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Jake Marley Baker. 
^Shortened Version Of My Name. Haha.  
Im 17. 
Not A "Comic Geek". In That I Have ... 
Good Social Standing And Popularity. <3
I Live In England. But Was Born In Tasmania. 
But I've Also Lived In Russia And Ukraine. 
^I Moved Alot As A Kid. 
College Is A Waste Of Time. Something I Do Anyways. 
Psychology. Film Studies. Philosophy. English Language. 
^Yeah. Basically, I Wanna Write Shit Loads. 
I Smoke. And Drink. Get High. 
^Basically. I Party. And Im Damn Good At It ;D 
Im Gay. 
Get Bent... I Already Did :D  
I Used To Be A 'Man Whore' 
And Still Am In Some Ways. 
My Family Is Wealthy. 
But I'm Not Some Spoilt Brat. 
I Work For The Money I Earn.