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Astonishing! 0

I guess there's just no other word to express my feelings towards this finale as good as this review title does. It's an issue that was moving not just because of the way it ended, but because of it being the very last one from Whedon-Cassaday run -- which was a landmark one, overall, in the history of the X-titles.Whedon's writing is practically flawless by describing each character's personality - from the good ol' Spider-humor to Colossus' anger with an entire alien world which he was predict...

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Where are the New X-Men??? (minor spoilers) 0

In case you didn't heard anything about these Young X-Men, I can make a long story short for you. After the trials and tribulations of Messiah Complex, Cyclops decides it's time for a new team of X-Men to be trained.Wait...another new team? What the heck happened with the New X-Men? Hellion? Surge? Prodigy? Elixir??? Well, if you're looking for an answer in this issue, you better forget about it because you won't have it! And the characters that do have an appearance here happen to be scattered ...

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Dave finally kicks some!! 0

Who wants to be a superhero? Well, I guess you do...you hide that feeling from everybody you know, but deep inside, there's that thing whispering in your ear, saying that you'd like to have that kind of life for yourself. But after you read this comic book, you'll probably change your mind about it.In this issue, Dave is facing odds that some would thought impossible to. This is logical, since having one's ass kicked as badly as his was is not something that one would easily take. The ordinary c...

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