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Flash Fact: Flashpoint has begun 0

The GoodThis is an interesting idea to put on this large of a scale, and I really want to see where they will take this. We got to see Barry's mom, which is something that has been a conflict in the recent Flash issues. And the differences between our DCU that we know and this one that Barry has found himself in are very interesting and I am excited to see them explored. I like seeing these new twists on classic characters, and the new characters and dynamics. Also Kubert's art on this is specta...

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Hellblazer #275, a truly Hellblazer wedding 1

We have finally seen John Constantine married! But as to be expected the wedding doesn't go over exactly perfect.  This was really a good issue, and we got to see some great old characters that we haven't seen in a little while, such as Gemma Masters, and Kit Ryan, and some great old enemies.This had a great little twist in it. It also had a little story building in it, and I was left with the feel we are going to be seeing a lot more Gemma. But it was great even if you aren't a long time Hellbl...

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Brightest Day #17 0

The Good   I really like the Boston's story that is developing. I was initially upset they brought him back (I mean he is (or was) Deadman) but I am loving him in Brightest Day. Definitely I good story, and I like the way it is going. The romance between him in Dove is good, and his story overall is developing well. The BadThe Hawkman and Hawkgirl portion of the story is kind of dragging on, it should have have been finished a long time ago. The fight on Zamaron wasn't very exciting, it could ha...

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Green Arrow: Year One 0

Very good story, I loved it! This was a great ending for this story. Overall, this was a good story, showing the change of Oliver Queen from a playboy millionaire to the Green Arrow. It showed how Ollie became less self-absorbed and started caring about "the little people". It had good villains and a great supporting character (Taiana). The art was fantastic, it was very nicely done and really fit for this story. It began by establishing Ollie for the self-absorbed playboy he was, using his mone...

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