Character Timeline:

Captain America #1 - (1941)

The Invaders - (1942-1944)

Steve gets frozen and Bucky dies - (1944)

William Naslund becomes Captain America II and gets killed in Action - (1945)

Jeffrey Mace becomes Captain America III and retires after the war - (1945-1949)

William Burnside becomes Captain America IV but becomes Grand Director - (1949)

Man Out of Time - (1963). Captain America is revived and joins The Avengers.

Coming of the Falcon - (1969). Captain America meets Falcon.

Secret Empire - (1974)

Steve changes his name to Nomad - (1974)

Roscoe Simons becomes Captain America V but is murdered by Red Skull - (1974)

Madbomb - (1976)

Under Siege - (1986)

Captain America No More - (1987). John Walker becomes Captain America VI.

Operation Rebirth - (1996)

The Death of Captain America - (2004)

The Winter Soldier - (2005)

Civil War - (2006)

Death of the Dream - (2008)

Bucky becomes Captain America VII - (2008)

Dimension Z - (2012)

Falcon becomes Captain America VIII - (2014)

Secret Empire II - (2017)

List items

  • Steve Rogers - Given super-soldier serum during WWII to become the original Captain America, the "perfect soldier" with peak strength, agility, and stamina. Frozen in ice during the war, he is revived decades later where he becomes the long standing leader of The Avengers.

  • American Eagle - A WWII hero who was security chief and trainer for Project Rebirth, the super soldier experiment that gave Captain America his powers. Was captured by the Red Skull but refused to yield any information and committed suicide to avoid breaking under further torture.

    Current Status - DEAD

    Suicide in captivity.

  • The Winter Soldier - Steve Roger's first sidekick and closest friend. Thought to be killed in a plane explosion during WWII, he was actually saved by Russia's Department X and brainwashed into becoming a sleeper agent, kept in cryogenic stasis for decades except when sent on covert missions. After a run-in with Captain America he regains his memories and returns to heroism. He later holds the mantle of Captain America for a time, becoming the 8th Captain America.

  • The original Human Torch - Marvel's first ever superhero was an android created by Professor Phineas Horton. When revealed at a press-conference he burst into flames. Fearing for public safety, the government sealed him in concrete but he escaped, learned to control his flame abilities, and vowed to help humanity. He was a trusted ally of Captain America during WWII and an original member of The Invaders. After the war he deactivated himself for several decades. Reactivated decades later, Hammond joins the New Invaders.

  • James Falsworth. A British operative who fought Baron Blood during WWI. Also active in WWII. Joins The Invaders after the team saves his daughter, Jacqueline, from Baron Blood. His mansion is used as The Invaders base of operations during WWII. Quits the team after being paralysed in battle with Baron Blood and unable to use his legs.

  • Jacqueline Falsworth. The daughter of Union Jack (James Falsworth). A teenager during WWII, she met and eventually joined The Invaders after a run-in with Baron Blood. Rescued by the team she received a transfusion of Human Torch's artificial blood with gave her the powers of superhuman speed. She also operated as a special agent for the United Kingdom during WWII. She retired after the war but later joined the New Invaders and MI-13 as part of Britain's response to Secret Invasion II.

  • Mark Anthony Todd - A newspaper reporter assigned to cover the second Sino-Japanese War in 1937. He gets caught in a bomb raid on location and takes cover in a cave where he meets the Skull Men who say it is his destiny to become their Champion of Freedom. He gains abilities such as immunity to fire and becomes the golden age hero The Blazing Skull. He later becomes a close ally to Captain America, fighting alongside The Invaders on several occasions during WWII. Appearing again in the middle-east decades later, un-aged due to his healing abilities, he joins the modern-day New Invaders. Between the war and modern day he fought as a superhero at different times in different places.

  • The leader of the original Howling Commandos during WWII. He later joins the C.I.A before becoming the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. He later retires and is replaced in his post by Nick Fury Jr. Original Fury is then called to investigate the murder of Uatu the Watcher, and ends up taking Uatu's place as 'The Unseen'.

  • Member of the Howling Commandoes and second in command. Fought during WWII and later joined S.H.I.E.L.D and was placed in charge of security on the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier. After a heart attack he is promoted to Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, the second in command. Hydra briefly replaced Dugan with a Life Model Decoy as part of an attack on S.H.I.E.L.D. Years later it's revealed that Dugan was killed in a mission years prior and the LMD had taken his place ever since as the request of Nick Fury. The LMD Dugan is currently the leader of The Howling Commandos.

