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batman villains that arent going to be listed very high rough draft

List items

  • a generic mob boss who worked with penguin

  • He was a brilliant scientist but his radical experiments with heart transfers from one body to another got him kicked out of Cornwall Medical School. also a vampire

  • a henchman Villain who kidnaps Bruce Wayne in Super Friends #5. He shoots coins from a gun shaped like a dollar sign. Has hired henchmen.

  • man who thought silver would became the new currentcy

  • austrailian bomber

  • a trustee at Arkham Asylum and briefly Joker's assistant.

  • Eva Green was a henchwoman for the Floronic Man. She is also Holly's sister.

  • two face henchmen

  • The wacky ruler of Wacky World and preserver of the legacy of Uncle Mitch.

  • She is a conductor of electricity and is a member of Network.

  • Cary Rinaldi also known as the Carrier is a potent carrier of a toxic fast-acting virus. He spreads a fatal disease wherever he goes.

  • Chuckie Sol was once an enforcer of Salvatore Valestra. Chuckie eventually made it on his own as a counterfeiter.

  • Bruno Tess is a mob boss in Gotham who works for the Penguin.

    he is also murdered by the Scarebeast.

  • Buzz Bronski was once an enforcer of Salvatore Valestra. Buzz became a target of the vengeful Phantasm

  • he has the ability to fadeout and is a member of Network.

  • A witch that encountered Batman in the 60's

  • A mutant guy who battled Batman once. A one shot character who appeared in a Batman story in the pre-Crisis universe.

  • He is an illusionist/magician who claims to have 9 lives.

  • Abner is a mentally ill henchman of the Joker who fights Batman and Robin during the events of Dark Knight Returns.

  • Arthur Rankel is a serial killer and rapist, convicted of more than a dozen charges, including serious sexual crimes and murders.

    bonus points for looking like boris carlo

  • Henchman of Marsha, Queen of Diamonds

  • A demented villain who likes to slice up the faces of beautiful young women around Gotham.

  • Sister Lailah is a woman who uses her mind control powers for personal gain by preying on Gotham’s lonely hearts.

  • An international criminal who uses hypnotic sand to control sleepwalkers, originally portrayed by Michael Rennie in the 1960s Batman TV series.

  • curtis mom

  • Curtis Eisenmann is a German born who tried to kill Batman With Spikes. The motivation behind killing Batman was to prove to his mother that he is not and average person He wore a exosuit named Marauder I which gave him the ability to fly.

  • Hugo Strange henchman turned Monster Man

  • Darkwolf is a burglar at will. During a burglary attempt in Egypt, Catwoman thwarted him with her cat Diablo. The cat scarred his face leaving an everlasting hatred towards Catwoman.