I complete and grouped under the concept "La sagesse des mythes" toutes les series qui le composent. J'en ai créé une liste publiée.

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French series - Tome's works

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Around the age of twenty, after a quick stint at the Free University of Brussels where he simultaneously enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Journalism Section, and at the National School of Visual Arts in La Cambre ( cartoon, then graphic communication), Philippe Tome began a professional career as a comic book author, first as a collaborator with Dupa (Luc Dupanloup) as well as Philippe Turk and Bob de Groot. After meeting the designer Janry, Tome specialized in screenplay. Moving from Éditions du Lombard to Éditions Dupuis in 1981, he provided the magazine Spirou then directed by Alain De Kuyssche with a series of works (illustrations, various sections) before he was asked to write the scripts for the series Spirou and Fantasio, then hosted by Yves Chaland and the duo Nic Broca-Raoul Cauvin. He accepts this proposal. With Janry, he directed and animated the Spirou and Fantasio series from 1982 to 1998. In 1987, published by Dupuis, he created Le Petit Spirou. He graphically designed several characters from the series, including Mr. Mégot and Father Langélusse.

In collaboration with the designer Luc Warnant and his successor, Bruno Gazzotti, he participated in the development of the Soda comic series (Dupuis, 1987). With Christian Darasse, he collaborated on the series Le Gang Mazda (Dupuis 1991), and subsequently on Les Minoukini (Glénat 1998) as a screenwriter.

He also participated in Sur la Route de Selma (realistic drawings by Philippe Berthet 1991) published in the Aire libre Dupuis collection, as well as, with Dargaud, the New York trilogy Berceuse Assassine (drawing: Ralph Meyer).

Still for Dargaud, since April 2005, he inaugurates the launch of the “Cosmo” collection which is “at the crossroads of the three great comic book cultures” (Franco-Belgian, manga and comics) with two new series: Feux (with Marc Hardy drawing) and Rages (with Dan Verlinden).

Philippe Tome, with the designer Janry, obtained three Alph'Art at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in the “Youth” and “Humor” categories, for the Spirou and Fantasio and Le Petit Spirou series.

Most of the comics he writes have been adapted and translated into more than a dozen languages ​​in Europe and Asia, including English. Several have been the subject of adaptation or audiovisual projects.

Apart from Spirou and Fantasio already adapted for TF1, the Petit Spirou was brought to the screen in 2012 (RTBF / M6). An option for the adaptation of Soda was acquired in 2008 and renewed in 2012 by Chapter 2 and French director Nicolas Bary. The same director, with the production company "Les Partenaires", assumes the production of a live film adapting Le Petit Spirou for the big screen. An option contract was signed for the adaptation of Berceuse Assassine by Nicolas Duval.

He died on the night of October 5, 2019, in Watermael-Boitsfort. His disappearance was harshly felt in the world of comics5 and on the following November 6, Le journal de Spirou paid homage to him by releasing a special issue6.

Two posthumous albums were released in 2020: Rages (T1) then Death with Spectacles (Éditions Kennes).

List items

  • Two men set off to regain their dignity. One is too old, but armed with patience. The other is armed.

    U.S.A, East Harlem, New York. November 2005. Malcom "Malek" Brown is black, poor and Muslim. Released from prison, he survives in an America hostile to Muslims after having been hostile to "negroes".

    Alexander Birke knew the Shoah, he is old and passionate about chess. These two men who are completely separate will however meet in a chapel in Harlem, where the first is a surface technician and the second lover of Gospel.

  • In this imaginary country (but is it that much?) Populated exclusively by animals, everything opposes the North and the South, once at war and now separated by an impassable wall: the Titanium Curtain. On the one hand, the dictatorship, the persecutions; on the other, what appears to be Liberty, the Promised Land.

    In this bitter political fable, Saakhi and Jin, a couple of pandas, seek to reunite. But the futuristic world of An-Ahm is not the dream paradise. Following the death of Philippe Tome, Joël Hemberg will take over the script of this trilogy for the last two volumes.

  • Naturist of all stripes, here is your comic!

    What is a free beach? It is an idyllic place, bordered by coconut palms, where people come and go in the simplest device ... The main activity is to do nothing under the sun; not next to it; not anywhere: exactly just below ...

    The inhabitants of this haven of nonchalance are called the Minoukinis. They live without clothes, without schedules, without constraints, and above all without complexes! They approach the most wacky situations casually and liven up their days by chatting over a drink. Nothing disturbs them, nothing hinders them. You will discover in their company the pleasures and joys of permanent holidays, placed under the sign of laughter ...

