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writters and artists I would want to work with before I die revisited ?

writers and artist I wish that one day I would get the chance to work with on almost any one comic title or web comic title or even a graphic novel just once before i DIE !

but you may say only in my dreams you silly web cartoonist dream teams on a projects are only for seasoned vets and up and coming newbies who are already doing comics for the big two .

well this is my list of people who I would die to work with on any comic project they may have in mind . ( this counts for ongoing titles -uncanny x-men , batman , detective comics , action comics ,amazing spider-man etc. ) or one -shots or graphic novels ( Dark Knight Returns , Wanted , Kick-Ass , Hell boy etc) or mini -series or web comics ( freak angels or my current new title the Valkyrie quartet ) or something of their own creations ! my delusion of grandeur if you will . now don't let me spoil that for you now please look and see for your self the awesomeness of the writers and artist who I would kill to work with ....and the players are ....

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  • pure genius ( made comics fun again ) he could and can possibly write every comic-book/manga today . and maybe a few web comics too .

    this man is the reason why I decided to go into the world of web comics .

    just because he creates things that seem unimaginable and just out right weird and strange . and does not look back when it is all said and done his work is fun and energetic and filled with life .it would also be an honor to draw any story arc for this man (even if it is a set of covers )

  • the innovator of re inventing and creating something new that will last forever even after we are pass away from this earth . also his work is introspective and smart witty . alan moore is many things to people , others see him as one of the most innovative and brilliant idealist of our time . others see him as an idealist past him prime whos Ideals seem to only matter when certain individuals see them as gold . but me personally see Alan Moore as a man who in many ways (and still does ) influences me as a web comics creator today . now from my exposure to Alan`s work I was always was able to get from his ideals that anything could happen and that it will change your past ideals on how comic book plots were told , still to this day . lets see his list of achievements he

    ( re-imagined and brought a new spin on swamp thing and made the character more than an one trick pony , he re-imagined & expanded the British captain marvel pastiche Marvel man/ Miracle Man into something much more greater than it`s original concept as an American homage/rip off .but he made it mean something.

    and his critically acclaimed creations being watchmen and V for Vendetta are ones I look at as the comics That inspire me to love comics from the 80s (words cannot describe my good thoughts on this but it`s true ) anyways it would also be more than an honor to work with this man in some capacity : pencils for a cover or an mini-series or even a maxi-series . I am very aware he writes extremely detailed scripts but i am willing to dive in (if given the chance ) but that is something I would think about from time to time whenever I draw a page for my web comic . the challenge always has been would I ever be good enough to work with the greats in my life time . who knows but all I can say is I give thanks to Alan Moore three cheers for (the creation of vertigo , watchmen v for vendetta , his run on Wild C.A.T.s and many many other things we as aspiring creators writers/artist and even fans and readers take for granted ) so this is my thoughts on this man here ( the true harbinger of the modern age !)

  • another one of my artistic heroes ( another I strive to be just as good if not on pair as in terms of style very flashy style at least ) other than that my hero pure and simple . oh and he gave spider-man really big eyes and made him very wiry now that's the spider-man I grew up with ( comic wise ) have spider-man #1 from his first run on his own title . one of my top 20 of comics I love . wish I could work with him one time before I die .

  • always something new ( the savage dragon first and far most ) AND his spider-man work from the early 90s is to me simply the stuff of legend .( well to me anyways ) his art style is one I always wanted to emulate when I was a kid (and still do at times ) but his work is quirky ,frighting and fun . I will say this it would be an honor to draw a variant cover for this guy heck even a mini series would make my day ( even if I was souly doing pencils ) it would all be great . over all this man is also my artistic hero just because he sticks to his own creation and manage the flow of it as to what he desires it should be without compromise . a true example of do it yourself comic creator can do it right and do it well . that is why he is number four on my list . and savage dragon and his eccentric cast is a treat to read on a rainy day .

  • his artwork reminds me of a Crystal Castles song called pap smear .( no offense to anyone reading and likes the band ) but his line work is very clean and very straight foreword as in terms of storytelling . great story teller in my view (crystal clear ) and love freak-angels .

