What's Your Favorite Marvel Legacy Title?

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In what seems like a weekly occurrence from Marvel, they recently renumbered several of their titles to give the books a return to some of their classic numbering. Some of the math made sense, some of it did not to be honest. Regardless of the math or lack thereof what has been your favorite renumbered Legacy title? It can be an ongoing or limited series.

Here's a list if you're keeping score at home.

Marvel Legacy Titles

Personally, I've enjoyed Punisher, Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider, Spectacular Spider-Man and a few others. What are your favorites and which ones are you most looking the forward to reading?


Jake Fury's Should I Read It? Vol 2 Judge Dredd

Hello again everyone! Tis I, Jake Fury back for volume 2 of "Should I read it?" This one is more of a twist in the direction of "What Should I Read?" This week's source material is Judge Dredd. I think I've read one series in my entire life and I am interested in more.

What would everyone suggest is a good volume to check out? I don't mind the Judge Dredd Vs stuff but would like something focusing on him alone.

Thanks in advance!


Jake Fury's Should I Read It? Vol 1 Titans Rebirth

Is this series worth picking up? I've been struggling to find another team book in Rebirth to follow besides Justice League and Suicide Squad (both of which have been average to slightly above average IMO). I wouldn't say I am a diehard fan of any of the characters involved but I've enjoyed some of Wolfman's classic Teen Titans stuff and I also read a good portion of Johns' run prior to Infinite Crisis and in that general time period. I've read enough of Nightwing, Roy Harper and Wally West to realize I am way more interested in them in a team setting than I am individually. I've read my fair share of books with Donna Troy but have little to zero knowledge of some of the other characters.

Comicvine, would you say this series is worth following? For those that choose to comment would you consider yourself a fan of the team in prior incarnations? Thanks in advance to everyone that takes the time to comment.