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The wedding of Jean and Cyclops--- How beautiful :) 0

I love this issue! It's just sooo great to get to see two lovers finally get married..... and yeah I know before I was like OMG jean needs to be with wolverine, and cyclops with psylocke, but honestly these two have been together for soo long and they are meant to be together! This issue shows them being very nervous, and Professor x himself a little nervous!It's great to see them getting married and kissing :P BUT it's sad that now she's gone and their vision and dream are ruined! and Emma is w...

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This issue was a little too much in one time... 0

I am really liking the storyline with the Messiah Complex, and this issue helped make the storyline much better than last issue! but I have to admit the new x-men was a little too sour in this issue... what I mean is that I got REALLY annoyed by Surge! like is she on her monthly in this issue lol??? Well yeah she is pissed (and starts yelling at Professor X, I mean she has some good points but still it's called respect!) and yeah she wants to hunt the purifiers, most of the new x-men agree to go...

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Magma--- ExPoSeD 0

This issue was very interesting, especially for the mutant Magma...Basically Cannonball, Warpath, and Firestar go to Nova Roma (Homeland of Magma) to tell her about the deaths of the Hellions, but yeah that's not the problem when they get there......... At the end all of them (including magma) learn that Nova Roma is a lie and never existed like that--- it was all from Selene's fun play........Overall this issue was pretty interesting especially for learning that Magma has a fake past! And also ...

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Jean dies....... AGAIN!! 0

Okay this issue was another emotional issue and the death of Jean again.. as the x-men are fighting (basically a death battle) with Magneto, Jean becomes the Phoenix....... as the fight is ending, she slowly is dying and says the most emotional thing to Cyclops... I think it was like Scott I've left you too many times and said something like he should find someone else to love.... OMG that made me wanna cry! lol she loves him soo much that she wants him to find someone who can give him love and ...

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Revanche is gone :(---- but Psylocke lives! 0

This issue was another one of those X-drama issues! I don't mean it in a sarcastic way, bc this issue was still pretty good! So basically Psylocke and Angel fight evil (and very annoying) Spiral and then later Psylocke goes to Japan and sees Matsuo who talks to her and he soon was going to commit suicide, but Psylocke convinces him that it's not worth it...... at the end Psylocke throws away the bionic eyes and talks to Angel!This issue was kinda a refresher from the last issue, like the book is...

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So much with so little time! 0

So this issue has a lot to do with the Psylocke/Revanche mayhem, and also some with Cyclops....I would have gave this issue a higher rating, but it had a few confusing spots that just made me scratch my head! So Psylocke is in Japan with Gambit, and she soon finds out things about her past and becomes really angry! For Cyclops, he visits his grandparents and talk about sending his son to the future (this part was not as exciting as the Psylocke/Revanche part).... But the end is where a lot of th...

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Love this series! 0

Let me start off by saying I'm VERY thankful of buying this issue! At first I was kinda like whatever, but then one day I'm like that looks like it would be a good series, and this issue deff proved that it was indeed a good series :). The characters in this team are pretty cool!The characters include Black Cat (Before this series I never really liked her, but after reading this issue and beyond I really like her, she's pretty cool and cute!) , Shang Chi (LOL he's like one of the two guys, but I...

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Dust "dusts" her way in :P 0

This issue was pretty unique from the average x-men issue..... The x-men go to Afghanistan to rescue a mutant with a very powerful power... to manifest dust and become dust...... and her power is pretty strong bc she can kill ppl if she wanted to.... but she is very innocent, and thanks to the x-men, she was saved and taking back to the Xavier Institute.This issue was deff a likable issue, bc there really wasnt any boring spots, and the comic debuted a new and mysterious character-- Dust---- Thi...

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Hellions rock my socks! 0

I love this issue! FINALLY JUSTICE for the new x-men hellions! They were portrayed in new x-men: academy x as cold hearted students, who were possibly evil (!?!) yeah i never thought that but they portrayed them as being like that! GRRR, that's one reason I love this issue!I also like how they aren't out for a mission, but are out for vacation-- but nevertheless ends with a little bit bitter but sweet......... I also have to admit I really like the characters in this team/and issue......Like Dus...

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Best death of a mutant issue by far! 0

This issue literally made me wanna cry! lol I usually don't get that emotional with deaths in comics, but this death really touched my heart, especially with Kitty and Jubilee crying and mourning about Illyana's death... It's just the mood of the story is very well presented and realistic, and shows how Illyana dies from the legacy virus (like a disease)Also, I like how this issue shows x-men are humans too and don't fight 24/7 (meaning mutants don't just die from fights, but also other causes) ...