  • cynical but I can live with that and gave us the gift that keeps on giving the authority , also his freak angels work is continues to become one of my favorite web comics to date , his style of writing is more along the lines of unconventional and a little bit more of witty mirror of our world and how technical advances or genetic could either save us or damn us . the scale of his concepts are the ones that I admire and wish that few others writers could take a few notes in executing in modern comics today . (his non-superhero work is interesting enough to take a little more seriously . ) but that us what I think other than that he too is another writer/idealist who helped defined our modern view on comics in some way or another . ( I would work on a one shot with this guy ,heck even if it`s a 8 page back up story I would be fine with that )

  • a true story tell who embraced the art form and found something all his own with a mythical since for the Victorian Gothic fantasy style of writing ( inspires me to try a little bit harder when it comes to writing my own yarns .(also without this guy and Alan Moore first and far most we would not have the modified early version of marvel man . or his signature creation sandman .

  • another great artist who uses mood to his advantages (but his early 90s work was very gritty and heavily stylized ) but it satisfied my Gothic fancy but I only wished he did more creator own work but that's my view but really I really enjoy his art and style (even his newer style is more solid one of late ) other than that I believe anyone other than myself should or would enjoy his art ..ah the 90s such a great time for artist .

  • my favorite artist with a quaky style that makes you look twice and leaves you wanting for more . examples (New X-MEN, The Authority , We3 , batman & robin) fine art in my book .

  • now his style is one of the most interesting to me just because he just creates something new as he goes along ( in a way he never draws the same way twice ) and that's a good thing he gave kick-ass its signature look to set it apart from his contemparies out to day , his style is something special . that's all I have for now but I really really like it a lot !

  • one of my top favorite writers just because he makes comics exciting and full of life despite the things that follow after-words in his comics but over all a great writer and daring idealist .

  • his style reminded me of frank millers but was just a little bit more darker almost futuristic in nature . over all enjoyable in my humble opinion . loved the fall from grace arc in daredevil vol 1 one of the first daredevil comics I ever read back in high school . another person I wish I could draw just as good as a bench mark if you will .( for drawing comics )

  • just simply daring as in terms of writing and art . give noir a good name .simply cool . his art style is what further influence the way I draw my own comics today . the simple use of Black and White , the use of Ninja`s and the cinematic way he told a story . also it was because I saw the movie Sin City (more times than I can count ) and own various loose collections of his non batman work (and also the essential Dark Knight Returns and Batman :year one )anyways it would be a pleasure to work with the man (on at least one project in my life time ) but other than that I admire the man and his ideals ( even if others do not see the good in everything he does ) other than that I feel that it all be very worth it . heck even if he is crazy it`s better than being sane and boring like some of the other writers today (but that is what I think )but he too is one of my creative heroes still living today ^_^

  • I grew up on his version of batman on the former animated series from the early 90s (also including the superman :animated series and the justice league with the inclusion of unlimited and batman beyond to boot ) anyways I always loved his art style because he shows you that you can do more with less and my thing is I wish he had did some marvel animation work ( with some comic book work behind it ) but I love the way he makes the very detailed comic charater and break it down and keep it simple for the rest of us . a great artist in my book .

  • and this guy is a true innovator in the world of fantasy painting .its truly spell bounding , something you just can`t take your eyes off of . but I always asked myself what would happen if Boris also drew and painted a book like daredevil or tank girl or even kick ass , and how would that look like ? mum an interesting dream but then that's like saying if Jim lee would draw peanuts eh or aqua teen hunger force or even super jail but I am only dreaming ....

  • her paintings make me question my own perception of fine art sometimes

    but it only makes me wonder if what would happen if she did a solid run on either a mainstream book like uncanny x-men or an indie book like tank girl (not just doing cover work oh no I am talking about interiors the whole 9 yards . it would be interesting to see her paint tank girl fighting of ash Williams to the death .

  • his style of painting is one of true perverse beauty . love his doom patrol covers and lobo work . its a style I would like to try to paint like for at lease one time . I want to work with this guy at lease once . well time will only tell eh .

  • an original talent in his own right his art speaks volumes even without lettering . very gentle very quiet , not so much with the Kirby like word breaking fourth word but much more like real world earthy this could happen feel . one of my other favorite artist as well .

  • without this guy there would be no V for Vendetta . I will call his style British noir . my new favorite style .