    Current Status - DEAD (Though his LMD still works for Shield)

  • A member of the Howling Commandos that fought during WWII. After the war he was a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D. When S.H.I.E.L.D was decommissioned by the government and turned into H.A.M.M.E.R, Koenig stayed working for the organisation as a mole after all other Howling Commandos resigned. He then aided them in raiding several H.A.M.M.E.R helicarriers and helped over 3000 H.A.M.M.E.R agents defect to the other side.

    Current Status - DEAD

    Killed by Gorgon in battle against Hydra.

  • An original member of the Howling Commandos that fought during WWII. He later joined S.H.I.E.L.D along with several other Howling Commandos and successfully stops a Nazi splinter group from obtaining the Super-Soldier Serum. He and Dum Dum Dugan later quit S.H.I.E.L.D and from a new team of Howling Commandos made up of all ex-Shield agents.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Killed by Gorgon in battle against Hydra.

  • A founding member of the Howling Commandos that fought in WWII. After the war he was a founding member of the V-Battalion, an organisation that hunts down war criminals to pay for their crimes. He was later elected Senator of Texas. He also joined the reformed S.H.I.E.L.D as Chair of the Executive Oversight Commitee and was killed on duty at the AS3 Defence Expo by Yelena Belova.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Impaled by Yelena Belova.

  • A member of the French Resistance in WWII, she fought alongside Captain America on several occasions until the two fell in love. After Captain America is frozen in the ice she lived a quiet life. Decades later a revived Captain America saved a now aged Peggy Carter from Doctor Faustus

  • William Naslund - Captain America II. Originally a lesser-known golden age hero named Spirit of 76. After Steve Rogers is believed to have been killed-in-action during WWII, the government commissions Naslund to be the new Captain America in 1945. Since Steve Rogers identity was kept secret from the public, nobody knows it is a different man in the costume. Killed in action not long after taking the mantle during a battle with Adam II and his robotis minions.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Crushed by robot.

  • Bucky II - Government sanctioned sidekick to Captain America II (William Naslund). After the death of Naslund, Fred Davis was shot in the leg and retired from his role as Bucky with a permanent limp. He later joined the V-Battalion, an organisation that hunted down War Criminals for years after the war had ended. An old man, he was then killed by a Russian Sleeper Agent who wanted to send a message to The Winter Soldier.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Killed by Russian sleeper agent.

  • Jeffrey Mace - Captain America III. Patriot was a golden age hero and ally to the original Captain America during WWII. After the second Captain America (William Naslund) is killed in action in 1945, Mace becomes the third Captain America. Later retires in 1949 and marries fellow golden age hero, Golden Girl. He later dies of cancer at an old age.

    Current Status- DEAD

    Died of cancer.

  • Betsy Ross - A golden age hero that fought in WWII as a member of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps. She became friends and briefly the first girlfriend of Captain America (Steve Rogers). After the war she became the new partner and sidekick to the third Captain America (Jeffrey Mace) before they both retied in 1949. She married Jeffrey Mace and lived a long life with him until he died from cancer in old age.

    Current Status - DEAD

    Died of cancer.

  • William Burnside - Captain America IV. After Jeffrey Mace retires as Captain America in 1949, William Burnside, a Captain America fanatic, becomes the fourth person to take the mantle. After injecting himself with faulty Super-Solider Serum he succumbs to psychotic symptoms becoming unreliable and paranoid. He is placed in the care of Doctor Faustus who brainwashes him into becoming the Neo-Nazi terrorist, The Grand Director. After realising his manipulation he attempts to commit suicide but survives and becomes an unstable crime-fighting vigilante. Shield later fakes his death, gives him a new secret identity, and places him in a facility to repair his mind where he still resides.

  • Bucky III/Nomad II - Steve Roger's fourth sidekick. When William Burnside became Captain America IV in the 1950's he chose Jack Monroe to be his new sidekick, becoming Bucky III. After injecting himself with faulty super soldier serum he succumbed to psychotic symptoms and was put into cryogenic stasis for decades. Later revived in modern times and cured of psychotic symptoms he chose the new codename Nomad, inspired by Captain America's previous use of the name, and became Captain America's fourth sidekick after Bucky Barnes, Rick Jones, and Sam Wilson. A position he held for 2 years.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Shot by The Winter Soldier.

