Top Ten Villains That Deserve Their Own Ongoing Series.

Some of these have had a mini series or 2. I'd like to see more.

List items

  • All hope lies in Doom.

  • Not a huge fan but a 12 issue mini with him just wreaking havoc all across the DCU would be great.

  • An un-superior series if you catch my drift. His new superior costume is awesome.

  • Heck why not? he's as old as Wolverine and has to have a ton of former enemies wanting a piece of him.

  • With the Black Panther movie coming up why not one of his greatest villains?

  • Arguably Wildstorm's best villain, surely they could find a nice niche for him in Rebirth. Hoping he shows up in The Wildstorm. (and yes I still need to read the Apollo/Midnighter mini).

  • I'd love him in a series of his own where hes a tweener or even contracted to take out some heroes besides Spider-Man.