  • thank you for creating dead pool and your many other fantastic creations from that bye gone era that was called the 90s you rock ! this man is another inspiration on me today too . why you ask , here is why no matter how bad people say his art is ..he still has this superhuman like force of will to just forge on and still do what he loves (and he is wildly creative ..if a little derivative ..still creative ) anyways what touched me about this man is that he is still in the game ( ignoring all negative criticism and just not letting it get him down and just live his life and make comics ) I do envy some people who get the chance to work with him but I understand why . he just simply is (he is not perfect ..he is human over all ) but he does have a unque style and way of drawing things ..it`s not the best in the world but he is the most prolific that I know of . and to me it would also be an honor to work with him (one day before I am grey and old ) but one day , think he would even agree to draw the variant cover for me ^_^ (I would be just as happy all the same )besides he created the character of supreme (in which later Alan Moore improved greatly but still it would be great to work with him ) heck maybe even a cross over would be nice . at least I would have a authentic 90s style crossover to add to interesting things that had happen in my life to tell my kids .

  • its wonder the way he writes and draws bleach that this guys has any time to branch off and do something over in America with some indie company for like one issue of an not so well known comic and turn it around for the better . but his art style is very clean and line work is very fine almost razor sharp ( if only other mainstream comic artist could do this without color and make it look sexy ) but for me personally he is great storyteller and all around innovator using the tools of his trade . ( his manga bleach is a mixture of whats missing in comics and regular animated features to day in America today and that is a unique and sometimes daring style with a lot of substance .

  • his body of work is the best written work I have ever read in a long time . first Clive barker related work I have ever seen was the movie hellraiser ,but in my opinion the novella the hellbound heart . then I had read his books of blood anthology and then his graphic novel collections of the hellraiser series . everything he writes is great ( well at lease in my mind ) I would draw for him in a heart beat . if given the chance to at lease for one graphic novel or one shot comic . my favorite writer .

  • his style alone makes a generic looking superhero look something mythic and breath taking plus he created Betsy Braddock and drew part of batman:year two . and co created Excalibur , also helped Alan Moore make marvel man cool back in the early 80s before I was born . a fine art master well at least in my mind .

  • words cannot describe how I feel about his style (both in terms of writing and art ) but in some strange mystical balance of the universe his art style (says to me :you can be fast and loose with pencils and draw things in the way you feel abut it instead of using a preset rules and guidelines of figure drawing all while giving it a sketch spur of the moment style :which far as I know nobody else has to day . and loved his work on x-factor during fall of the mutants and inferno crossovers and his mighty Thor work is something no one could pass up ) a great style to aspire to , lastly his body of work is massive and it looks like no else has put out this kind of work for a long time .

  • she is a wonderful writer and her works are the also the stuff of legend(as far as I am concerned ) without her we would not have well written tomes like her run on x-factor ,superman:man of steel, new mutants and many many others . but for me it would be a dream come true (even if it was one two issue run on either a creator owned comic or an established title like new mutants or even a graphic novel )but we all have dreams right just mine are ones many few mortals have set and very few have succeeded. and mine would be to work with the woman who help led killed superman ! ( its a wonder she has`tn been inducted into the superman revenge squad or the legion of doom . )

  • his style ( is a crazy cross between a saturday morning cartoon line work mixed with something very soulful and meaningful at the same time ) without this guy (who also helped in the fall or death better yet of the man of steel )without that we just would not have the character known as john Henry irons also known as steel. it would be nice to draw a one-shot (or at lease layouts for the guy ) but one must dream right .

  • his art style alone is razor sharp and fine ( another I admire from afar artistically ) one of my other heroes in comics and gave us the gift of witchblade and cyberforce .

  • without this guy the x-men would still be in re-prints to this very day .

    he actually made the x-men truly outcast ( and made their adventures more of an life or death epic battle of wills ) he was another who ushered in a new wave of storytelling back in the early 70s to 80s up until the tail end of his original run in the early 90s . his x-men are the x-men I truly remember the most because of his layered plots and extreme character development and giving the team`s various members rich detail in each of their backgrounds and motivations . My only wish would be to pencil at lease a chapter of x-men forever 2 but that is only an dream or delusion of grandeur that only one like myself would have .

  • a wonderful letter and penciler

    really writes and draws a mean web comic !

    also he lettered kick ass !

    so on the list for merit .

