Who can defeat Demonbane?

Who can defeat Demonbane?

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A lot of people think Demonbane is unbeatable and think hes on par with TOAA, so I though I'd make this thread to see who can beat him.


  • You are allowed to make a team of five characters or you can only use one if you want.
  • Your team is bloodlust.
  • Your team's morals are off.
  • Your team gets six months of prep time.
  • Battle takes place in space.

Characters you can not use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

  • The One-Above-All.
  • The Presence.
  • Man of Miracles.
  • Kami-Tenchi.
  • Both Pre Retcon Beyonder & Molecule Man.
  • Any Toon Force character (AKA guys like Bugs Bunny, The Mask, Popeye, Winsome Witch, etc).
  • The Original Azathoth.
  • The Great Evil Beast.
  • The Doctor from Doctor Who (Only because of his hype on this site).
  • Over-Monitor.
  • Anyone with the Heart of the Universe.
  • Elaine Belloc.
  • Bruce Almighty.
  • Morgan Freeman AKA God from Bruce Almighty.
  • Squirrel Girl.

If you use any of these character then you are disqualified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can use your own RPG characters (AKA characters you created) if you want.

So! who can actually beat Demonbane!!!!!!!!!!!!!