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Alt: admirallogic. Venator_umbra.

Jack Knight:

Birth name: Jack James Pendragon

Alignment: If the result is good for someone he'll probably do it. Easily mislead

Allies: STRIKE.

Alias(s): Jack Franklin, NightJack, Jack'O'Lantern

Height: 6,1"

Age: 21.

Weight: various.

Eyes: Naturally a dark blue with stripes of light blue.

Hair: Redish blonde.

Identity: Unkkown

Species: Human. Mutant/ancestral powers.

Native to: America, texas.

Accent: Not any particular one. Although he only speaks English he can talk through his powers to anyone.All time abilities:

Telepathy: To use telepathy Jacks eyes glow. He can give mental suggestions which more resemble empathy as well as is able to communicate telepathically. Jacks telepathic defenses are admirable normally, though not impenetrable. This ability however is most often used to listen for thoughts. He usually does this instinctively, which allows him an enhanced awareness of things going on even though he doesn't usually hear specific thoughts. A strong enough mind, and clever enough one, would definitely be able to avoid his noticing their thoughts if they focused enough to do so.

Empath: This goes with his telepathy. It allows him to feel other peoples emotions, but mostly only the strongest ones. It primarily is used in conjunction with telepathy for an awareness of the situation, but by making physical contact with someone, or direct eye contact, he is often able to determine feelings more specifically.

Intelligence: IQ of 140-150. It's plenty enough for him to be clever and figure things out, but not quite enough to make him some invincible super genius. Although his IQ is rather high, his social understanding isn't always quite that good. He can have considerable difficulty dealing with overly social situations.

Archery: Jack is a fantastic archer, easily world class. But more importantly, his superhuman strength allows him to handle a bow far beyond what most could handle. And his ability to enchant makes this far more dangerous

Swordsmanship: Jack is extremely knowledgable in the use of the sword. Although he can use any sword, he specializes in the arming sword and broad sword. He has learned how to use this with absurd efficiency, speed, and coordination, that would astonish even some of the most well trained combatants.

Unarmed combat: Although he specializes in the sword, Jack is very competent in fighting without actually being armed. His ability to do so mostly relies on kicks which he would use even when wielding a sword. Thus allowing him to still incorporate his knowledge of sword-fighting into it.

Enchantments: Jack is able to enchant weapons he's wielding in order to greatly increase their durability and sharpness, as well as his strength and speed when using them. This allows him to turn even simple things into deadly weapons. He can also enchant things that he'll send away from his body such as arrows.

Muscle and nerves: Jack is superhumanly strong thanks to regularly turning into things with advanced muscular structures. Although not absurdly outside of the human range, he is very much able to bust concrete with punches, and his grip and pull are incredible. He also has a bit of a faster nervous system that allows him to act and react much faster then a normal person could, dodging arrows and a normal humans punches with ease.



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Nightjack is a combination of a few things, it has both Jack'O'Lantern and Jacks personality. Usually, Nightjack, is advising Jack on what to do. But on occassion he will take over completely.

NightJack possesses a variety of abilities. It also gains its powers from an ancestral power whereas Jack'O'Lantern comes from a mutant ability.

Magic: The most notable ability of NightJack is its potential for magic. It is both very capable of it as well as very resistant to its ill effects. However it's usually limited to enchantments, select curses, and certain elemental abilities.

Strength/speed: When transformed into Nightjack his muscular and nervous system become extremely altered. Not only do they become powerful enough to see things moving at mach 3, and can move fast enough to outpace a racecar and strong enough to send one flying across a field.

Eyes: Nightjacks eyes can see the ethereal realm. He is able to detect things that are invisible or even not entirely connected to this world. There is not a very good chance one can hide from his sight.

Ghosts aura: Nightjack gives off a chilling feeling to any near him. It often causes fear in both friend and foe, meanwhile making Jack extremely resistant to fear or pain. This same aura increases his defenses, allowing him to neglect typical blades and heal quickly from most wounds. This aura also places upon him a cloak that hides his identity and moves in an unusual fashion making it possible for him to hide and also far more difficult for anyone, or anything, to focus on him.

Magical ability:

Lightning: Nightjack can project lightning from his hands or sword and direct it at an individual. He is also able to redirect electricity that's been sent at him

Freeze: Using magic Nightjack can drain the thermal energy out of the air causing things to freeze. This is usually not deadly, but it can cause damage to weapons as well as will often slow down opponents.

Weapon summoning: Nightjack can summon almost any variety of weapon on call, however it will vanish the moment he isn't using magic as it's constructed entirely of magic. This does have its own advantages however, the weapons are extremely sharp and otherwise almost indestructible.

Curse: Nightjack is able to curse opponents during battle or even out of it. These curses typically act much like an illness or a parasite. It'll make one begin to feel slow and exhausted, and it will eat away at their flesh and energy. However this only works if the curse hits its mark, despite Nightjacks extreme magical strength, his curses are actually able to be defeated relatively easily. Even a typical shield or getting out of the way will be enough. However the slower the curse, the more likely it can follow one. But the faster the curse the more fragile it is. He may also apply a curse to a weapon in order for it to act like a poison if it cuts his opponent or hits another weapon.

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Unlike Nightjack, Jack'O'Lantern is the origin of mutation. But outside of that, is both more and less powerful then Nightjack.

Size shifting: When turned into Jack'O'Lantern he becomes significantly taller, normally at least 7'4". And from there he is often still able to increase in size. The tallest he has been able to reach is 22'6" tall. This height goes proportionally with his strength.

Strength: Even in its normal 7'4" form, the Jack'o'lantern possesses immense strength. It can flip tanks with one hand and will usually send its enemies flying by literally throwing them. This strength also helps increase its speed significantly, although not nearly as much as Nightjack.

Unkillable: The Jack'O'Lantern can be ripped apart, shot, caught on fire, even cursed, and it will still be able to function unless totally destroyed. Although it is almost impossible for Jack to heal outside of putting a limb or head back on in this form. And it's not actually very durable, but rather only as tough to break or damage as a human body. However it does have a very high resistance to impact damage.

Fire: As Jack'O'Lantern he can project massive amounts of fire from the pumpkin head, catch fire, or send it forth from the hands.