Jac's Character Exposition #3


I quite enjoy the battle forums, but am getting rather sick and tired of seeing the same 20-odd characters repeatedly used in battles, because for me, finding new characters is half the fun. So when I have available time, I'm going to add here a character (from comic books, anime, manga, novels, live action shows, cartoons, anything), who doesn't receive a whole lot of recognition in this forum. I'm going to review their powers and capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as what makes them an interesting character to use in a battle. Then maybe, as many people who read these might improve their knowledge of characters and use them in the battle forums.

This week we'll be introduced to a relatively new character from the manhwa Solo Leveling.

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Sung Jin-Woo

In a world where gates to another dimension filled with monsters open on a regular basis, Sung Jin-Woo was the weakest of the weak, practically human in every regard. Nonetheless, as a hunter, his best employment opportunity was to try his best to fight monsters. However, when he sacrifices himself in order to allow others escape, he surprisingly finds himself revived and healed from his gruesome injuries, and that he has become received game character-esque quests.

Now where have I seen this before?
Now where have I seen this before?

And as he completes these quests he gradually grows stronger. First off, from the aspect of the reader, Solo Leveling has top notch art for a webtoon, and it's quite fun to see that our hero Jin-Woo is not indestructible, but he is determined.

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This giant serpent is one that he kills with his bare hands, and he only has gotten stronger since. To make things clear, this snake was stronger than him, and had similar speed, but he choked it out with his bare hands. His bare motherloving hands. It's so satisfying to see him grow not just in power, but as a warrior. Oftentimes, it is complained that a character grows stronger simply by "training" but for those reading this webtoon, you get to watch every single part of it.


As the series has progressed thus far, we see him progressively become harder, better, faster stronger and become an impressive fighter. He gains abilities such as stealth, low-level telekinesis, but the cincher is when he receives his class advancement. Though he was expecting to be an assassin or a warrior, he was shocked to become a necromancer, able to raise shadows of the dead to serve him.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

And it's a pretty cool ability which I would love to see on the battle forums. I hope to see this character get some use from you guys. I hope to see more debates using unique characters!


I'm not going to lie, the power has gone a bit to the boy's head. He has gone from meek to arrogant rather quickly, and he can sometimes underestimate his opponents. In addition, he has no shown superior senses yet, so he will have trouble with those who can turn invisible, etc. His reaction speed is shaky at best feat-wise, and he is generally forced to engage in close range physical combat.


This is not from a traditional comic or a traditional manga, but instead from a manhwa webtoon. The art is crisp, the storyline intrigue, the violence is tastefully graphic, and the action is well done. This character is great for taking down single opponents and waves of fodder, and it will be awesome to see him in use!

Any recommendations for relatively unused or unknown characters? Post them below.

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How to be Civil in a Battle

DISCLAIMER: This thread is inspired by this TED Talk, and while I don't necessarily agree with everything he talks about, I think that there are some good concepts for our benefit.

The battle forums are the favorite place for many of us here on comicvine. Regardless of the characters we prefer, we come here because we love to talk about who would win, and who is better. Before I get too far into this, I want to say that I am not perfect and have made several of these mistakes before. I once berated an opponent in a tournament for not debating better, a low point for me. I am not also against free speech, say what you will, this is the internet, and this thread here is a recommendation for those who don't like stupid debates. A little too often, however, we see that many debaters, regardless of experience, will get into what are referred to as flame wars, laden with insults to their self chosen opponents. This is just my attempt that wasn't directly covered in Debating Tips: Past and Present, written by @thetruebarryallen and linked in the battle forum table of contents but instead direct points on how to avoid needless flame wars. And so, without further ado, here are some quick warnings to keep your discussion in the battle threads civil.

Rule #1: Avoid Trigger Words

This is the internet, and a debate forum. However, certain words rile up those want a digital shouting match and will only increase the vitriol fueling the now pointless debates. Try not to use words such as:

  • Troll
  • Wank
  • Bias
  • Delusional
  • Fanboy

and etc. Do you see how these phrases could be frustrating? It spits at the concept of logical debate and instead leans on personal attacks, which brings me to my next point.

