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The House of X is the world's largest mutant museum, education, and archeological complex. As mutants, we are a community of learning and the opener of doors. Join us on a voyage of discovery and explore the unknown history of the Children of the Atom.

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Fabled to have been built brick by brick from the soil up by the original Grayls, the innovative mutant museum was once an actual castle. Castle Graylskull was a fortified multilayer structure constructed to serve as the House of Grayl's regal landmark as they settled the land. Thanks to the cultural obsession which drives the eldest Grayl, it now serves as the Sword in the Stone's enterprising museum of mutant history. An aggrandized intelligentsia of sophisticated cultivation. Within its legendary halls the great and celebrity Grayl family lineage and other historical artifacts have been carefully amassed throughout the decades from every known corner of the Earth. And even a few from the not so well known one's.

The totality of exclusive antiquities and mysterious artifacts approximates a diverse collection of 160,000 esoteric pieces. As well as the World's first and only known attempt at a mutant historical timeline in hopes of finally uncovering the Earth's fully recognized Adam of the Mutant establishment which has earned the architectural masterpiece idiosyncratic and diacritical acclaim.

The House of X also exhibits never before seen paintings from exclusive mutant artists, sculptures, objects d'art, and archeological rarities lost or buried by early religious suppression.

Artistic and noble portraits line the castle's Heritage Hall visually illustrating the entire family line as well as displaying the hand carved marble statues of the underground brotherhood of nightmare slaying Grayls who were once tasked with the eradication of London's monstrous horrors which plagued its streets in the early 15th century.

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Pans Pillar

The former castle has continued to evolve through the generations with each succession not only guarding the castle's vast resources, but advancing the ever expanding fortification with wards, objects and incantations as the realms of magic and men continue to bleed into one another. One such example of this would be the castle's centerpiece, a monolithic column known as 'Pan's Piller.' An innovative piece of hybrid ingenuity. Part clock part experimental radar, Pan's Piller is rumored to have the ability to track and locate possible children of the atom. Its entire brass and copper inner workings remain visible to the naked eye. Enormous electrical wires tail off from its bass beyond the castle walls to a place unknown to all but the brothers Grayl.


Like mythological Greek gods of old, mutants captivated the imaginations of people of all ages. Their debut kicked off the golden age of evolution, and children of the atom have used their breathtaking powers to fight the good fight ever since. More and more mutants have emerged throughout the decades, protecting the Earth the work with their exploits, and their massive success in making the leap to fully recognized superheroes as they continue to push the boundaries of genetic evolution. The Sword in the Stone unwaveringly believes the Grayls were among the creators of the modern mutant template.

His gift for storytelling, with multi-dimensional details pertaining to the family's heroic deeds, thrill audiences around the world as they marvel at the historical influences of mutants.

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Jacob uses the House of X's publicized platform to speak out against bigotry and racism against his fellow mutant brothers and sisters. Reminding the woke of the endless atrocities set upon the children of the atom by their underdeveloped cousins, homo-sapiens. Who's fear, weakness and pension for violence have taken far too many mutant lives before their time. The House of X remembers those who have been senselessly killed for being different. Never forget. For the Culture.

The Swordsman
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One of the main features of the castle is the massive copper and gold Swordsman. Mythical protector of Great Britain. Fully adorned in his iconic armor, the sentinel acts as a gateway into the mote surrounding the castle. Further inside the main entrance, a large atrium with extensively restored statues and sculptures, premiere a certain pursuit of excellence and historical achievement. The Titan's arms are fully animatronic and wield the majestic broadsword, the Arctic Fang. As the myth goes the blade was forged from sacred arctic metals of the North and fabricated into a ceremonial cutlass.

The Dead Language of the First
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Prized above all, the DLF is an ancient scroll containing what could possible be an untranslated mutant alphabet used by the First Mutants.

Because of his intellectual prowess, the Sword in the Stone has created a one of a kind cypher allowing him to not only study the ancient text, but to translate and speak it as well.

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