  • Bucky IV - Steve Roger's second sidekick. An orphan saved by Bruce Banner during the Gamma Explosion that turned him into The Hulk. Not long after, the original Captain America (Steve Rogers) is revived from the ice and the two become close friends. Jones very briefly becomes Captain America's second sidekick, going by the name Bucky III despite strong objections from Captain America. He later returns to aid Captain America in the fight against Hydra during 'Secret Empire' but is killed by Hydra-Cap.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Sentenced to death by firing squad by Hydra-Cap.

  • Captain America V - After Steve Rogers becomes disillusioned with the government and gives up the mantle of Captain America, instead choosing to become Nomad, Roscoe Simons takes the mantle becoming the fifth Captain America. He is then murdered by The Red Skull not long afterwards, who sends a message to Steve Rogers saying that any other person in the costume would suffer the same fate, forcing Steve Rogers to become Captain America once again.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Killed by the Red Skull.

  • John Walker - Captain America VI. A former soldier that seeks out The Power Broker to gain superhuman abilities. He takes the name Super-Patriot and becomes a right-wing extremist, bringing him to blows with Captain America on several occasions. When the US government strips Steve Rogers of the Captain America mantle, it is given to John Walker, making him the sixth Captain America. He suffers a mental breakdown after seeing his parent murdered and enacts his revenge by blowing up the murderers in an explosion. He is then stripped of the Captain America mantle and to cure his mental psychosis, is hypnotized into believing his parents are still alive. He later resurfaces as a brand new hero, The USAgent, and joins the West Coast Avengers and later the All-New Invaders.

  • Lemar Hoskins - Bucky V. Government sanctioned sidekick to John Walker's Captain America. Originally given the name Bucky, becoming the fifth person to use the mantle, before later choosing his own codename, Battlestar. When Steve Rogers resumes the mantle of Captain America, Hoskins leaves federal employment and joins Silver Sable's Wild Pack.

  • Sam Wilson - Steve Roger's third sidekick. Ex social worker who, during a plot by The Red Skull to foil Captain America, is given a psychic connection to birds. Becomes one of Captain America's closest and oldest allies. Has twice held the mantle of Captain America himself, becoming the 7th Captain America.

  • Dennis Dunphy - Steve Rogers fifth sidekick. Originally a professional wrestler, he was given super strength by The Power Broker, but he has since lost his powers. Now works as Captain America's pilot and mechanic.

  • Mechanaut - Former villain who later became Avengers support crew and a close friend and housemate of Captain America. Inventor and Scientist. Supported Captain America on countless missions and single-handedly protected an entire city using his robot inventions when The Avengers were thought dead after 'Heroes Reborn'.

  • Cathy Webster - Steve Roger's sixth sidekick. Brainwashed into hating all men and given super powers by the villain Superia, she later overcomes her brainwashing and defeats Superia. Captain America then takes her under his wing, along with Jack Flag, and trains them to fight crime. She later runs the 'Captain America hotline' along with Jack Flag before being recruited by Shield in order to combat the growing threat of Hydra during 'Secret Empire'.

  • Jack Harrison - Steve Roger's seventh sidekick. Inspired by Captain America he trained himself in the gym and started a crime-watch patrol group in his neighborhood. When The Serpent Society infiltrated his hometown, he went undercover into the organisation. While undercover, he was sent to fight Mr Hyde and during the battle was covered in chemicals that gave him superpowers, becoming Jack Flag. He then becomes Captain America's seventh sidekick and is trained to be a hero. He later runs the 'Captain America Hotline' along with Free Spirit before being recruited by Shield to combat the growing threat of Hydra. During a mission, Jack ignored orders and followed Captain America onto Baron Zemo's plane where Captain America then throws flag from the plane with no parachute before saying "Hail Hydra" and it is revealed that Captain America is working for Hydra. Jack ends up in a coma but is later taken off life-support by his family.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Thrown from plane.

  • Agent 13 - Great niece of Peggy Carter. Inspired by her Great-Aunt's adventures she joins Shield as a Field Agent. She crosses paths with Captain America on several occasions until the two eventually fall in love. She then breaks up with Captain America to go deep undercover on a mission for several years. During this time Captain America dates several other women including Rachel Leighton. Sharon is later abducted by The Winter Soldier and placed in a trap set by Aleksander Lukin. After being saved by Captain America and working together during 'The Winter Soldier' storyline, the two resume their relationship and have been together ever since. She is considered the love of Captain America's life.