Rule #2: Never Make it Personal

Personal attacks bring nothing to the debate. Do not:

  • Attack the debater in the forum
  • Talk about the debater in PMs
  • Call out the debater frequently looking for a fight.
  • Cite back to previous arguments, this is silly. People change.

Rule #3: Don't Take it Personally

One of the best things about the internet is that if people are talking bad about you, you can actually just ignore them. Remember that being offended is a choice. As human beings we can choose to be proactive or reactive in our debates. We can choose to incite flame wars or to avoid them.

So Remember...

The power is literally in your hands, and remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Remember that no matter how courteous you are to your friends on the site, be civil to everyone.

Peace, war, all that jazz



Jac's Character Exposition #2


I quite enjoy the battle forums, but am getting rather sick and tired of seeing the same 20-odd characters repeatedly used in battles, because for me, finding new characters is half the fun. So starting today, and every consecutive Friday whenever I can, I'm going to add here a character (from comic books, anime, manga, novels, live action shows, cartoons,anything), who doesn't receive a whole lot of recognition in this forum. I'm going to review their powers and capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as what makes them an interesting character to use in a battle. Then maybe, as many people who read these might improve their knowledge of characters and use them in the battle forums.

Sarah Rushman a.k.a. Marrow!

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Marrow is a character from the Marvel Universe. She appears in multiple X-Men and X-Force Comics.


Marrow was born a Morlock, and as a child was witness to the infamous Morlock Massacre. She was transported with others to the Dark Dimension with Mikhail Rasputin, the crazed and villainous brother of Colossus and Magik. While there she was a bit crazy. When she came back there was a situation where Storm had to rip out her heart (one of them anyways, and it grew back). She villained around for a while, fought Spiderman, then after talking with him became a member of the X-Men. SHe had a rocky relationship with the team, and left often. She would eventually join Weapon X in order to gain control over her powers so that she could be more normal, but in turn had to assassinate folks. She was even depowered during M-Day, but kept her painful appearance. Most recently she was in X-Force where she serves quite dangerously, being able to create more bone weapons than ever.


Marrow's greatest advantages come in the form of skill, her limited versatility, and her insane pain tolerance, making her a savage beast in a fight.

She was considered the Dark Dimensions top hunter, and is very good at hunting prey by real world standards. She was able to realize and take down a Prime Sentinel that was hunting her and other X-Men, when the machine was in the water.

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Marrow is able to make pretty much any shape from her bones, as such she's mad very sharp knives, solid clubs, ridges for armor, and even surgical tools. She also would develop the ability to shoot out her bones in shards at a shorter distance.

No Caption Provided

Marrow's pain tolerance is quite powerful, she lives with bones that are constantly growing through her skin, can pull them out easily, and can take a ton of blunt force damage without fail.


Marrow's greatest disadvantage comes in the form of damage taken. While she does possess a healing factor and enhanced durability, she's not bulletproof, and is relegated to closer ranged combat. Any sniper with enough skill could pull a headshot out on her. Essentially, she's like Wolverine, but not quite as good.


What makes Marrow interesting? She's not a hero who cares about freedom or truth, justice and the american way. She just cares about herself, though she learns to help others eventually. She also has to endure some terrible stuff. Of course, because of that, she's back at scary dangerous mutant, but I'm sure that will change eventually.

Or maybe not...
Or maybe not...

As far as the battles are confirmed, she's perfect in match-ups against opponents with high skill but lower physicals, I'd say that she'd be able to give Nightwing or Batman a good fight at the very least.

