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◈◈ The Shadow Dragon ◈◈

The Demon King
The Demon King

Real Name: Ishin Keijijo

Aliases: Beast from the East, Black Dragon, Demon King, The Grandmaster, Phenom, Keijijo Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Sage of the Seventh Sword, Shinigami Samurai, Demon of Dim Mak

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 228 lbs

Age: 8,003 (Ageless)

Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Varies

Species: Human (Extranormal)

Gender: Male

Alignment: Antihero

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Reisho Monastery, Japan

Relationship Status: Widowed

Family: Fan Song (Wife, Deceased), Shiho (Adoptive Daughter)

Occupation: Impero of the Keijijo Clan (Formerly), Martial Arts Grandmaster, Esoteric Scholar, Ki Sorcerer

Affiliation: The Keijijo Clan

The Keijijo Grandmaster - Origin/Background

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The Phenom - Psychological Profile/Personality

Cold, enigmatic and supernaturally calm, Ishin is a man who traffics in mystery. A long-lived warrior, leader and scholar, he is both violent and insightful. Though he is uncompromising in his self-belief, a trait that led to his great self-sufficiency, Ishin is open to new ideas and philosophies, taking them in to process and filter the useful from the nonsense. This, he owes to the enormous trust he has in his own intuition to guide him to the right decision. Or at least what he firmly decides to be right. And though he has never had a leader's ambition, as evidenced by his murdering the entire Keijijo Clan prior to their resurrection, his trust in his intuition led him to become its Impero (leader). He is a private individual, speaking less and observing more. He rarely expresses his inner thoughts, yet does so logically and rationally when necessary, despite not caring about the feelings others have regarding his conclusions and the thoughts that led to them. So while he often risks hurting those close to him, he must do and say what he considers to be rational as he values harsh truths over comfortable lies.

As a result, he is often cold and calculating. Still, he is hurt deepest by any mistakes or decisions he makes at his own individual expense, which is yet another thing that factored into his decision to wipe out the Keijijo Clan as becoming their leader had made him a man for the people and the clan at the expense of his sense of individuality. It is because of this that following the resurrection of his clan, the Black Dragon took his leave of the Reisho Monastery. Often silent and stoic, Ishin casts a serious and distant presence as he rarely engages with others, and is typically more interested in observing those he does not trust than he is spending time with loved ones. Despite his apparent stoicism, the Black Dragon is occasionally witty and sarcastic, making certain cunning remarks, be they threats or mockery, to those he feels deserve them. Though not a hero by goal or desire, Ishin does fight for the prosperity, self-determination and survival of his two daughters, Shiho and Hanna. For them, he desires a better future than the cold world they call home. For them, he will go to the ends of the world and burn everything on his way. So while he is a warrior who regards his martial pride as a symbol of manhood, he also feels that fierce protection of his family defines his worth as a man.

The presence of his children comfort him from the harsh realities of a world as unstable as it is astonishing. He is a doting father to his daughters, often fighting alongside Shiho while playing with his youngest daughter, Hanna, in his spare time. Though his lack of desire to please others beyond his daughters contributes to his distant and aloof behavior to others. A reality that is magnified by the fierce self-certainty, fearlessness and independence that sees him take action on his own, at times to the point of his own detriment. Despite these traits, the Black Dragon does give credence to certain values surrounding human goodness, as evidenced by his powerful devotion to his daughters. In addition to this, Ishin is a keen seeker of knowledge, often to satisfy his natural interest in new ideas and takes.

The Sage of the Seventh Sword - Knowledge & Martial Arts Mastery

Knowledge & Intellect

A long-lived and well-read man, Ishin is a fast and critical thinker with a mind sharpened for analysis and pattern recognition. Knowledgeable and experienced, the Black Dragon possesses a body of knowledge (history, politics, philosophy, psychology, war, metaphysics, the supernatural) and natural intelligence that render him an effective strategist and tactician in the field of battle. In his spare time, he often engages in mental simulations to consider the many patterns, possibilities and logical consequences of any likely or unlikely statement/scenario. And like any competent strategist, Ishin commits to regular intelligence gathering efforts on people and places of interest so that he may be better prepared for any variables that may force him to make crucial adjustments in battle. When observing a place for example, Ishin studies the terrain, the time, the climate, and every possible physical condition that might impact the conflict. For conflicts in high-density cities, he comes up with mental layouts and searches for entry and exit points.

In battle, his intention is and has always been to maximize his chance of victory while minimizing risk, a reality which causes him to develop several backup and contingency plans. Furthermore, Ishin holds a deep reservoir of psychological, political, linguistic, social and espionage-related knowledge. It is from this pool of knowledge that Ishin derives his understanding of the emotions of others, enabling him to better perceive their motivations. It has rendered him a master at cold reading, at reading not only facial expressions but body language as well. His expertise in reading others enables him to adjust his course of action while simultaneously analyzing his social environment. He is therefore able to accomplish tasks such as faking authentic intuition and insight by acting like someone entirely different. Finally, he also speaks several languages without any trace of an accent.