  • like his style a lot just for these simple reasons ( Tank Girl and the gorillas) also doom patrol . and that his style just jumps at you and bitch slaps you in the face and says... London calling

  • love his cover work and his collaboration on the killing joke with Alan Moore .

    always asked myself by way of his drawings does he ever see the world like that .

    but it would be nice to work with this guy on a graphic novel with Alan Moore or grant Morrison .(you know something like an art house coffee table book called the

  • the most dynamic artist I only know that can put the WIDE in wide screen . damn I wish he did web comics (say freak angels for one good run) but you cant pick your comic book projects can you eh . but love his wild storm work ( the authority and his marvel ultimate work ,the ultimate's . ) over all fantastic artist and great storyteller .

  • I mostly remember his work from his long run on the amazing spider-man after Erik Larson had left to help form image comics . (his version of spider-man was like really skinny and very wiry but dynamic ) his work has been seen everywhere its a wonder that it has`t translated into 1994 animated series (but oh well ) but his runs the thunderbolts and ultimate spider-man was something I really took notice to during my teenage years in the early 2000s . if only I had the chance to work with him and Alan Moore on something like the last spider-man story or something.(but only time would tell eh !)

  • I was attracted to his work from his run on the punisher MAX series with Garth Ennis . and to tell you the truth I really liked his art style a lot (it was not to cartoony nor was it to realistic ) for me if say you wanted to make a punisher cartoon or anime I would use his art style for the base template for the over all look of the show . but that's what I think.

  • one of my artistic heroes ( I strive to be up to his level ) but for now I will be still be amazed by his work as an admirer (still my hero ) oh and his uncanny x-men run and regular x-men run are just a wonder to behold ( have all four x-men variants gate fold cover special edition of # 1 . still love your work bro.

  • this man was all over the place in the 80s (uncanny x-men here , new mutants there , amazing spider-man too) but I loved his work on spider-man 2099 (love the design of the costume and the way he fleshed out peter David`s scripts and plots .

    his style is very uncommon but recognizable as well . if only I had the chance to do a run of spider-man 2099 back in the day with what I know now but that's a Different story

  • One word ;WANTED DYNAMIC STYLE AND use of well known celebrities. a true modern marvel.

  • his style is both comical and lighthearted but still manages to deliver good on the action ( if only he would have did a solid run on say the current x-factor then I would have more to talk about ) but his work speaks for its self .

    if only I could have had the chance to work on a crossover back in the 90s but I was too young then (hey did i mention that he co created the team titans too )

  • a couple of words to describe his art-style beautifully grotesque.

    and I love (only wished he had did a solid run on hellraiser or even if he had did a run on batman or uncanny x-men during the early 90s with alan moore would have been interesting .

  • one of the best fine artist That not only enhanced frank millers scripts / concepts with both batman and daredevil to true noir levels well in my humble opinion but I admire his work .

  • reminds me of mazzucchelli but with a twist . cant look away . a style I am starting to love a little more after seeing it in daredevil and iron fist . wish he could do some more work on daredevil ( also something with mark miller like kick ass 3 or something . other all simply fantastic .

  • His work alone makes the readers have nose bleeds but love the way his style switches between 90s cartoon art and 80s movie gore nice balance great use of both as a core styles .

  • interesting name ! lovely but frail art style I love the way he makes things seem dirty but at the same time gives it a sense of balance his work is a wonder to be hold now just imagine him and I doing a run on teen titans or uncanny x-men .

  • love hell boy/ savage dragon team up and his hellraiser work , his writing is also one of my favorite highlights to his person altogether . great writer fantastic artist love the minimalist light dark approach to all of his work one of my many inspirations to day .

  • has drew more grotesque things than I could ever do in my life time (even rendered the incredible hulk made savage sexy )

    he makes monsters ,gamma freaks and hell spawn`s look anything but ordinary and bland . this man is a legend and it would be nice to collaborate with him on anything he would like to do (it would just be the greatest of honors indeed)

  • his art style is more like an underground electronic band from Canada ( filled with a sense of danger and joy ) my only wish would if i could write an 200 page giant and me and him would take turns penciling and inking it . say a what if story or a creator own project something fun !

