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I still feel new.....

I've been on comicvine for almost four years now and yet I still feel like a new guy....I still feel like everyone knows more and are more experienced viners even though I may have actually been here a lot longer than some of people on here,I still even get nervous when posting on forums and I don't think it'll ever go away I think I'll always feel like a new guy on here.....


First memory of a comic

I'm not sure how old i was but i was really young and on holiday.i got it a magazine shop and it was a issue of spider-man as i had watched the spider-man cartoon a lot and was familiar with him but much to my surprise i had absolutely no idea what was going on .I opened it up to find a blond man working as a chief who everyone called Ben and for some reason was spider-man despite not even having the right costume this completely confused me who was used to Peter Parker from the cartoon.I reread the comic over and over trying to see if i missed something but i couldn't find anything that explain why this other guy was spider-man after that i decide i wasn't wasn't gunna bother with comics and just stick with the cartoon.

Years later i found out (with the help of comicvine ) what the hell was going on.That i was just unlucky,that i just happen to pick one the few comics where Ben Reilly was spider-man couldn't believe my luck that I just happened to pick that one who knows if i had gotten one with Peter that could've been the start of comics for me instead of years later,the comic which was the sensation Spider-man no.10 wasn't even new at the time it was almost as old as me ! so why was it even there ! im just glad that my confusion over that first comic didn't put me off for life and i have to say thanks to comicvine for helping me.