  • Rachel Leighton - Originally a villain and member of The Serpent Society. Rachel fell in love with Captain America and left The Serpent Society and joined Captain America as a hero and lover for several years. The Serpent Society ordered her assassination due to her betrayal but she was saved by friends Asp, Black Mamba, and Anaconda and they formed BAD Girls Inc. She was later kidnapped and abused by Crossbones until she agrees to steal vials of Captain America's blood. She later had a transfusion of the blood and gained Super-Soldier Serum abilities. After Crossbones kills both of her brothers she later betrays Captain America and rejoins The Serpent Society organisation which now goes by the name Serpent Solutions.

  • Eli Bradley (Patriot II) - Original member of the Young Avengers. Grandchild of Isaiah Bradley. Received an emergency blood transfusion from his grandfather which granted him Super-Soldier Serum abilities. Bradley later joins Captain America's Secret Avengers and seeks out The Winter Soldier as a mentor.

  • Patriot III - A teen activist and computer hacker who idolises Sam Wilson. He convinces Sam Wilson to reassume the Captain America mantle during 'Secret Empire' and is currently The Falcon's sidekick and apprentice.

  • Jason Strongbow (American Eagle II) - Attempting to stop a mining company from desecrating a mountain sacred to the navaho people, Strongbow learned that the company was in leagues with the Yellow Claw. Confronting Yellow Claw, Strongbow was caught in a sonic blast inside a uranium mine which resulted in enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and agility. Taking the name American Eagle, he becomes a superhero and ally to Captain America, fighting alongside him against the Superhero Registration Act in Civil War.

  • Priscilla Lyons - After meeting Jack Munroe, she convinces him to rescue her brother from a drug Lord in Miami, Ulysses Lugman. However upon arrival he finds that her brother does not want to be rescued. Lugman captures and injects Munroe with drugs and throws him in the ocean to drown. Concerned that she hasn't heard from Munroe, Lyons contacts Captain America who rescues Munroe and together they defeat Lugman. Munroe and Lyons then become lovers and she takes the mantle on Vagabond despite having no crime-fighting qualifications. Wanting to become a better crime-fighter she goes to the Power Broker in the hopes of gaining superpowers but instead came into contact with the Scourge of the Underworld. Training to be a Scourge herself, she was unable to kill her first contact, the villain Matador, who had reformed and now babysat his sister's children. She then left with US Agent to take down the Scourge operation. Her activities since are unknown.

  • Ian Rogers (Nomad II) - While trapped in the mysterious Dimension Z, Captain America rescues Leopold, the infant son of Arnim Zola in that universe. Raising the child under the name "Ian", he manages to evade Zola's forces in Dimension Z for eleven years, until Ian is accidentally shot and apparently killed by Sharon Carter. After Captain America escapes Dimension Z, Ian is revealed to have survived and taken up a costume and shield similar to that of his adoptive father. Now calling himself Nomad, Ian acts as the defender of Dimension Z.

  • Johan Schmidt - Head of Nazi Terrorist Activities, was so successful in wreaking havoc throughout Europe that the US government created Project Rebirth, which would turn Steve Rogers into Captain America. Not content in being Hitler's subordinate, he ordered Baron Von Strucker to found a new organisation in Asia that Skull could control. Instead Strucker joined a subversive organisation called Hydra, became it's leader and turned it into a major threat to world peace. Captain America and Bucky thwarted Red Skull's plans on several occasions during the war and he ordered Baron Heinrich Zemo to kill Captain America and Bucky. However Captain America caught up with Red Skull first and after a fight they were caught in a surprise bomb raid, Red Skull was buried in a cave-in and thought to be dead. The cave-in released experimental gases that put Red Skull into suspended animation and over time his wounds healed. Arnim Zola would later transplant Red Sull's mind into the body of a cloned Steve Rogers and he would eventually join Hydra. He would return to try and achieve world domination again and again.

  • Originally a Nazi officer during WWII and a subordinate of The Red Skull, Baron von Strucker was sent to Asia to establish a new organisation that the Red Skull could control without Hitler's interference. Instead, Strucker became the leader of a subversive group called Hydra, cut all ties with Red Skull, and with assistance from Arnim Zola, turned the Hydra organisation into a major global threat. The scientific arm of Hydra later splintered away to form a new group called AIM. During a S.H.I.E.L.D raid of Hydra Island, Strucker was incinerated in a nuclear chamber. Hydra suffered without his leadership and years later The Red Skull revived him using a death spore, making him leader of the organisation once more.