Armed Fighting System: Japanese Kenjutsu (剣術)

Single Sword
Single Sword

A lethal master of Japanese Kenjutsu, the Black Dragon's style holds no restrictions, and is devoid of what he has dismissed as purely aesthetic or otherwise useless elements that have no practical value on the battlefield. Ishin's style of swordplay is precise and quick, fluid and vicious - and aggressive. He does not wait for the opponent to commit mistakes with openings he can exploit, and instead pressures and sets the pace of the battle by flustering his foe into committing mistakes and giving them no room or space to settle into a rhythm. Operating from five primary stances, or 'Itsutsu No Kamae', Ishin insists that the sword can be held overhead, to the side, middle thrust, pointing down and horizontal. Typically, he links these postures together in a chain of movements that allow him to adapt to a variety of scenarios on the battlefield.

Dual Sword
Dual Sword

The Black Dragon's style of swordsmanship is, in effect, an interconnected system of feinting, cutting, jabbing, thrusting, parrying, and footwork. Feinting is an illusion made possible by a combination of his footwork, center gravity, and the sword's movement. When applied effectively, it sets the adversary back with one move, while creating an opening for another. And in order to make full use of his feinting, Ishin has mastered the art of timing, or rather the ability to deceive the opponent that they themselves are not being timed, and that it is they who have timed him. To time his foes, Ishin tests their reactions against his actions, be it footwork or even arm wiggles. And he uses them all to assess, study, and understand his foes' reactions. Cutting, jabbing, and thrusting techniques are usually preceded by a feint, which Ishin insists is necessary, especially if a strong attack is being executed because the opponent will likely parry it by noticing the telegraphing momentum behind the attack. The Beast from the East, therefore, uses a strong feinting system to avoid finding himself the victim of a cut across the sword hand or forearm following the execution of his own attack.

However, not all of Ishin's techniques require feints to account for possible telegraphing. 'Quick strikes' for example, are performed with both hands on the sword or with a sword in each hand. He may keep one hand at the base of the tsuka (hilt) while the other hand rests at the ridge of the blade to provide the initial force to flick the sword as quick as an arrow to strike the target. Ishin can accomplish this with the double sword technique, with one sword providing the push for the dispatch. When parrying, the Black Dragon usually attempts to direct the point of the sword to the target in order to minimize the step needed to be able to counter-attack, putting the opponent at an immediate disadvantage. Other than parrying, Ishin may meet an adversary's attack by using a quick strike at their sword hand or forearm to incapacitate the attack. While his footwork is fluid and dexterous, designed around allowing him to hop in and out of space, and circle, it is not routine.

The Beast from the East's footwork changes as it is generally adapted to the terrain and purpose of the battle. Furthermore, Ishin is aware that a weapon's center of gravity helps him asses not only its maneuverability and speed, but its effects on leverage and kinetic forces as well. To best control the 'gate' or opening between an opponent and himself, the Black Dragon may use a sword in each hand as all attacks must pass through this gate to reach the target from any angle. Furthermore, he understands that to close or disrupt the gate at the right momentum is necessary if he wants to deflect incoming attacks. Additionally, Ishin prizes this double swords style's ability to alternate and compliment their trajectories to provide a strong, continuous flowing barricade as well as trapping and striking repetitions.


  • 龍槌閃: From a position higher than his opponent (usually initiated by a jump), Ishin uses the momentum of the fall to strengthen a two-handed sword swing that brings the blade down on the opponent's head or shoulder.
  • 龍槌閃・惨: Ishin positions the sword to initiate a downward stab at the head instead of a downward swing.
  • 龍巻閃: Most often used as a counterattack against a thrust or charge, Ishin sidesteps a forward-moving opponent and moves past them. In doing so, he spins in a full circle, adding momentum and centrifugal force to the strength of the sword swing, which is then aimed at either the opponent's back or the back of the neck.
  • 龍翔閃: This is a rising attack meant to strike the jaw from below. For additional power, Ishin uses his free arm to apply force to the back of the blade and utilizes a powerful upward jump during the attack.

Nine Vital Points

  • 唐竹/幹竹: Aimed at above head with downward strike: 壱 (ichi, one).
  • 逆袈裟切り: Aimed at right shoulder diagonally: 弐 (ni, two).
  • 右薙: Aimed at right arm's center from the side: 参 (san, three).
  • 右切上: Aimed at right arm's bottom/right wrist diagonally: 肆 (shi, four).
  • 逆風: Aimed at groin area from below via upward stroke, or straight from front: 伍 (go, five).
  • 左切上: Aimed at left arm's bottom/left wrist diagonally: 陸 (riku, six).
  • 左薙: Aimed at left arm's center from the side: 漆 (shitsu, seven).
  • 袈裟切り: Aimed at left shoulder diagonally: 捌 (hatsu, eight).
  • 刺突: Aimed at center of chest, at breastbone: 玖 (kyū, nine).