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X-corps!?! crazy idea! 0

First off, this issue was pretty awesome! M, Jubilee, and Husk (the gals of Generation x) are back in a group called the x-corps, with some former brotherhood members (like blob) who have their own superhero group..... I liked the idea until i realized the former brotherhood (like mystique) was in the group..... Anyways I like how the issue revolves on the generation x group for a little bit, kinda showing where they were after the disbandment of the group....... Chamber was offered to join, but...

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Emotional roller coaster for KITTY! 0

I have to say that this issue was pretty good! Its just the fact that this issue shows the morals and the intelligence of the x-men! first, Storm and Wolverine were smart to not just buy that the dead body was Kitty, for they were suspicious and didn't jump to conclusions, and they are lucky they didn't bc she still was alive!!!And I have to admit that I never really was fond of Kitty until this issue! She is truthful in the sense that if she makes a promise she'll stick to it... and i can't tot...

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Dazzler--- a secret jewel! 0

Wow! I can't believe the first issue was awesome! That means i need to buy 41 more dazzler issues :PI totally underestimated this issue, and this issue was pretty great! I mean focusing on a struggling singer who is trying to be independent, and is very pretty, livin life as a mutant! Her past really made me sympathize her! I mean she just wanted to sing, and her mutant power not so much held her back, but her father.. and she went into law, but then soon went to reach her goal and be a singer.....

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Loving this series! :D 0

Wow what can I say! This was a fun issue! Action packed! First the new mutants (not Moonstar) are out to the mall havin fun, until they run into trouble! wow it was crazy how the police chased them.. and yeah they got out finally, but had to fight..... SENTINELS.... and when they get back to the mansion...... Moonstar on the floor hurt..... they thought (so did I) that she was in the danger room, but she says she wasnt........ i'm confused but will find out the next issue :Panyways I like the wr...

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Ehh... it was GOOD 0

I like the Messiah Complex so far... but it's starting to become less adventurous and isn't AS exciting as it was before... don't get me wrong i'm still loving the storyline so far, but the 1st part was soo good, and the next two parts weren't as good..... I mean this issue overall was good, but my expectations were HIGHERIt was great to see the x-men in action (lol love how Wolverine breaks into the hospital!) but it was kinda a "Laid Back" issue...... I mean they were just getting ready for t...

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A spice of the x-men universe - a dash of comedy= X-statix! 1

WOW let me start out by saying that this series seriously looked so pointless, but I had to get the issue to prove it.... and I WAS WRONG! it was pretty good and kinda funny! lol it's funny how they're mutants, actors, and are trying to be a team at the same time lol nice....... All the characters in this roster have diff personalities...... like Orphan being all emotional.... while the rest are pretty laid back.. and Dead Girl is pretty cool, and I LOVE Venus Dee Milo! She seems pretty cool and...

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I like this team and title! :D 1

Wow I usually am kinda weary when x-men makes new teams-- but this team is pretty cool! and their mission-- to get Destiny's diaries-- is pretty cool especially since we get to see them travel..... yeah so basically they go to Spain--- and run into TROUBLE :O! well yeah The story flows pretty good with all the action, but has it's low and high points in the comic-- not so much consistency... but the team seems to be pretty cool with each other... lol especially Psylocke and Thunderbird ;)! And k...

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Good issue--- But not too much action 0

Let me just start by saying that the Messiah Complex is taking a really good turn in the x-men comics! I enjoyed this comic as whole, but my issue was just a few things.... like u don't see the baby, purifiers....... but u do see the Murderers fight Wolverine and other x-men.... but still it was kinda minor in this issue... And cyclops was getting all angry (he needs to get his blood pressure checked) at Professor X....... but yeah it's pretty interesting to see how the x-men are handling this s...

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The new x-men are back.... but are soo much cooler this time! I have to admit the first team was too much into drama and seemed sort of clicky..... now the team is pretty diverse and cool! I mean now X-23, Dust, Rockslide, Hellion, AND Mercury will be much more focused on....... I have to admit that i was really sad and kinda mad that soo many of the new x-men lost their powers! I mean some were happy, but others had it so long that they were attached to it.... AND EMMA IS A BITCH (sorry fans) b...

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OMG this is sucha a good graphic novel..... LET ME FIRST START OUT BY SAYING that this was a bitch to find! It took forever to find, but i finally found it, but i wanted the first print, yeah took longer but FINALLY got it :D ! anyways it was WORTH IT! This story was soo cool bc the new mutants are finally born! First, Moonstar living with her Grandpa, has trouble with her powers, sunspot in Brazil, Wolfsbane in Scotland, saved by Moria.... And also Karma!!.........and then Cannonball in the Sou...

