Nightjack cast (under construction)

Jack had just turned thirteen and had been at the A.F.S.P.C (Acadamy For Strange and Powered Cases) for almost a year. He tended to hang out with a few of the other kids in a small group calling themselves N.H. (Nightmare Heroes) They were others who had powers generally on or used on the darker side of it. Jack wasn't well known but some of them could feel his potential. The other kids in his guild were

Jessica Monroe.

Age: 13

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 101 pounds.

Hair: blonde. (Become red)

Eye: light blue. (Becomes black.)

Kind smile (becomes evil and sadistic)

Is not very restrictive with her powers. Can be violent. To those she likes she is quite kind.

She had the ability to manipulate light and dark in very unpleasant and unexpected ways. In addition to this she could empathically induce intense fear (or decrease it) to make her abilities even more terrifying. She was able to create shadow like creatures often with glowing eyes. To make all this even worse her own eyes turned completely black and her skin seemed to darken.

Larence Patrick.

A very deformed kid. Although not considered a mutant despite his superior strength and odd capabilities. He has hairy forearms but everywhere else seems to be bald. His left eye is partially covered with tissue but his right eye is not. He is forced to lean forwards because of a hunched back. His muscles are extremely strong but can also be twitchy. So while he can litteraly lift a van and throw it he can barely hold a cup still. They also bulge oddly making him appear even more deformed. His ears seem to hang and have holes in them. He has aurprising hearing and senses excepting pain which is very small. His mind is actually his most dangerous weapon. Although young he can easily calculate things that even master scientists need help for. He does it naturally and can figure out an opponents weaknesses mentally and physically in a moment. He does however tend to keep silent because of a thick tongue making speaking awkward.

Age: 12 (mentally mature)

Height: 6' (slouching)

Eyes: deep brown.

Hair: dark brown on forearms.

Ivan Smith.

The faceless.

Height: 5'11"

Age: 14

Eyes: skin colored behind lids that make it appear his eyes weren't even supposed to be there.

Hair: no head hair.


His abilities are mostly sensory. He can hear and smell nearly anything. His eyes can't see like ours but they do sense life forms and aparently magic as well. His effect abilities are these. He can move almost entirely in silence. Even a very attuned animal wouldn't hear him. He can replace tissue by making physic contact. He can withdraw poisens. He can change his clothing with a thought. While he can appear very frightening he is rather kind.

And Hared Cartridge.

Hared is the more violent one. He has an uncontrolled ability. When he touches anyone with his left hand it causes intense fear and pain. This has been known to pass even a strong telepaths barriers and is very difficult to fix. He can do the same with his right hand if he wishes. In addition to this he has increased speed and strength including health. He can move right under mach one in a speeblitz. He can lift 1.5 tons. He is a rather skilled combatant. Biggest weakness, he's foolhardy.

Age: 13

Height: 5'10"

Eyes: Crazy blue.

Hair: blonde.


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