  • new x-men, wonder woman ,the titans and the list does`n end there . his style to me reminds me of if Neal Adams was drawing his comics with a wacom board and enhancing it with photo-shop and making it look sexy . he enhanced grant Morrison planet x story arc with that same type of intensity . now imagine if he was on new mutants back in the 80s instead of Bret Blevins during the whole fall of the mutants story arc /crossover . or better yet if he drew a fill in of Kick ass 2 (just a thought guys and gals )

  • I loved his run on the beginning of the new teen titans back in the 80s ( to me it was comparable to what john bryne did on x-men before him .anyways it would be a dream come true if I was to work with this guy on any story arc he would want to draw with plotting by Marv wolfman of course .:)

  • his writing style is one not too many writers emulate or even try to reference to .because it was to me anyways was and still is meant to be more like a screenplay soap opera and he treated his characters like real people and made them all palatable to non comic readers and fan boys alike . (his run in my book on the new teen titans was and still is the best from the early 80s only next to the uncanny x-men during this era ) I wish he would pen a script for a tale to re examine these characters again outside of current continuity like in the style of x-men forever but call it the new teen titans forever .

  • a true rebel who doesn't play by the rules .

    for example the boys !

  • simply iconic cartoony style that seems to bounce around from one panel to the next . in a strange way I personally feel that he should be getting more work out in the field right now ( you know with either things like 616 x-titles or the chance to breath new life into indies like tank girl or to do fill in for an grant Morrison book . hey even a web comic would be nice too.

  • dynamic line work , the kind of style that was big back in the day (and his style fits my extreme Gothic 90s over the top highly stylized really big muscled really big gun toting super hero's of the era . and I loved every bit of it ( I was 9 or 10 to really know who was behind the creation of these things but his work really blew me way and still does ) its like getting punched in the face by spawn while eating a triple cheeseburger on the john . his art is that good to look at ! believe me !

  • my favorite painter loved his hellraiser work by far .great stuff . continues to amaze me . damn wish I could paint like that ! (well with practice )

  • sometimes I wish I could draw and ink like that ! that's what I tell myself sometimes but truth is ..I cant but I have enjoyed his new mutants run ( read the trade ) and his work with frank miller was a wonder to behold . and many many other comics I have readied over the years just looking at his art alone tells me all I need to know about a story ( but that's besides the point ) his work is top shelf, book shelf that is.

  • my 2nd favorite painter enjoying his cover work and pin-ups great stuff makes a comic more than just a collectors item but into an iconic piece of coffee table painting galore . another person I wish I could paint as .( with lots of practice)

  • I will always have his style of what the x-men looked like from the mid 90s after Jim lee left the title for the image start up (it would have been interesting if he would have been doing a creator own title for image back then while working on x-men but that's an story I could talk about another time but still a great artist in my humble opinion !

  • a happy mix of anime/manga influence with a little of what his bro any does but better (really memorable stuff .)he put the ultimate in ultimate x-men with mark millar and his run on wolverine was anything but un-matched by most working today . at least in the 90s an artist could maintain a decent run with fewer delays or missed deadlines . I will say this he was and still is reliable and consistent on an book (mostly if you count his run on wolverine for anything worth writing home about .but that is me .

  • sketch book art style that I just adore .if only he would have had a continuous run say ultimates 2 up until 3 with mark millar would have been nice (hey he could do a back up story for kick ass 2 )

  • the man who gave dangerous curves an new meaning ( his work is both sleek and deadly ) just love his style to death just wished he had penciled new x-men when grant Morrison was on the book ! his line work is something that should not be taken for granted by modern comic book readers today , it`s a little rough around the edges but he at least is trying to stand out from the crowed (being some of today`s photo-real artitst . I really like his work for the sheer fact it is not like anything seen on the market today (well not all to often )but the numbers show and I think It would be an honor to at do inks for the man if not anything else (his work is something that still inspires me to continue my little web strip in it`s not so glamorizes stages but at least I have vision like this man . but seeing his work still gives me hope that I too can still make it in comics (

  • his art alone is something I just look at and say ( I wish I could draw a little bit like that ) so detailed so rich with unusual line work . think your favorite comic(or mine) artist Todd McFarland at top form back in the early 90s . his work is just beautiful to behold . that's all I got to say for now.His work is everything that is not seen too much in comics in general (mostly being cartoony and something over the top and extremely stylized beyond reconizion (you know fun stuff )his x-factor work is something I still find worth looking at .very nice stuff .

  • when ever the world looks like its getting a darker I look at some of Barry Windsor smith`s artwork and things such as drawing complex lithographs become easy . or more a less a challenge . also his style is another major influence on my creative process to this day . also he drew Conan the barbarian unlike any has ever before . his body of work speaks for itself .