-Peace, War, and all that Jazz



Jac's Character Exposition #1


I quite enjoy the battle forums, but am getting rather sick and tired of seeing the same 20-odd characters repeatedly used in battles, because for me, finding new characters is half the fun. So starting today, and every consecutive Friday, I'm going to add here a character (from comic books, anime, manga, novels, live action shows, cartoons, anything), who doesn't receive a whole lot of recognition in this forum. I'm going to review their powers and capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as what makes them an interesting character to use in a battle. Then maybe, as many people who read these might improve their knowledge of characters and use them in the battle forums.

Holden Carver a.k.a. The Conductor

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Holden Carver is a character from the Wildstorm Universe, which is now owned by DC Comics. As such, he has not made an appearance in the New 52. He appears in the graphic novel Sleeper by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. (WARNING Sleeper is a comic rated 18+)


Holden was your standard black ops soldier working under IO (sorta like the SHIELD/Checkmate of Wildstorm). When leading a team in recovering an alien artifact, Carver touched the artifact. Upon doing so, it bonded to his nervous system. This unfortunately resulted in the death of his team (it is presumed he transferred the pain of having this happen to all of them, though it's not entirely clear). The incident left Holden with a lower level healing factor, an immunity to most forms of psychic assault (including TAO's voice), as well as an immunity to pain and the ability to transfer the pain to others. Upon returning, he was assigned by John Lynch, a former member of Team 7, to infiltrate TAO's organization as a sleeper agent so that he could eventually bring it down. However, Lynch was put into a coma, and as a result, Holden was trapped on the side of a maniac.


The greatest advantage of his powers is that he can ignore mortal wounds such as head shots and heart shots. In addition, most blunt force trauma is not severely damaging. He's also a very good shot. In his line of work, it means he can get shot a lot, then shoot back a lot. Throughout his career, he faced several intimidating and dangerous opponents, and has come out on top in his few fights, even when it seems like he should have lost.

His most impressive fight in this regard would be against Grifter. He was assigned by TAO to bring a washed up Grifter in. His compatriots were almost immediately shot, as was he. The important part of the fight is that Holden was pretending to be down, rather than keep fighting Grifter, so that when Grifter got close to inspect his "corpse" he simply reached up and KO'ed him. He knows when he's outmatched, and instead uses trickery to take his enemies down.

No Caption Provided

Of course, while trickery is great, Carver can hold his own in a fistfight as well. When he faced a superhero known as Turbine, a man with an enhanced exoskeleton suit, he not only shrugged off hits from a man who could spin heads around one-handed, but was able to survive whatever type of energy blast used. And despite not really wanting to kill him, Holden wasted the hero without any hesitation.

No Caption Provided

Now this scan just explains that Holden can walk around with bleeding wounds without any thought.

No Caption Provided


Holden's greatest disadvantage would be that while his healing factor can deal with mortal wounds, it is poorly suited for healing large amounts at a time. For example, he fell off a building after the fight with Turbine, and was paralyzed for a while, so he instead took a nap. Another example is when he had his leg severed, and it had to be placed so that it could properly reattach after several hours.


What makes this guy interesting? He not only has a deep internal conflict about whether he is on the right side, or if sides matter, or whether he is justified in killing, but he also is put through what could be considered hell, and in the end "slays the dragon" at great cost and is finally let to rest.If you have a suggestion for the next character expo, PM me, or leave it in the comments.

As far as battles are considered, Holden is useful in low street scenarios, below Batman levels. He's also very useful as far as power is concerned when used in scenarios and amalgams. All in all, he is a character who can be used very potently in combinations.

-Peace, War, and all that Jazz



What (I think) makes a Superhero

Comic books

If you're on this site, you likely read them and enjoy them. The superhero comic is one of the oldest, and I believe it is the most popular. But what makes these so great? The heroes (and heroines) themselves! This is a little view into what I think makes a great superhero.

Unique Concept

Now this may seem like a strange thing to start this, but I believe that heroes should be unique. Parody, joke, and homage characters, while entertaining, aren't heroes I really enjoy reading about. Instead I prefer characters who are different than everyone else, especially in their personalities. This is why I enjoy reading comics like The Runaways which is great, not because of their superpowers, but because of their interactions as a group are incredibly different when compared to most other comics. A unique dynamic will do more than any superpower. This does not mean that they should be cut and paste characters, such as the feminism fueled female Thor, who was simply created to placate those who want a "strong female character." Characters should be their own, because otherwise it's just a change in face.

