Emma Frost and Zeke Stane and Lady Bullseye all have small bombs SHIELD implanted into their skulls. If War Machine dies, so do they. (They couldn't implant it in Sandman, and don't think Black Cat would kill). Anywho, in their first outting, the Redeeming Avengers manage to take down Kraven the Hunter fairly easily. However, Zeke nearly kills Kraven, and only doesn't because Rhody stops him. The next outting they fight Whiplash, who nearly murders Black Cat. Which, upsets War MAchine to the point that he wants to kill Whiplash. HOWEVER, Norman tells Rhody that that isn't a good thing, and that Rhody needs to stop. Rhody relents. In their third Arc, the Team fights against the Shadow King, Not because their ready to, but because they have to. both the Mighty and Secret Avengers are busy. The Team narrowly gets a victory. Only thanks to Emma Frost and Black Cat working together quickly. In a side issue, Norman asks Reed to help him fix the Goblin formula and get it to be the Super-Soldier formula it was meant to be. Reed agrees, but the duo are unable to fix it. Later, Norman goes to Spider-Man and apologizes for all the torment he's caused over the years. ANYWAY, the team faces the Horsemen of Apocalypse (and later Apocalypse) for their final arc. After defeating each of the Horsemen, Reed prepares a portal to the Negative Zone for them to use to send Apocalypse to. The team sets it up, but aren't strong enough to push Apocalypse in. Norman, realizing what he must do, takes the un-fixed, Goblin Formula and gains the strength and ability necessary to push Apocalypse into the Negative Zone, destroying the portal in the process and trapping himself inside. After this, The Avenger War would begin.

The Lost Avengers

Iron Man (Leader), Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and Ant-Man.

This book would launch imminently after Reed's War Crossover would end. It follows the six lost Avengers as they travel across time and space to reach their home. For the record, in Reed's War there would be NO publicizing the death of a hero or anything. They would always come forward and say that these six guys survive. I say that cause i HATE it when they bring back a hero who just died. coughThorcough. Anyway, in their first arc, The Lost Avengers fight Kang the Conqueror on a future earth where he is emperor. They defeat him, but he launches them to a different earth where the Crusading Avengers (The kids from Heroes of Tomorrow plus Howard Stark II) are the rulers who have a totalitarian government. The Crusading Avengers fight and defeat The Lost Avengers, but only because of James Rogers' leadership and tactical ability, and Cap's hesitance to harm his own son. As the Crusaders gloat, Iron Man fires an energy blast and kills James Rogers, allowing the lost Avengers to fight and defeat the rest of the Crusaders, saving the planet from Superhero domination. Thor, Pym and Stark work together with the Asagardian's of that Earth to travel to Earth 616. There, they discover Asgard in turmoil. Odin was murdered and the Odinforce stolen. Because of that, Surtur has gathered the enemies of Asgard and attacked, hoping to conquer Asgard. Thor request that the Lost Avengers hold off returning to Earth in order to help save Asgard. The Lost Avengers agree. After a mighty fight, the Lost Avengers and Thor manage to kill Surtur and his legions; thanks to LARGE part to Hulk in his World War Hulk strength. When they finally reach home, they learn that its been five years since they left. After this, The Avenger War would begin.

The Dark Avengers

Ultron (Leader), Magneto, Immortus, Dormammu, Red Skull, Loki, Dr. Doom and The Mandarin.

Technically this would be a mini-series of 12 issues leading up to the Avenger War, but still. This team was formed five years after Reed's War. Ultron made it because he knew that he couldn't defeat all of the Avenger teams on his own. After recruiting, the team sent Immortus into the future in order to discover who would defeat the Dark Avengers. Immortus comes back, heavily wounded and reveals that there is a prophecy containing the Fated Four: Thanos, Valeria Richards, Valkrus (Jake Olsen/Odinforce) and the Leader. The teams splits up in order to confront and defeat these threats. Red Skull infiltrates the Baxter Building and kills Valeria with a gunshot to her head. Ultron and Loki kill Jake Olsen adn then sneak into Asgard and fight/kill Odin, stealing the Odinforce and giving it to Loki. Magneto, Dormammu and the Mandarin fight Thanos, ultimately sealing him away in Dormammu's dimension. Finally, Dr. Doom confronts and kills Leader. However, upon meeting back up, Franklin Richards appears, apparently knowing that they killed Valeria. The team is utterly defeated by the young Richards, who seals Dormammu into a human form. But, before Franklin wipes the group of villains from existence, he wants them to suffer. While Franklin tortures them, Immortus sneaks up and brings both Franklin and himself billions of years into the future where they watch and are destroyed as the Big Bang happens.The Dark Avengers recuperate for a few months and then get word that Annihulis is planning an invasion of Earth. The team decides that this doesn't bode well for their plans, so they attack Annihulis first, wiping out a huge portion of his troops and then kill Annihulis himself. After this, The Avenger War would begin.