  • To a man who made youthful destruction a beautiful thing :AKRIA one of my favorite mangas next to ghost in the shell and hellsing .

    and one of my favorite anime`s of all time ( my first love !)

    also it would be an honor to surpass his 40000 + page run on Akria in phone book trade form . just that one thing I would Like to do before I kick the bucket .

  • loved his run on the uncanny x-men during its early stages with the new team from giant sized x-men #1 . other than that love his style just because the way he uses curve lines in his work and the way he draws women a thing of beauty well to me any way he has a great unique style . :)

  • the 50/50 comic artist half anime half over the top colorful fun

    made superman truly super .

    and every other Marvel and DC character known to man!

    and in away he kinda had or still has a little bit of the bruce timm style (animated flow to his pencils )it`s a wonder to behold sometimes and his charater designs are top notch . but to me everything he draws looks extreamely exciting to look at and even at times things just look like they could explode . it`s hard for me to express how I feel about his style (it`s everything I want to be but I know I am simply not worthy to draw in such away that all I can do is admire from afar .)but it would be fun to see him do a commission of one of my characters for a variant cover or something (you know just saying )

  • fantastic artist in twisted view of pop art ( Love his current style )but enjoyed his early work even more he drew death. give my left hand to work with him once ( just kidding about the hand thing )

  • fantastic artist .

    draws the sexiest woman and slimiest super psychopaths !( makes it look easy )

  • frank millers favorite inker/penclier

    and my favorite inker from 80s and 90s . it inspires me to ink a little bit better

    on my own work .

  • static shock artist (extraordinary )

  • extremely detailed neo noir style !

    and a true visionary in modern comics

    today (and yes it would be an honor to do inks or layouts for the man on

    any batwoman or batman project !)

  • wonderfully chaotic art style with a twist of lime !

    the stuff of dreams are made of ...

  • A wonderfully painfully amusing reviewer and ranter and writer from the windy city !

    hope his next comic will be something epic that everyone would enjoy.

  • a colorful artist .

    tasteful art house style

    that looks both interesting

    and different all at the sometime !

  • a writer/artist that everyone should pay his work a little more attention to .

    and it would be nice to illustrate a book for this guy too.

  • the best artist that marvels Disney money could buy . it would be interesting to see this guy pencil a tank girl graphic novel .

    and I would do the inks .

  • his work was more of a question to me but then again it was always new to look at .

    wish I could pencil a story by this guy ,,, but for now I could only dream .

  • his anime/manga style is a thing that I take notice to very often but then again it would be nice to produce the greatest graphic novel ever with this guy and others so here is to you .(his new x-men run was interesting I only wish he would have worked with grant Morrison before he left marvel.

  • an artist that aspire to be also as good as next to Todd mcfarlane ,but still any over all great artist .

  • his body of work is the most amazing thus far in the industry .(not counting others on this list ) but I hold a respect for what he does .

  • to me one of the more interesting talents (I mostly remember his early 90s run on action comics staring superman . with roger stern as writer ) and his work on new mutants really blew me away . it would be nice to have an artist of this magnificence caliber pencil a well written script by grant Morrison . that would be nice :)

  • an interesting artist who now apparently is pared up with writer extraordinary mark millar , but I do not let that get me down his other work still stands out to me despite the Na Sayers , but still he has a future with marvel right now bigger and better projects still wait him later on (all inked with Dexter vines of course )in whom should have been on nemesis inking over his pencils but I am not managing the bullpen now so all I do is hope for something more . his body of work is truly amazing (to me ) :)

  • an interesting personality , her work to me seems to be more about warmth and wonderment followed by danger , admired her work with grant Morrison on the invisibles looking forward to more . ( and I wish for one day to do inks for this sweet lady ) but until then I must remain an admire of her wonderful work .

  • sometimes I wish I could be as gritty as this guy , loved his work on 100 bullets and batman . its the kind of stuff you wish you could do yourself but in your mind says no , no , no . anyways this man deserve more work in the industry right now he needs to be on more books heck even a graphic novel written by frank millar .