Steadfast Ideals

Heroes should have morals, if they don't what makes them a hero? Spiderman has "with great power comes great responsibility" and Batman has "I'm Batman." The hero shouldn't crumble under pressure or change their mind because it's too hard. Can you imagine if Superman stopped being nice and just killed every villain he came across? It would be a crap story, that would make you hate the hero more than the villains. The idea is that heroes should be incorrigible, they shouldn't be swayed by changes in the times. This doesn't mean that they should be one dimensional characters that are unchanging, but their morals should stay the same. Batman doesn't use guns. Period. Any story with Batman using guns to kill is not a superhero comic, it's about a lunatic. Superheroes shouldn't be lunatics, they can be distrusted, they can be hunted, they can be criminals in the eyes of the law, but they must follow a moral code.

Challenging Trials

As much as I love Superman and Batman as characters, they suffer from one issue- they can't lose. Even if Jason Todd dies, even if Lex Luthor wins, even if the world is doomed, there is the knowledge that these characters will still somehow be standing victorious at the end of the day. The "hero must win" concept is great for happy endings, but at the same time it can leave you feeling unsatisfied. It's like picking up a mystery novel and already knowing who the murderer is, it's unfulfilling to read. The issue is not so much the fact that they can't lose, but the fact that their bought some feel fake, because in the end, it will all be better. This is why it can be difficult to come up with trials that actually challenge the hero. Is the trap elaborate enough? Is the monster strong enough? Is the death toll high enough? What causes the problem? Writers should take the heroes weaknesses and use them as the challenge they must face. If the trial is not real, then where is their power?

Threatening Villain

I can't remember who said this but the quote is "the really great heroes have the really scary villains." I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, because it's true! Why is the Joker so terrifying? Is it because he kills people? No, it's because he does what he wants to, when he wants to, and where he wants to, and he just happens to want to kill and hurt people. Is Alex Luthor dangerous because he's smart and rich? Yes, but it's more than that. In part, we fear Lex, but at the same time we want to be him, because he feels overshadowed by Superman, and don't we all feel that way sometimes? He great villains don't have to have brutal methods or personalities, they should be driven by their desire, they should be parallels to their heroes. Isn't the only line between Batman and Joker the fact that Batman won't kill? Isn't the only difference between Luthor and Kent the their morals? Isn't the only difference between Captain America and Red Skull their nationalism? The villains are great because they show us just how close to the edge the heroes are, if they can't do this, they fail to be anything more than a punching bag.


What makes a superhero? I think it's these pillars, everything past that is an welcome addition, as long as the fluff stays white. So what is your idea of a superhero? Feel free to share.

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Making Sense of Arrow Season 3 with a Theory (Spoilers)

Watching Season 3 of Arrow, and the appearance of Ra's Al Ghul, I was mildly excited. Now, when Ra's made Oliver the offer to become Ra's, I stopped and stared at the massive plot hole here. Ra's wants a guy, whose he just shanked and tossed off a mountain rather casually, to become him? Seriously, this direction makes no sense, he's got nothing in common with Ra's. It's been pointed out before, but Merlyn, who is what I would call Oliver's equal, would make a much better choice. So why would Ra's pick Oliver? This is my theory.

Do you remember when Ra's (in the comics) wanted to come back in Damian's body? He wanted a better physical body. Ra's stated that he's past his prime now, even dying, want to shift over to Oliver, because Oliver is properly prepared through a life of pain, so he is ideal in this aspect. Other than this, he's just a bit smarter than the average bear. So, what do you think of this theory? I think it makes sense for someone like Ra's, otherwise he would not have to go to all this trouble.

