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A Sign of Things To Come? (Slight Spoilers) 0

Disclaimer: I have to admit I have not been following the Countdown issues to this series. The Story: This issue mostly serves to catch the reader up on the current state of the Infinity Gems in the Marvel Universe. The splash page at the beginning give the reader a breakdown of the current possessors of each gem and gives new readers some insight as to the various abilities they bestow upon their users. Some of the current owners of the gems are featured in this issue and others are not. The ma...

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They're Heeeeeeereeeeeeeeee! 0

I'm rally enjoying the main Dark Nights Metal title and this is the first tie in issue that I've decided to check out. It focuses mainly on Cyborg and his meeting with The Batman of Earth -44, Murder Machine.The Good:Tieri really does a good job here with the father/son parallels between Cyborg and his father and Batman & Alfred. Without spoiling too much of his backstory, Murder Machine is basically who he is because he tried to save the Alfred of his world. We get to see his origin story a...

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Kicking It Old School 0

The Story:The JLA and JSA meet for the very first time as both teams are vexed by some of their most powerful foes.The Art:This was published in 1963 but is still pretty easy to take in. It is really amazing how far just artwork has come since then.The Dialogue:This was the 1960's after all and some of it is pretty cheesy. This book is very dialogue heavy and one mention that wouldn't have gotten a second look then is absolutely hilarious in today's day and age.Overall:They packed quite a bit i...

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X-Reboot Take 472 0

Despite the snarky title, I actually liked this collection a good bit. The team is composed of many of my favorite X-Men from over the years and the story is broken up into 2 easy to follow arcs. The writer leaves quite a few unresolved threads that should be followed up on later. The main roster is centered around the 6 core members and a few other background characters that don't take anything away from the main characters. I haven't followed the X-Men comics in quite some time but this and th...

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