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"Doing the wrong thing. For the right reason"

The Convicted
The Convicted

☬ Real Name: Ishmael Strix

☬ Birthplace: Gothic City

☬ Alias: The Convicted, Shadow of the Strix, The Myth

☬ Height: 6'3"

☬ Age: 30

☬ Weight: 187 lbs

☬ Hair Colour: Caramel

☬ Eye Colour: Onyx

☬ Species: Homo-Sapiens

☬ Alignment: Nietzschean

☬ Affiliation:

☬ Orientation: Heterosexual

☬ Identity:

Publically deceased

☬ Relationship Status: Single

☬ Gender: Male

☬ Family: The Strix's

☬ Occupation: 1%ter, Socialite, Philanthropist, Corporate Management, Vigilante



Equally adept in the use of both left and right appendages, this self taught reward is a practiced gift the Lost Hound has enjoyed since an unbelievably young age.

Situational Awareness
The Artisan of Acrobatics
With an exercised regime of sports based gymnastics, coupled with a unique series of ultra-flexible joints, Ishmael's acrobatic platform is instrumental in the roolkit of his aerial reactionary repertoire. Quite possibly in fact, it is the fundamental foundation of his hypermobility. Trained since childhood, the Secret Shadow showcases a rare infrastructure exclusively predicated upon high flying acrobatics that have been passionately perfected through a mixture of free-running counter-cultural athletics.