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  • A computer A.I. programmed by Hugo Strange with the brainwaves and abilities of many of Batman's enemies, thus making it Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind.

  • Doctor Clayton Wetley was a notable celebrity who deplored violence of all kinds even saying the police work is just another form of violence and was just like the criminals. When he was on the Jack Ryder show he expressed his feeling and Mr. Ryder put him in his place. This cost Mr. Ryder his job and sent him down a path to become the Creeper.

    Mr. Wetley would later meet up with the Creeper his first appearance) at a masquerade party attended by mobsters and communist sympathizers. This act so upset Mr. Wetley that he went to city hall to assure that the Creeper would be arrested. It would be later on that Mr. Wetley become the villain known as Origami.A soulless shell unconsciously controlled by a right wing extremist. The Origami Man went on a murder spree, killing several societal outcast before being stopped by Batman and the Creeper.

  • She can force people to do what she wants and reveal secrets, against their will.

  • Jack Houston suffered a bad reaction while volunteering his body to a rogue medical research firm. So he hired a lawyer and won himself a payday for his pain and suffering but he gambled away most of the money in less than a month. Within six month Jack lost everything. He found himself in a hole "five million" deep. With every casino owner and loan shark in Gotham City looking for him, he turned to a life of crime. He began using his unique abilities to swindle and rob. Jack became known as Snakeskin, a man able to change his face but not his fingerprints.

  • A Chinese villain that Bruce Wayne fought during his years training to become Batman. Back in his formative years before becoming Batman, Bruce Wayne was exploring Xinjiang province in western China, and discovered Waiguo, a village that had been massacred by a warlord named The Huairen and his army. Wayne tracked down Huairen to a fortified compound in the mountains and then proceeded to battle Huairen in unarmed combat. Though he was able to provide Huairen with a bit of a challenge, the unexperienced Wayne was defeated. Rather than kill Wayne, Huairen decided to take him under his wing so that the two could be equals.

    Huairen decide to test Wayne's loyalty and brought forth a woman for him to execute. With a sword in his hand, Wayne decided to attack Huairen but again was unable to vest his nemesis.The second confrontation ended with Huairen putting a sword through Wayne's chest and tossing his body into a fire. Moments later, the Chinese super team the Zhuguan arrived to try and defeat Huairen. While three of the team's members battled Huairen and his soldiers, Ri, the team's healer, pulled Wayne from the fire and brought him back to life. During the battle, Huairen killed Sudu by putting his hand through the speedsters chest. With Ri already incapacitated from reviving Wayne, the Zhuguan were forced to retreat.

    Some time later, the Zhuguan, aided by a now super powered Bruce Wayne, attacked Huairen and his men. During the battle all of Huairen's men were killed and Wayne put a sword through Huairen's chest. However, Wayne would not allow Huairen to die and ensured that he was brought to Chinese authorities and held responsible for his crimes.

  • Gaggy Gagsworthy was once a member of the circus before joining the Joker in a life of crime. As part of the circus, Gaggy was a tightrope walker until the circus hired a new act, The Flying Graysons. Gaggy was then sent to be a clown and part of a freakshow, which he resented.

    During an act in which Gaggy lashed out on one of his fellow clowns, he caught the attention of the Joker. Willing to kill anyone for laughs, Gaggy teamed up with the Joker, becoming Joker's answer to Robin. Together they committed many crimes using gags and props. They were eventually sent to jail after being defeated by Batman and Robin.

    After Joker lost it one day and killed six other inmates. Joker was sent to Arkham and Gaggy was left in prison. Once released, Gaggy returned to their old lair, ready to continue his life of crime with the Joker. But he soon learned that Joker had a new sidekick, Harley Quinn. He believes Harley has changed the Joker from the fun loving Clown Prince of Crime into a psycopath.

  • Mysterious new power-player in Gotham City. His ulterior motive remains a mystery as does his past, but with his arrival came a new wave of former crooks turned metahuman powerhouses such as Precious Precious, Gee Gee Heung, and Qi Tsu. He provides his "seeds" to a select few, acting as implants that once rooted inside the body will grant their hosts extraordinary superpowers at the cost of their lives.

    Mr. Bloom is described as representing the weeds and cracks that keep sprouting in society between different groups based on dissatisfaction with the status quo. Anyone with the right motivation could become Mr. Bloom.

  • Born with a disfigured face, Frank was blessed with a unique gift. Anyone who shakes his bare hand is under his control, and must do whatever he says, even jump off a building to their death.

