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Jake N7's Seven Favorite Superheroes (Now With Ten More!)

These are my top 7 favorite heroes!

Update 1/9/2015: Wolverine has been removed from the #5 spot and replaced with Rocket Raccoon. Not only was I feeling overloaded on Wolverine, but Rocket is basically just Wolvie but with a little more wit and without the Adamantium and healing factor. Plus Logan is dead now.

All other spots remain unaffected.

Update 4/16/2015: List has expanded to 17 because I'm fickle like that. Also, Logan's back and Rocket took a huge hit down on the list with everyone else that's been added in. With as many as 17 heroes to choose from, I also broke my rule about no Bat-family characters, but I was able to keep it to just...*looks at list*...4. >_>

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