Now, For The Avenger War

The basic premise, is that the five teams fight a War against each other over the Each of the leaders of the respective Avengers teams are shown in a vision, by Uatu, a dark future whereupon the Marvel Earth is desolated. This is told to be because their Avenger team failed to acquire a working Infinity Gauntlet. Each of the Gems are spread across the Earth, done so by a mechanism that Professor Xavier has set up encase any of the Illuminati left the planet: if the Illuminati member left the planet, the gem would teleport elsewhere, but on Earth and hidden. The 'good' Avenger teams go to war against each other in order to acquire the gems. The brutal war is fought, and the Redeeming Avengers acquire five of the six gems, with the Dark Avengers acquiring the last one in a battle where they kill Black Cat, Maya Lopez and Henry Pym. The Avengers agree to team up against the Dark Avengers, all agreeing that it cannot be good if they acquire it.

After an assault on their base, Iron Man kills Mandarin; Thor, Skaar and Hulk kill Loki in vengeance of Odin (Thor gets the Odinforce back); John and Sue Storm kill Dormammu by going supernova inside a force-field, however John is unable to stop his Supernova, and instead transforms into pure energy, basically dying. Sandman, Bucky and Ms Marvel kill Red Skull; Magneto kills Black Panther and Luke Cage by summoning Wolverine's adamantium and launching it into the superheroes, so Daredevil snaps Magneto's neck; Reed takes hold of Dr. Doom and leaps into John's supernova, sacrificing himself to kill Doom; Finally, Iron Man, Zeke Stane and Spider-Man upload a virus into Ultron that ultimately shuts him down, unfortunately, Ultron detonates himself, destroying the base. BUT, Zeke Stane uses his technology to absorb the explosion, overloading his armor tech and dying in the process; this allows Captain America to take the final Infinity Gem.

Cap reveals the vision that Iron Man had, and so do Rhody and Spidey. Cap theorizes that a supervillain convinced Rhody and Spidey to go to war. But Rhody and Spidey reveal that Uatu gave them the vision. Suddenly, Uatu arrives and says that every vision was true. Cap questions whether or not the Earth is going to be desolated regardless. Uatu states that it will be desolated, and then blasts the Infinity Gauntlet; launching it into space. Next, Uatu blasts Wolverine completely in energy, killing the long standing hero. Uatu then launches a wave of energy that incinerates Iceman, Sharon Carter, Punisher, Hawkeye, Sandman and Black Cat before Sue Storm puts up a Force field to stop Uatu. Uatu teleports away and begins attacking New York City, who cries out for the Avengers. The four teams combine into one massive team of Avengers, and attack.

In the final battle, Uatu gets hounded by the Avengers, and decides he needs his own army. To that end, he opens up a portal to the Negative Zone, unleashing the Green Goblin in addition to hundreds of Apocalypse's minions; and Apocalypse himself. The heroes are quickly overwhelmed, and Daredevil, Black Widow, and Lady Bullseye are killed. Uatu continues to ravage New York, destroying dozens of buildings and murdering millions. Emma Frost and Apocalypse spar mentally, while Thor, Skaar and Hulk fight Apocalypse head on. After a long gruling battle, Apocalypse is defeated and thrown into space.

With Apocalypse defeated, Emma enters Uatu's mind to fight him, only to discover that it isn't Uatu. Not-Uatu smiles and reveals that he is Aron the Rogue Watcher. (Before being transformed into pure energy, Aron launched his consciousness out of his body and into Uatu's mind. After dozens of years, Aron eventually attacked Uatu's mind with all his strength; beating Uatu and erasing Uatu's mind.)

Aron the Rogue Watcher fights Skaar and ultimately kills him. Enraging The Hulk even past his World Breaker Hulk form (from World War Hulk) Hulk leaps into the air and fights Aron; annihilating the Rogue Watcher. Unfortunately, every blow the Hulk unleashes further desolates the Earth. Because of that, Hulk allows Emma Frost to shut off his mind; effectively killing the Hulk.

Aron is severely wounded upon his thrashing by the Hulk, and is forced into a powerful psychic battle with Emma Frost. Unfortunately, just as Emma is about to get the upper hand and defeat Aron, she is rammed by the Green Goblin's Glider; killing her. Aron unleashes a wave of cosmic energy that desolates the rest of New York, and most of the world. Proving the visions by the various heroes correct; Earth was Desolated because they didn't acquire the Infinity Gauntlet.

Aron fights with Thor and Captain America. killing both of them. Meanwhile Green Goblin fights Iron Man, eventually defeating him, and removing his Arc Reactor. Dying, Iron Man crawls to Mjolinr, and grabs it; shouts "Make me worthy". Moments later, Iron Man is able to lift Mjolinr (and the Odinforce), and lifts it to the sky, a lightning bolt strikes it, powering Iron Man's armor. Next, Tony grabs Cap's bloodied Shield and races towards Aron.

Meanwhile Spider-Man is fighting Green Goblin. after an incredibly lengthy fight, Spider-Man finally beats Green Goblin. Peter drags Norman across the ground when New York and most of the world are desolated by Aron's cosmic wave. Realizing that it was only able to happen because Norman killed Emma Frost (otherwise Emma could have erased Aron's mind), and realizing that New York/Aunt May/Mary Jane are all dead because of that, Peter decides to kill Norman; snapping his neck.