  • An orphan of American origin, the boy who would become Tzin-Tzin was rescued and raised by Chinese bandits, who instructed him in the art of crime, and enabled him to gain extensive knowledge of hypnotism. He practiced this last until he became one of the most gifted hypnotists in the world. He soon became an audacious criminal, attracting the attention of Interpol before making his way to America, where he continued his crime spree.

  • Agent Orange claimed he was disfigured from nerve gas in the Vietnam War to manipulate other Vietnam War veterans.

  • Sidekick to the Wrath, and a dark mirror-image of Robin.

  • A hired killer with subtle mind-control abilities His mind-control in conversation can only command the victim to sleep, who was killing off the CEO's of companies doing top secret research for the government. Lucius Fox was the last CEO he was trying to kill before Batman stopped him.

  • Character who appeared in the 1966 batman tv show

  • Dean Skape is a United States Congressman who wants to take security out of the hands of vigilantes like Batman.

  • El Papagayo, with no apparent connection to the first,held a small South American country at bay with his cartel. The president of that country contacted Batman and Robin to train a Bat-Hombre to confront and defeat Papagayo. Unbeknownst to Batman, Robin and the president, the man who they trained to be Bat-Hombre, Luis Peraldo, was secretly working for El Papagayo.

  • A Holocaust survivor who became a villain to seek revenge against the commandant of his concentration camp

  • Following the murder of his wife, who is killed by a street thief, Caspian becomes a brutal vigilante, taking up the identity of the Reaper. He stalks the streets of Gotham, targeting and summarily executing mainly juvenile delinquents.

  • Having witnessed his father's death at the hands of the Reaper, Chill becomes obsessed with obtaining vengeance against Batman. To this end he formulates a plan to drive the hero insane, impersonating the now-deceased Reaper with the assistance of his sister. This draws the attention not only of Batman, but also that of the previous Reaper's daughter, Rachel Caspian, who becomes convinced that Chill is her father risen from the dead. Chill manipulates her belief, using her to draw Batman into his trap, ultimately succeeding in capturing Batman.

  • A real estate agent for the criminals of Gotham City, Sherman Fine finds hideouts and lairs for a price.

  • Mister Mosaic is a deformed, rich criminal who has political ties all the way up to the mayor, but he isn't beyond hiring a hit man or two to take care of his competition.

  • Master Thief armed with self developed camouflage technology and can walk through walls

  • A seemingly invisible criminal who came to Gotham in an alliance with the Penguin.

  • Roland Daggett is the owner of Daggett Industries. Although he projects himself as an honest and caring businessman, he is really ruthless and despicable, caring only for his image, power and wealth.Daggett is responsible for the (animated) creation of Clayface (Matt Hagen). Using Hagen as a would-be assassin after getting him hooked on his miracle face-shaping drug ReNuYu, he eventually ordered Hagen to be killed with an overdose. This overdose changed him into Clayface.

  • Crazed man who auctions off villainous memorabilia to members of the Mirror House.

  • When Rubio Dolar found his grandfather's diary, he discovered that the Gotham Civic Center was built through slave labor. Rubio's grandfather had been killed during the construction, and years later Rubio adopted a new identity and took revenge against the people he held responsible for his grandfather's death. in his last confrontation with batman he fell to his death.

  • Master sniper who turned to a life of crime following tours in Panama and Lebanon in the United States Marine Corps. Gunhawk was devoted to three things: money, guns, and his partner Bunny.

  • When her 17-year-old sister Sondra committed suicide shortly after being assaulted by a pair of men, Marian Mercer vowed revenge on the men involved and the patriarchal society that left them unpunished. Taking the name Pagan, she trained her self to physical perfection and practiced martial arts. Once her preparation was complete, she hunted and kidnapped the men involved, each in turn, beating them nearly to death. In doing so, she attracted the attention of the Batman.

  • A horrifying combination of joker and clayface.

  • The Crimson Knight, whose real name is Dick Lyons, is mysterious, metal-clad crime-fighter who appears in Gotham City as an apparent aide to Batman and Robin. The Caped Crusaders suspect the new arrival may have illegal motives.

