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My Most Recent Reads

Slowly building my list of recent reads and my opinion about them :)

List items

  • Indie Comic book publisher Josh Henaman (Brewhouse Comics) made such a great comicbook that is comparable to Planet Hulk easily. This ongoing series is such a great find, i would recommend it to anyone.

  • Ongoing series published by Comixtribe where a retired Superhero must come out of retirement and must find the person responsible of the death of someone he truly cares about. This series caught me from the first issue. Great find and a great read.

  • Ongoing series published by Comixtribe. After the death of a superhero, a team of superheroes search for the culprit. But after arriving a mysterious island where they believe they will close this case once and for all, they soon realize it was a trap. Slowly one by one has been dying on the island. The comic has a great idea and is been executed greatly. I can't wait for the next issue!

  • Having read issues issues 12 and 13 (team up with Deadpool) i took partial advantage of the 700 free copies of digital copies but i only managed to get about 100 of them before it went down. Luckily this was one of them and i grabbed issue 1. :)

  • Read the first issue from this 4 part mini-series to test out the character and wow did i enjoy it. I'll need to find a way to finish up this story.

  • Started reading this a while back and kinda disappointed to hear that they discontinued the series after new 52. None the less BLue Beetle is a great character with a good story

  • Rex, a badass librarian that would go to the ends of the world to get everything to everyone to return overdue library books (and fight evil doers) from Demon Spirits to Evil Warlords. He kicks butt and will remind you no never turn in your library book late.