    They left everything: the city, the work, the stress, the pollution, the rain, the cold, the shoes, the socks, the pants and the underpants ... They are the Minoukinis, people like you and me but who, one day, decided to take a one-way ticket to paradise! Naked like the first man, they live on fruit, fresh water, love and humor!

  • "Le Petit Spirou presents" is a new collection parallel to that of "Petit Spirou".

    Each volume brings together the best gags with a major character from the series. It is therefore a compilation of boards already released in album.

  • Dinosaurs ... They are powerful. They are feared. They rule the Earth.

    Yet ... and this will not be the least of surprises ... They have a language, a god and even a civilization! This is Ogunn, the empire of reptiles.

    But, one morning, a star falls from the sky announcing its annihilation. This star is a woman. This star is called "LIGHTS". Here is his story ...

  • Telenko, taxi driver in rotten neighborhoods full of people who are even worse, goes to see his doctor. He has tachycardia. He is not doing well but that does not prevent him from doing his job anyway.

    He is married to Martha they both hate each other. She has had to use a wheelchair since her accident.

    Joe would like to divorce ... but as Martha says, who refuses: "You can't divorce a woman on a wheel". Joe, who listens to his heart stop from time to time then thinks of killing her ...

  • In the early 1980s, three comic book authors moved into a former garage together. They want to take advantage of the emulation of group work and help each other.

    Bernard Hislaire ("Bidouille et Violette" then "Sambre"), Marc Michetz ("Kogaratsu") and Christian Darasse ("Zowie" and "Sin Glass"). Darasse, for fun, draws the vagaries of their daily life by caricaturing their respective personalities. Thus was born "The Mazda Gang".

    The trio's gags first take place in their own milieu: that of comic book creators. Marc, the lunatic, Bernard, the narcissist, and Christian, the slacker / flirty always broke, settle in the workshop, discover the difficulties of living together. The delirium on top of that.

    Volumes 4 to 7 are scripted by Tome.

  • Polar "American" taking place in the south of the USA, privileged place of racism ...

    On the road to Selma is a black thriller. Tight and strong like an espresso, black like the skin of Clement Brown, the hitchhiker.

    Clement returns to Selma, his hometown, Alabama. Soaked in the downpour, he gets into the first car which agrees to take him, even if it is not heading in the right direction. The young woman who drives, Tracy Lee, has just left her husband. This Clement ignores and he does not care. They fall asleep together in his motel, but a phone call home tells Clement that he's going to need a lot of money to get his brother out of jail. Precisely, Tracy Lee had a large sum with her. Clement runs away with the young woman's money.

    But his whole life has gone in the wrong direction. Tracy had had the bad taste to marry Franck Lanski, a weakling whose older brother, Kyle, is a real violent freak. She also had the bad idea to befriend a black man. So when she leaves, everything changes. Kyle coldly shoots down the alleged guilty lovers, Tracy and her black friend.

  • The hero is none other than Spirou but a child. He already has the costume, and especially the playfulness of it.

    The little spirou is surrounded by a good group of friends (Vertignasse, Boule de gras, Suzette), a rogue grandfather and a mother (his father is totally nonexistent).

    This little band of friends goes to school surrounded by Mademoiselle Chiffre, prof. super sexy math that all students are in love with, Mr Mégot, alcohol-smoking sports teacher and Abbot L'angelusse responsible for all these beautiful people.

    Spirou has a childhood as eventful as his life as an adult (even if the first concern at this age is sex !!!).

  • "They call me SODA, but my real name is Solomon, David Elliot Hanneth Solomon."

    "If she knew, my mother would probably tell you that I am a police officer, but in New York, there are no police officers, just cops. Anyway, she doesn't know, that would worry her, she m 'has always believed a pastor ... Since last year, she lives with me; she never goes out and does not read the newspapers which are full of violence. "

    "It's not bad: the guys I stop are sometimes a little dead ..."

  • Famous journalists, intrepid explorers, sagacious detectives and happy friends, Spirou and Fantasio, particularly gifted for adventure and for laughter, have always aroused the enthusiasm of millions of readers.

    We follow in many volumes our two heroes accompanied by their squirrel, Spip. Each volume tells an adventure ...

    Stories always end well, the bad guy loses and the good guys win, ... although sometimes ...

    Volumes 33 to 46 scripted by Tome.