  • Nathan Finch was an engineer at General Robotics. He worked on a project called the 'Androcles Program' which is a bionics program. When his boss fired him he kidnapped his daughter Gloria Osteen and demanded ransom. Batman came to the rescue and the fight took place on a frozen lake. Nathan ran from Batman with Gloria but the ice cracked and they both fell into the freezing water. Batman rescued Gloria and went after Finch, seeing Batman's ominous figure scared Finch and underwater he fired his gun at him. In Finches own mind, Batman was simply watching him drown, in reality Batman was dodging Nathan's bullets. Nathan's body drifted underwater and washed ashore somewhere and two people found him and sold him to an underworld doctor named Dr. Bascomb according to his weight. When Finch woke up, the doctor told him he had suffered Frostbite and had to have his limbs removed.

  • Rafael Santini was a mobster and one of The Penguin's greatest rivals. Santini was shown to have cut a five million-dollar drug deal with The Ventriloquist for a shipment of cocaine, smuggled into Gotham City disguised as packets of chili. However, The Penguin sabotaged the deal, flying a plane loaded with explosives directly into the meeting place, causing Santini and The Ventriloquist's goons to suspect each other of a double-cross. it is unknown if he died during the confrontation.

  • A psychopathic maniac who kills people while claiming to be Batman.

  • an albino scientist who worked with various criminals. she gave herself powers and is in love with black mask II.

  • Former street punk turned militant madman. A childhood rival of Thomas Wayne. Aided Jack Wayne in the construction of Wayne Manor.

  • Sensei was revealed to be the estranged father of Ra's Al Ghul and a former leader of The League of Assassins. He was one of the most dangerous fighters in the DC Universe and is utterly insane due to years of using Lazarus Pits.

  • A friend of Martha Wayne, ex-wife of John Mayhew, and serial adulteress. Much like Jezebel Jet, she was tasked with seducing Bruce Wayne, drugging him and offering him up as a sacrifice for Barbatos. Her reason for doing so was to gain eternal youth. A treacherous woman, she was willing to defile the memory of Bruce's mother to further her agenda.

  • A villain under Terminus' hire who was permanently scarred by Batman after being pierced with the ejecting spikes from his gauntlets.

  • Dagger is an alias that has been used by several expert knife-throwers who ended up in conflict with Batman.

  • A femme fatale who uses poison to kill her victims.

  • Robert Amherst was a government agent of NSA during Lex Luthor's presidency, who hired David Cain to publicly destroy Bruce Wayne, by framing him for the murder of Vesper Fairchild.

  • He is the scientist who created the drug Venom. after being caught he overdosed on his own serum

  • Shape-shifting bodyguard to Whisper A'Daire, Abbott transforms into a giant wolf.

  • An upstart criminal under Penguin's guidance.

  • the Sculptor was chosen by Mother as a child along with David Cain and spent years using her telepathic abilities to help brainwash Mother's other "children."

  • Rand Garrow is a small time crook who learned how to create elaborate machines while in jail. He begins to call himself the Crimesmith and sells his machines to other villains.

  • An aging gangster who was sent to prison for several decades following an unsuccessful series of attacks on Leslie Thompkins' clinic

  • A mental monster that unravels people's minds and then eats them to grow stronger.

  • The Queen of Hearts is a crazed serial killer who believes she has an abnormal heart condition which she believes causes her to take the hearts of other's in hopes of one day receiving a transplant. Batman first came across the Queen of Hearts in Gotham. They had been fighting on a rooftop and she fell over the side. Batman caught her and pulled her up even though she had begged him to let her fall and die. The Queen of Hearts knew she couldn't control her urges and that she would kill again. She knew she would kill again whether she tried to go straight or she was locked away. Batman saved her anyway.

    Three years later, Batman caught wind of a series of murders in Rio de Janeiro matching the Queen of Hearts's modus operandi - the victims being attacked with a drill, their ribcage opened, and their hearts removed. Batman traveled to Rio to investigate and see if it was truly the Queen of Hearts who was responsible for the killings. Batman found her and the two fought but they also came across a psychic being known as The Idiot who sucked her mind dry, leaving the Queen in a catatonic zombie-like state.

  • Hamilton Hill is the corrupt mayor of Gotham City who works for Rupert Thorne.

  • A sado-masochist, obsessed with the Joker and a member of the League of Smiles.

  • leader of Kobra, a deadly snake-worshiping cult aimed at bringing about the Kali Yuga to wipe away the corrupt modern world and replace it with something divine.

  • An Argentinean villain who specializes in poisons, Scorpiana leaves a deadly blue scorpion behind as her calling card.Scorpiana and El Sombrero were once lovers. member of the club of villains

  • A female follower of Ted Carson, the second Firefly.Firefly is a woman named Bridgit Pike, part of a "family" of arsonists. She is actually afraid of fire, and her brothers force her into helping with bombings because she's thin and small enough to crawl through air ducts. She later designs her own fire-proof suit and during one heist accidentally kills a GCPD officer.

