New Mass Effect series announced: Origin of Illusive Man

From IGN's article
In January 2011, Dark Horse will release a new four-issue mini-series that will be a prequel to the Mass Effect game and novels. The name of the series will be Mass Effect: Evolution.
Mac Walters, John Jackson Miller, and Omar Francia will return to collaborate on another ME comic series (same team as before). 
 "Evolution is a story from the early days of the Mass Effect universe, not long after the discovery of the Mass Relays connecting our solar system to the galaxy," Miller revealed to IGN. "It shows us one of those important moments when humanity realized just how dangerous that galaxy was. Yes, there's wonderful opportunity out there, but there are also perils; as our story opens, we're in the middle of the First Contact War with the alien turians. We don't know much about the enemy, and they don't know much about us — and, as we'll find out, there's a lot more at risk than losing a starship or a colony."  
The First Contact War has always been a chapter of the ME universe that I've wanted to read more about. All of the novels and games pick up much later after the end of that war and where humanity are allies with the Turians.
Here's some cover artwork from the upcoming series.
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