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Penace is krazzy! 0

This issue kept the storyline flowing pretty well! I really have to admit that the writer of generation x is pretty smart! okay the story starts out peacful, with Jubilee chillin, husk and skin playing scrabble (calling each other offensive names lmao- like hick, loser...)anyways, ALL OF A SUDDEN.... PENANCE escapes...... So the generation x MUST find her......I liked this issue because it admitted that she wasn't evil, she just wants to survive... and also she can't speak! that's soo sad :(The ...

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BEAUTIFUL ART--- Can't say the same for the plotline...... 0

WOW can i just say I am soo geeked for X-men to have reached 100!!!! YAY! well the covers really hyped me up! they were just awesome..... but i feel like the art was focused on too much on this issue, and yeah basically the plotline was really borrring.... just the x-men getting all together and ready for battle... i can't even remember the plotline bc it was kinda boring.... But yeah so the x-men are going to battle..... well usually comics dont take that long for me to read, yeah this one took...

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WHAT ever happened to....... SUNSET GRACE!? !!!! 0

Okay this issue was definitely an unusual issue--- but overall I liked it! First off, Jean Grey and Cyclops FINALLY get married--- and they go for an adventure...--- yeah that turned out well lol.... well anyways they encounter sunset grace who has a very complex power (makes rifts or something) Oh yeah and this is the first appearance of Sunset Grace (shes a oneshot character! why does marvel do that!) .... well anyways the issue was pretty interesting learning about Sunset Grace's past and pow...

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I loved it-- but it's pretty useless now! 0

Wow when i got this issue-- Im like I love it to the max! this issue DID rock for it had all the new x-men teams, characters--- and in depth bios....... new x-men characters we barely knew about are now shown with info......... like Anole and Pixie and Preview........ but here comes the parts Im like R U SERIOUS! for example Y would they reuse art... like for Dust's bio they used her pic from new x-men: Hellions #2 (cover) not a new pic! and the part that bugs me badly is Y couldn't they have p...

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Sit back and relax with this fun filled issue! It definitely gives you a break from all the mayhem comics give, and this give you a peek at the life of generation x!"The Big Game"- HILARIOUS! lmao it's funny to watch M and Skin play against each other, it's a pretty good story! "Banshee's Angels"- WOW! I love this idea! SPIES with M, HUSK, AND JUBILEE! y didn't marvel ever think of this before! i love it love it love it! I really wish Marvel could expand on making a SPIES series with these thre...

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A X-men MUST issue! 0

I always love seeing X-men reach -00 comics because it really shows how far the series really has went! Well I'll first start out by saying LOVE the Finch cover because it shows like all the X-men members (past and present) on it (Like Revanche, Jubilee, Thunderbird...)Anyways this issue was MUCH better than i Thought it would be! When i read the preview of the issue I was like wtf?!? lol but after reading the issue it was pretty good! It really made me want to get the next issue! It's sad thoug...

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What a silly issue :P 0

This issue intertwines comedy (satirical) with action... it mixed pretty well! I love Obnoxio, but LOVEEEE the new character (Or should i say ONE SHOT character) Eye Scream! lol he is awesome-- even though he was evil and tried to break into the x-mansion, his powers r sooo unique that i don't know what mutant has such an abstract yet simple power--- he can change into any flavor of ice cream he WANTS YUMMM! lol well the storyline was a little annoying at times when seeing obnoxio get caught in ...

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New Mutants--- the fun beginning :D 2

This issue launches the New Mutants---- DRAMA! This issue includes fights, hurt feelings, which basically shows that the mutants aren't just at the academy to improve their powers-- but to improve teamwork also.Kudos to Wolfsbane, she definitely showed maturity, when she talked to Moonstar after moonstar accidentally used her powers and Karma--- yeah Karma told Moonstar she's gunna kill her for that... yikes!Anyways the issue has a little action, and a ending which makes you want the next issue!...

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Woah! What a psychological issue! 0

This issue was seriously like watching someone being interviewed by a psychologist! The issue overall was alright, but the damn cliffhanger saved it all and makes me HAVE TO READ the next issue :PWell anyways some of the interviews of each mutant was interesting--- some boring (Rictor..) and some crazy (Monet and Siryn) which were just a rollercoaster--- Monet saying she wanted to commit suicide (DUDE this shows u can be beautiful and smart-- and still have problems!) I really like her, and it s...

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A great start to a great series! 0

Wow where can I start?! This issue basically starts off whats to come to the Generation x series. This issue didn't have much action, but definitely had a promising plot line and has a good cliffhanger at the end-- PENANCE :O Another great thing about this issue is that it is open to any readers- New or old readers. Also, it was great to meet new characters, like Monet (she's pretty sweet, but may seem a little snobby), Husk (She's pretty nice), Chamber (Mysterious!), Skin (He's cool too), Synch...

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