P.S. Roy will be losing his arm soon, either at the end of season or during the next.

P.P.S. Thea's dead for a few episodes, hope resurrection doesn't become a habit with the show.


How to Make Good Battles

I'm what (I guess?) you could call a veteran of Battle Forum. Having used the majority of my posts used here, I'd like to point out some ways to create more intelligent battles, that actually require thought and knowledge. Obviously this means that you may not get as many comments, so if that's your concern, then stop reading, this isn't for you.

So, my guidelines

1. Stay Below Point Ridiculous

What is point ridiculous? It's the term I use when the battle is no longer a measure of how the characters apply their respective feats, but instead based solely on their perceived power levels. Examples generally involve possibly Nigh-Omnipotent characters by statement or implied power, not feats. Good character examples include Dr. Manhattan, Superman Prime 1 Million, and other ridiculous characters.

2. Be Original

How many Batman vs (insert character here) have you seen? Try to be a bit more creative, use non-standard characters, or if you do use Batman, use a different version; like use Azrael Batman.

3. Check it Out First

You've got a character who you think would be a good match for someone, make sure that neither character has points in their respective series where they become more powerful, like many anime characters.

4. (Almost) Always use One

This is Comic Vine, always use at least one Western comic character. This isn't to say that anime is bad, but just keep it easy, because a lot of folks don't read manga or watch anime. There are certain exceptions (such as same universe battles) but keep it from getting out of hand.

5. Explore!

One of the best things about battles is that it gives you an oppurtunity to learn about characters you'd never have thought about otherwise. Learn, then maybe even share what you've learned in a CaV!

6. Don't Rig Fights

This one is in the Battle Forums Rules, but don't create a match that's made so that one character has an undeniable advantage. This makes it no fun.

So, hopefully this'll help, if it doesn't, I tried.

Peace, War, All that Jazz



The Irony of the Joker Variant

As most, if not all of you know, the Joker Variant for Batgirl was pulled back due to SJWs being SJWs. I just realized a bit of irony from the feminist perspective.

Feminists are searching for equality, correct? From this picture, we see Batgirl terrified of the Joker, but she's not in any actual danger. However, if you look at the cover of A Death in the Family, you see Jason Todd, battered and dead. Since we should be equal, why shouldn't we have the image from TKJ where Batgirl is shot, or the photographs that Joker gave to Gordon to try to drive him mad? That's equal treatment, right? This just shows how overreactive hat people are. What does the image show that is offensive? Perhaps a tear in Batgirls eye? If Joker had his arm around me, I would probably be crying like a sick toddler! Anyone would probably be terrified, and I think it shows part of Batgirls character, because if I was standing with the guy who crippled and mocked me, I think one might not be able to even stand.

The other point I've seen that people are making is that Joker shouldn't do this, which is ridiculous.

Seriously, people saying that Joker is discriminatory against women are high on something, do they realize that Joker has killed, tortured, maimed, and otherwise desecrated over 1,000 random people in the comics in his history? The Joker doesn't "see" gender as a reason to hold back, he does whatever he wants!

Rant over, salt released, I'm going to go manage my tourney.

-Peace, War, all that Jazz


Useless Holidays

So I discovered that today is International Women's Day, and apparently there is one for men too. My question as I think about all of these things, is why the heck do we have some of these "holidays." Even things like Black History Month seems a bit ridiculous, because, to quote Morgan Freeman "You're going to relegate my history to a month?"

So I guess out of all of this I'm asking this-

Is there a good reason to have these holidays? Even when they don't actually do anything, or are utterly ridiculous, there is a holiday every day of the year. Is this just to make people feel better or something?


How would you save comic books?

Unfortunately, a lot of folks are convinced that the medium of comic books is dying, and I'm not sure I can completely disagree.





Say you are now in charge of Marvel or DC comics. You have complete control over who you hire, what books are written, etc. What changes would you make?

If you read the above articles, it may give you some ideas (really nice articles IMHO)

So how would you save the comic books?

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