  • Originally a Nazi biochemist during WWII, experimenting with genetic engineering. His skills drew the attention of Red Skull who used him in an attempt to create super-soldiers. His experiments resulted in the mind of Hitler being transferred into a new host who would be known as The Hate-Monger, and the mind of a dead Red Skull being transferred into a body that was a clone of Steve Rogers. He was later approached by Baron von Strucker to help establishment Hydra, and together they turned the organisation into a global threat. At the end of the war, having been diagnosed with incurable cancer, Zola uploaded his mind into a network of computers becoming a living machine inhabiting a robot body with a hologram of his face in the chest. We would continue to be a member of the Hydra High Council, secretly infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D with undercover Hydra Agents to influence events of war and crisis over the next several decades.

  • Originally a top scientist in the Nazi Party, Zemo created many weapons for the Nazi's. After testing a weapon on a town killing thousands, he came into conflict with Captain America and the Howling Commandos. To hide his identity he started wearing a purple mask while he continued to create weapons. During a conflict with Captain America, one of Zemo's creations, Adhesive X, spilled over his face permanently fusing the mask to his skin. When it became apparent the Nazi's would lose the war, Red Skull sent Zemo to steal a plane. While attempting to stop the robbery, Bucky is thought to be killed as the plane explodes and Captain America is sent hurling into the ocean where he becomes frozen. Zemo then fled to Latin America when the Nazi's fell. Decades later, upon learning Captain America has been revived, Zemo forms the Masters of Evil. While The Avengers battled the Masters of Evil, Captain America witnesses Baron Zemo get crushed to death in an avalanche. Baron Zemo's son, Helmut Zemo, blames Captain America for his father's death and vows to one day get revenge.

    Current Status - DEAD.

    Crushed in avalanche.

  • Son of Heinrich Zemo.

  • Wilhelm Lohmer - a physically frail American Nazi sympathiser who was subjected to the Nazi version of the Super-Soldier Serum. Endowed with physical abilities that exceed those of Captain America, he was given the costume and Alias "Master Man" and was intended to be the first of an Aryan master race. He then meets Julia Koenig, who gains similar powers and the two are set to be married in order to be the progenitors of a new race. Decades later, now living as an old man in Switzerland and wanting to make amends for his past crimes, Wilhelm dies shielding Cable from bullet fire during an altercation with the Hellfire Club.

    Current Status - DEAD

    Shot by Hellfire Club.

  • Advanced. Idea. Mechanics.

  • George Tarleton - A former employee of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), a Hydra splinter-group that specialised in scientific advancements and technological weaponry for the purpose of overthrowing world governments. AIM forced him to undergo substantial mutagenic experimentation designed to increase his intelligence. While successful it resulted in a freakishly overdeveloped head and restricted him to a hover-chair for mobility. After the experiments he becomes MODOK, rebels and takes control of AIM, killing it's leaders. He then became a recurring foe for Captain America. He is later ousted from power by AIM and attempts to win back loyalty by releasing a nerve agent over New York but is impeded by The Avengers. AIM then hire The Serpent Society to assassinate MODOK and they are successful but he is later resurrected by AIM to assist with the creation of a new Cosmic Cube. The procedure that turned Tarleton into MODOK is later reversed and Tarleton is taken into police custody, however a cloned brain of MODOK is left to grow naturally and is uploaded with MODOK's memories becoming MODOK Superior.

  • The original Super-Adaptoid was created by AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and contained a small shard of the Cosmic Cube. It was programmed to defeat Captain America and infiltrate The Avengers Mansion and learn the fighting techniques and traits of several Avengers. After a fight it flees mistakenly thinking it has killed Captain America. The Super-Adaptoid then clashes with Captain America on several occasions under the instruction of AIM. Later, under Ultron's control, the Super-Adaptoid deserts AIM and travels to space to fight as a warrior in the employ of The Phalanx.

  • Brock Rumlow -

  • Daughter of Red Skull.

  • The 3rd Madame Hydra and current Hydra Supreme.

  • The 2nd Madame Hydra.

  • The Leaper.

  • DEAD -

  • DEAD -

  • DEAD -

  • DEAD -

  • dave cox