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DC Reboot

This blog is a little late for being about the reboot but whatever. I have decided to drop DC altogether with the reboot. The guy down at the comic book shop tells me he thinks they were good, but I don't think I will try them. Maybe one day I will go back, but for now, nope.

So, I will just stick to Vertigo (which I am not completely leaving DC, as Vertigo is an imprint of DC). I love my Vertigo titles (particularly Hellblazer and Fables) and Vertigo is yet to disappoint. So, goodbye DC, (at least for now).


Jason Todd.... responsible for his own death?

Writers and editors have said that Jason's death was his own fault. Part of Dennis O'Neil's explanation to killing of Jason was because "He didn't listen to Batman when Batman told him to wait.". Yep, that makes it Jason's fault, or so reasons O'Neil.

 This is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me
 This is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me
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I will quickly refresh your memory/inform those who never knew the actual story of the death of Jason Todd in "A Death In The Family". Jason, disobeying direct orders from Batman, goes to a warehouse where he believes Joker is, and where his mother is, believing her to be in danger. His mother leaves the warehouse unharmed and approaches Jason. He talks to her, going to offer her help against the Joker, as Robin. His mother has Jason come with her inside the warehouse, telling him Joker is no longer inside. He follows her, but it turns out his mother had lied to him, and delivers him into the hands of the Joker. This is where the famous beating with the crowbar scene happens then, and then the building blows up (obviously without Joker inside), in fact his last act was throwing himself in front of the bomb, hoping to shield his mother. And Batman fails to reach Jason in time to save him.

Over the years this has been said to be Jason's own fault by writers and editors, because Jason disobeyed Batman. O'Neil has even said that Jason "in a way, got what he was asking for."  And though the actual decision of killing Jason was left to the fans (and supposedly one person said "yes" for Jason to die over and over, which is why Jason actually died), the writer on Batman at the time (Jim Starlin) had said "I wanted to kill off Robin as soon as I started writing Batman. The idea of taking a kid along to fight crime is ludicrous.", so actually it was pretty much part of the plan all along.

Question: Missing in Action

Where has everyone gone? 

I have noticed that sometimes characters will be planned for something, or in the middle of something, and then *poof* they're gone. There's no explanation, just gone.We won't see them again for a year or more, so... where did they go?
 Kid Eternity was left like this for a year....
 Kid Eternity was left like this for a year....
For example, Kid Eternity, okay, now he has been seen in Batgirl and then again in Teen Titans, but he was gone for quite sometime (about a year). And for those of you who don't know he was left, being kidnapped by the Calculator, but the Teen Titans don't even mention his disappearance. Then, about 1 year later, in Batgirl #12 it reveals the Calculator actually killed him... and it took to the most recent issue of Teen Titans (#92) for them to even think about it once again, when a robot of the Calculator shows Kid Eternity's death. He was last seen in Teen Titans in issue #74, 18 issues later the team finally finds out what happens to him, and he's dead.  
Jericho's last appearance 
Jericho's last appearance 
That's just one example (and that one has been resolved), another example is Jericho, who is still MIA. He was last seen in the Teen Titans Blackest Night tie-in (#77-78), when he tells his dad (Deathstroke the Terminator) he will join his new team. Well Deathstroke's team (The Titans) first appeared in the one shot Titans: Villains For Hire which came out in June of last year, the following month the team was seen monthly in Titans (#24 to current) but Jericho is yet to be seen more then a year later. 
So my question is; do the publishers just completely forget about these characters and leave us fans to wonder what happened to them till they do remember about them and decide to throw them into some random comic?

Letters once more

It's very exciting that we (as in DC readers) get to have letters in the comics again... it's been a while since they did this and it's cool to see it back! Of course if I were to write a letter it would say something about how I hate what they have done to the Arrow family (killing a 5-year-old?, chopping off Roy's arm?), that I would like to see Diana's original iconic costume back, that it feels like Brightest Day is being drug out more then necessary, and that I love DC Comics!


The Comic Book Shop

I just spent about an hour at my local comic book shop, talking with the manger down there about Hellblazer, and Batman, and general stuff. I had popcorn from down there and I had brought him no bake cookies... it was fun.



I just started getting the Hellblazer monthly, instead of just buying the graphic novels... I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. Oh well, I got all of they Bloody Carnations arc, it was good, & I am excited for the wedding issue.



I got good presents for Christmas, and had a good time with my family, but today I am incredibly tired. With leaves me with a question; why do 8-year-olds think it's a good idea to wake up at 5:30 to open presents? And then precede to annoyingly beg to go home while visiting family to play their new video games?