Favourite series/ runs in my humble opinion. A mix of old and new.

List items

  • Great series, great art, great characters and amazing dialogue !

  • Hooked from the get go. To my mind the best display as Batman in this series is not without fault and shows vulnerability as well as his steely determination and strength.

  • I never cared for Wonder Woman until this run. One of my current favourites!

  • Enjoyable, engaging, excellent and entertaining. This series is just amazing. To me it earns the right to be called epic.

  • To me this made me fall in love with these characters, to my mind one of the best examples of Deadpool and Psylocke characterization at its finest.

  • Just a legendary run. One of the great turnarounds of a previously third rate character into something more. Also Sinestro !!!

  • Brilliant concept, great writing and great characters. Wish more comics that focused on the people impacted by super heroes could be this well written and engaging.

  • Higgins writes a mean Dick. The fact that this series is ending soon is a travesty.

  • I am only saving my praise for Jeff Lemire and Sorrentino's work , phenomenal and breathtaking since issue 17.

  • Absolutely loved this series. Why oh why can't they make the Titans what they once were ?

  • Such a surreal and visceral book. Highly recommended reading in my view.

  • Fairly recent run but every page has been absorbing, a bit early but having read work by Rucka before I know this will be epic.

  • Started off great, slowed down for a bit and is picking up steam once again.

  • I know it's a mini-series but just.....damn it was beautiful.

  • Read it as a child just a fun read. Also the City of Assassins arc was worth the price of admission alone.