Finally, Iron Man (empowered with Cap's shield, Odinforce and Mjolinr) arrives and begins fighting Aron, and defeating him. After a devastatingly long battle, Iron Man defeats Aron. Unsure of what to do, Iron Man watches as Mjolinr absorbs Aron's cosmic powers. The remaining Avengers arrive (Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Winter Soldier, War Machine and Invisible Woman arrive and ask Tony what they'll do since (according to Tony's satellites) only .0001% of the Earth's population remain (around 6,500 people). Tony looks at the Odinforce hammer, and then unleashes all of the Odinforce into the Earth itself. While the Odinforce expends itself, it resurrects everybody else who was killed in Aron's cosmic waves blasts (so none of the Avengers survive.) Doing this causes Mjolinr to lose its powers, and Tony dies from a heart attack; leaving few remaining heroes, but almost no villains left.

In the Epilogue

Spider-Man is shown as a leader of a reformed Avengers, featuring new heroes and old ones.

Ms. Marvel protects the cosmos around Earth

Winter Soldier retires from super heroics, and becomes a police officer.

War Machine eventually becomes a esteemed general in the US

Invisible Woman's joins with Spider-Man as a leader of the Avengers.

Wow that was a lot more than i was expecting. Thanks for reading, i'd love to hear some thoughts :) negative or postive


If I were in Charge of Superman

So this is my first post, and hopefully it doesn't suck. Here are my thoughts if, for some reason, i was given complete control over Superman in order to do whatever i wanted to do with him. So the first thing i'd do would be to bring in another Alien villain (the best name i can come up with is Rhone, which isn't good but i'm gonna use it for now). So Rhone comes in, with some fire powers and the basic flight, strength, invulnerability that many villains have. Rhone's abilities are powerful enough that he can go head to head with Superman in a fight. In their first actual fight Rhone would beat Superman because he underestimates Rhone's abilities. Rhone would ask a mildly wounded Superman if he is a Kryptonian. Superman says yes and Rhone reveals that he was made to hunt down and kill the last of the Kryptonians. Superman asks why Rhone wants to kill the last of the Kryptonians, but Rhone wouldn't say. Rhone tries to kill Superman, but Superman uses his laser vision and pulverizes Rhone, having been recuperating while Rhone talked. Rhone flees Earth and goes back into space. Superman realizes that Rhone could kill Supergirl, Zod, or any of the remaining Kryptonians, and decides to pursue Rhone in space. Says his goodbyes and flies off into space. What all i just wrote would take aproximately three issues.

After those three issues, DC would launch a 12 issue mini-series called: A World Without Superman. Other than the Superman Comic and possibly Action Comics (set in the past) no comic would be allowed to use Superman for a year. The WWS miniseries would show the impact of Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Metropolis when Superman's gone. It would also show other portions of the world and the Justice League without Superman. Through the first three issues, people would believe Superman's coming back. Issues 4,5,6 would show General Zod attacking Metropolis, everyone believes that Superman will come back to fight Zod, but he doesn't Supergirl comes and is beaten. ultimately, the Justice League comes in and barely manages to defeat Zod. 7,8,9 would show how corrupted Metropolis becomes in Superman's absence. 10,11,12 would show the effects on the larger world without Superman. the Superman symbol becomes something people want to burn, and they end up actively hating him. Thinking that he abandoned him.

Anywho, while in space, Superman hunts down Rhone. Once he finds him, they fight with Superman winning. Superman interrrogates Rhone, and Rhone reveals that 300 years ago Rao was a yellow sun and the Kryptonians were a feared race of nigh-immortal superhumans. Rhone's race was attacked by the Kryptonians and persecuted by them Less than four hundred of Rhone's species survived. However, the remaining ones worked together after capturing a Kryptonian and discovering their abilities come from the yellow sun. the Kryptonian later escaped, killing half of the remaining rebels. Rhone reveals that that Kryptonian was named Mar-El, the great-grandfather of Jor-El. Rhone and his people later launched a highly experimental missile into Rao that caused it to excelerate its evolution into a Red Giant. within a hundred years its transfered into a Red Giant and millions of Kryptonians die. The last two hundred years they build a paradise on Krypton, with only the House of El realizing that Rao will end up engulfing Krypton. No one believed them and eventually the House of El launched Kal-El to Earth in hopes of saving him. Rhone states that a number of other Kryptonians survived thanks to machinations of Brainiac. Rhone attacks Superman with renewed strength and defeats him, trapping Superman in the Phantom Zone.

Eventually Superman escapes, but it takes far longer than he realizes. He fights with Rhone once more fighting him, and beating him, but not killing him. Superman realizes that Rhone is in fact quite tragic and leaves for home. ONce he arrives back home on Earth he goes to Metropolis and finds out that in his absence, Lex Luthor basically took control of the city.

That's how the arc would end. So in my mind, Superman spends four months looking for Rhone, four months in the Phantom Zone (though it doesn't feel like it to Superman) and then four months to get home.

So what do you think, does it suck?