  • an writer I also admire (just as much as grant Morrison) but I like the way he writes crime ) mostly 100 bullets and broken city even the Wednesday comics endeavor , it would be nice to draw something for this guy even do the inks on one if that's how the chips fall as they may . hey this man deserve more work am I right ! ( the joker graphic novel was fantastic he writes the joker like heath ledger but with a few deviations of course but this man needs to work on more crime comics . more I say this man is the real deal so DC comics /vertigo listen up .

  • another interesting artist that I think should get more respect (hey even work on more titles )in my most humbling opinion I love to see him on daredevil again maybe even the amazing spider man .

  • this man is one hell of a writer who can really dazzle many of us manga readers and comic readers alike , I really like(love this mans creative vision of the unforeseen future , his stories are in a strange way very familiar to me on a sub conscious level ,and his art is bar none top self in regard to both modern art and comics manga alike . if only I Could pencil an volume of ghost in the shell but then again I am still an amateur come paired to this man !

  • his art is so simple and intelligent that you cant help but want to see more . its also commercial too , love his on heroes and the web comics too .

    my only thing is I wish he would be on a study title .. like batman and robin with grant Morrison .

  • his art alone is simply fantastic and sexy (it screams sexy ) and liberty meadows is one for the record books . only wish I could write a script for this guy with grant Morrison co writing the over all story arc . yeah that's it giant sized liberty meadows #1 by Jeffrey(tsujigo) brown ink , frank cho and grant Morrison ! now that would be a hit ( with variant covers by frank quietly and Todd mcfarlane )

  • an very intense artist with a very intense style that is every as bit as intense as he is ...and that is a good-thing a damn good thing .. and by the way this man can pencil and color variant cover for my trade paper back anytime (I just wonder how much he charges ...) anyway it would be nice to have this man draw a chapter of my web comic for the trade of course . and did I say his art was intense ...man it is intense !

  • lets just say his work reminds me of Jim lee if his detail work was simplified to its basic core and used to enhance a fast paced story by any writer who is worth their weight in salt . anyways his work with grant Morrison was amazing up until the end of his run . his writing is getting better though .hey a few more years and he should be getting a little better . (with some help from grant Morrison of-course :)

  • his work on x-force is incredible (and raw ) OK its in part digital but his story telling ability shines every time he pens a story (its good work ..) just hope he does some more of what he does best (hopefully he might be writing a creator own story for image comics or something .hey who knows it might come to past

  • Richard case work is something I admire for its simplicity and shear gracefulness and his doom patrol work was haunting and poetic !

    well to me anyways .

  • his work reminds me of those old pulp novel covers from the 40s . and the way he captures the gritty realism of the crime stories he draws so well .... it is simply perfect in every way . it should be a standard for crime comic artist but it not in season forever .

  • an entertaining up and comer who is a great penciler (mostly working under grant Morrison ) his style is classy and nature without being to overly overt . great work .. want to work with this guy some day but for now he task his place on my list ...so here you go .

  • His work should have RED written all over it ...! it should its very sleek and sexy .. no one else has it ...! his work is dynamic ...

    it`s not too overly detailed but it is sleek enough to accommodate whatever story it calls it self for .(his art style is simply that )

    + he also helped too with the design of the current new 52 (I am mostly looking at stormwatch )

  • one of my personal favorite expressionistic artist (his anime style is carefree and wild and like that in comics ) his runs on spider-man and x-men were by far the best I have ever seen . a true hero in my eyes .

  • his paintings are the stuff of legend

    mostly his hellrasier work ! pure magic ...

    this guy could pain the cover of my first hardcover graphic novel .

  • loved his work in sand man . to me its memorable this guy could also paint the variant cover for my first graphic novel .

  • an dynamic artist I could not mind doing the lay outs for .

    I really respect his work a lot its very sharp and dynamic and clean ...need I say more ... ladies and gents ...its very classy ..

  • love his Gothic art style . ( example his batman covers during knightfall memorable and his run on batman as well ) also for batman blood storm ,red rain & his swamp thing two issue stint spider-man 2099 just to name a rare few . love the way he just brings a lot of mood to any character he pencils I just wished he would draw Kick ass 3 or something but who knows It could just be covers or anything else . but to me he is one of my most favorite Gothic artist of all time .

  • Moody and sharp and expressionistic these are the words I use to describe his art style .I envy him but for only for the short term , but for now I will continue to simply enjoy his work and thank god for moody artist who work with Grant Morrison because his work on batman and robin was just Amazing !can`t wait to see more of it!