  • Jack Crane is a rogue cop that is fired from the Gotham City Police Department due to his illegal activities. Disfigured in an accident that burns off his skin, Crane seeks revenge as the Savage Skull but is defeated by Batman.

  • A Batman foe with a photography obsession.

  • Not much is known about Orifice before being adopted by Dollmaker and becoming a member of the Dollmaker's Family.

  • "Slugsy" Kyle was the first criminal captured by Batman. He developed an obsession with learning how clocks work, so he could use them to take revenge on Batman. This is meant to be ironic, as Batman is the one who made him "do time." After he was released from prison he became a costumed super villain calling himself "The Clock."

  • A serial sniper who targeted the elderly of Gotham City. For many weeks he remained at large, until Batman discovered his identity, Mr. Dewhurst. (His first victims were his own parents, he continued killing to eliminate himself as a suspect, after receiving their fortune.) Batman defeated him.

  • The abusive son of a diplomat who manages to escape punishment for his crimes due to diplomatic immunity. Jason Todd takes the law into his own hands and let's him fall to his death.

  • Ogre is a genetically altered man, whose brother is a genetically experimented Ape created by Doctor Winston Belmont.

  • A costumed villain who uses the Batman’s own costume against him as a deathtrap.

  • Villainous accomplice of Egghead.

  • Rhino is one of the Ventriloquists henchmen. Him and his partner Mugsy commit robberies and other petty crimes for the Ventriloquist.

  • Lunkhead is a large, imposing somewhat deformed bruiser of a man.

  • Ruby Ryder was the richest woman and top female tycoon in Gotham City. She had three encounters with the Batman which ended her behind bars.

  • The leader of the ultraviolent vigilante group Rough Justice.

  • A mercenary who was hired by Two-Face to kill Batman and failed. He escaped and has never been seen since.

  • Kryppen the Poisoner is a madman in Arkham Asylum who used to poison all of his victims.

  • A self-styled warrior with vast knowledge of psychological terror

  • Born in Ukraine, Luka Volk would eventually make his way to Gotham City where he would assume leadership of The Whisper Gang.

  • The Big Game Hunter helped The Getaway Genius to escape from prison. He held the Getaway Genius as a hostage in return for information on capturing The Batman. The Batman defeated The Big Game Hunter and The Getaway Genius volunteered to go back to jail.

  • Leader of the Victim Syndicate

  • Gotham villain who uses electronics and music to commit his crimes

  • The second, and shortly lived, Joker.

  • Hugo Strange Henchmen turned Monster Man

  • A mobster who offered Mr. Bentley protection money when making "The Terror".

  • Former patient of Hugo Strange who joined up with Kobra, shot down a plane in Gotham, shot himself in the head, and eventually became a monster man terrorizing Blackgate Prison

  • Samuel Yates was a normal boy until he died in a traffic accident. He returned from the grave as a spirit out for revenge against Batman for letting him die. Samuel Yates had been an admirer and fan of Batman for his heroism, but in the event of a car accident that left him dead but his parents alive, Samuel had wandered a lost spirit bent on revenge to get a reason why Batman, his hero, couldn't save him in time.

  • everthing bolow this are in the wrong order

  • A psychotic cult leader currently locked up in Arkham Asylum. tried to escape but failed

  • Member of the Victim Syndicate and stockbroker fallen under the sway of Poison Ivy

  • Member of the League of Smiles

  • Salvatore Valestra was a big time mobster during Batman's early days. Valestra became a target of the vengeful Phantasm.

  • Louis is the desk clerk at the Abbot Transient Motel in Gotham City. He beat a murder rap once sometime before Bruce Wayne became Batman.

  • Rocky got hit in the head with a rock during a crime and got amnesia, his group told the cops it was him, after 20 years in prison he got out and swore vengeance against his gang

  • Malaq is a servant of Ra's al Ghul.

  • Partner of Batman foe The Archer

  • nvestor who made his fortunes off a video game, and became Leviathan's trojan horse into Internet 3.0 before he is defeated by Batman and Oracle.

  • Scorpio is a mysterious figure whose knowledge of science and the black arts was said to create miracles but lead to destitution for everyone he encountered.

    He operated out of a castle in the mountains beyond Gotham City, employing several henchmen who wore purple robes and did his bidding. Batman was able to defeat Scorpio and expose his fraud scheme.