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"I am the Sword in the Stone"

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General Stats
Real Name:Jacob Grayl
Aliases:Xman, Tru-X, The Unwritten Grail, Speaker of the Hidden Word, The Sword in the Stone
Public Identity:Public
Species:Child of the Atom - Mutant
Weight:220 lbs
Hair:Royal Gold
Birthplace:London, England
Family:The Grayls
Affiliations:The House of X Museum of Mutant History
Occupation:Archeologist, Entrepreneur, Historian, Thespian, Revolutionary


Origin (wip)


Child of the Atom

Optical Omnipotence

The evolutionary privilege provided by Jacob's x-gene have developed his eyes with both negative lenses and positive corneas, which have further endowed the Sword in the Stone with 100% accurate focusing by corneal accommodation. As both eyes are primarily independent, the eye that first detects targets, danger, and or, opponents, will guide the assisting accommodation in the other eye. So advanced are the corneal accommodations that they can be coupled.

Coupled vision meaning that both eyes independently can focus on the same object. When scanning the environment and in judging distance, vision and accommodation are uncoupled letting the eyes focus on different objects such as the environment and an opponent which grants unprecedented situational awareness far beyond the scope of any normal human being. Immediately before launching a strike the accommodation in both eyes can be coupled allowing them to focus independently on a specific area or uncoupled, allowing Jean to strike at an area while simultaneously aware of a de-evolving landscape, incoming attacks from varying other angles, or executing concurrently thrown strikes with ambidextrous authentication.

Jacob unmasked
Jacob unmasked

After 5 years in complete and controlled meditative isolation, Tru'X emerged with an unbelievable revelation. Where once it was believed that the source of his optical energy resided in an extra-dimensional plane of existence in which his eyes were connected, in essence acting as a gateway.

Equipment & Paraphernalia:

Neuro Headgear
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Due to the nature of Tru X's unique genetic disposition, cerebral implants communicate through the helmet activating any number of its unimaginable functions. None greater however then its constant and protected connection to The Last. The inception into the neo-digital world of bio-pharmaceutical evolution begins with a small Athrium implants spread throughout Jacob's cerebral cortex. It also acts as the internal housing unit for his precision designed Helmet.

A biosculpted assist-interface accessory transfers sensory input from the implant to the nervous-system, though premature usage has begun to weaken the muscles in the legs. The interface also controls the sim-sense experience of synthetic sentience & bonding. Maintaining a complex platform of interwoven relationships with the Child of the Atom's biology and microscopic technological nanites allowing the Last become Jacob's external avatar of technological protection.

The Last
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In a twist of ironic fate, Jacob, as a youth, recomissioned and established a shared a cybergenetic link with his own partially rebuilt Tsent v1 (a new model at the time) from the inoperable mutant prison camp Reservation X. It is the last of its kind. Hence the name, The Last.

The Last acts as not only a visual deterrent against possible and would be aggressors, but semi-sentient companion. A towering robotic war machine specifically designed to track, huntdown, and eradicate mutants. Pharmalithium, a biogentic transformable metal with alchemy blessed components acting as the Last's fleeting yet durable haul paneling. Exposed wearing and internal machinery add a haunting visual to this original bulky exoskeletal designs but still serves as an indomitable supplement for the Sword in the Stone's physical limitations.