Fighting System

A brutal and supernaturally gifted grandmaster whose skill and technical ability rely on the unorthodox, Ishin is a fighter with few peers. A genius with his limbs as much as his sword, the Beast from the East is a painter whose works are made with strokes of blood. Ishin is an out-fighter, not by necessity but choice. Instead of moving laterally, the Black Dragon bounces in place to mask his explosions exceptionally well. Much of his offense is from his lead side, starting with his left leg. By shifting his weight and bouncing in place, Ishin can easily hide a quick foot replacement, enabling him to whip out his left leg like a lightning bolt. Though he often fires his left leg as a side kick, he also throws left round kicks to the leg, body, and head. Deeper into most fights, Ishin will often use his lead leg step to instead spin into a thunderous back kick. When controlling the distance with his lead leg, the Black Dragon is nearly unstoppable, as it enables him to tie punches and kicks together in offensive hurricanes.

Occasionally, he punctuates the work he does with his jab and left hook with the occasional overhand. Still, his ability to alternate kicks and punches is almost unrivaled, as he does so without much in the way of predictable patterns for an opponent to catch. Furthermore, bouncing in place as he always does enables Ishin to easily draw out strikes from the opponent as he is showing his opponents false starts, often causing the opponent to either throw attacks at nothing, or momentarily freeze up when duped into thinking a real burst is on the way. And once Ishin draws the opponent into reacting to nothing, he attacks, stepping forward with a hurricane of punches. Though he is an incredibly skilled puncher, the Black Dragon is an even greater kicker. Possessing an extremely varied and dynamic arsenal of kicks, Ishin's kicking ability is beautiful and supernaturally lethal, with an arsenal consisting of but not limited to side kicks, roundhouse kicks, spinning back kicks, and spinning back roundhouse kicks. Often-times, Ishin steps outside of the opponent's lead leg and slams hard left roundhouse kicks into the rib cage from southpaw.

However, because kicks which are missed will often expose the back to an opponent, Ishin makes liberal use of a lightning-quick spinning backfist to blitz the exposed jaw of an opponent more concerned with pouncing on a parried or missed kick. Still, Ishin takes great care to never telegraph his kicks by hopping in as he kicks, masking their approach. Furthermore, the Black Dragon often uses the threat of his punches to force an opponent back with their hands up to block, then chase them down with kicks to their exposed midsection. Though an aggressive body kicker, Ishin often uses his ability to switch targets mid-kick to confuse the opponent. He will, for example, throw a spinning back kick to the body before suddenly bringing his kick up to blast the opponent's exposed head. Despite his preference for out-fighting, the Beast from the East is incredibly skilled in the clinch. He rarely looks for takedowns, and instead methodically sets up knees and elbows. Opponents who are skilled enough to close the distance against him are often lulled forward by Ishin reaching out to their hand with his own, inviting them to hand-fight.

Hand-fighting is natural, as the reaction to slap away or grab anything approaching the face is instinctive. So Ishin paws at the opponent's hand, drawing them into hand-fighting before quickly withdrawing his own hand to take a long step into the pocket with a sharp elbow strike. With his long arms, Ishin's elbows are a unique weapon used to bridge the gap between the outside and inside, and his length enables him to land elbows from farther out than most. Given its use in transition, and it' shorter and more linear arc (compared to a looping punch), the Black Dragon uses it viciously. The elbow is faster and telegraphs less than a punch. The elbow, like many of Ishin's mid-to-inside strikes, is there to close the gap on opponents who refuse to engage. And on the inside, the Beast from the East uses his grappling to create openings for elbows, uppercuts, hooks and knees.

Among his best stand-up grappling tools are wrist-grips. Specifically, Ishin uses the thumbs-down grip with his thumb facing the ground. Why? Because to break a grip on one's wrist, one must pull the hand in the direction of the opponent's thumb because the gap where the thumb and fingers meet is the weak point of any single-handed grip. Therefore Ishin's opponent must yank their wrist against that gap to force it open and free their arm. But because Ishin uses a thumbs-down grip with his thumb facing the ground, the opponent is forced to yank their arms downwards and away from their upper-body, exposing their it to strikes, specifically, Ishin's favorite - elbows over the top. However, opponents can adapt, and come to realize that Ishin is only using the thumbs-down grip to set up vicious elbows over the top. So they respond sensibly, by ducking under the elbow. Ishin however, accounts for this, and uses the wrist-grip and over-the-top-elbow combination to set up knees and uppercuts.

As the opponent ducks under an elbow, they're unknowingly ducking chin-first into the path of a crushing knee or thunderous short uppercut. At times, Ishin opts for sharp hooks over the top instead of elbows. Trapped in this vicious prison, the opponent is likely to do what many in-fighters would; fight with the head lowered. Why? To avoid hooks and straight punches to the head while driving their forehead into Ishin's temple, cheek, jaw etc. to secure a superior angle with which to outmaneuver and strike him. However, should a foe do this, Ishin punishes them by ripping hard uppercuts to pulverize the body. And once his opponent expects yet another body uppercut, Ishin rips an uppercut to the chin instead - followed by a vicious left hook. On the inside, he creates a vacuum that forces his strikes and his opponent's body to collide.

While he is primarily a striker who uses grappling to defend himself from grappling exchanges and create openings for his strikes, Ishin does sneak in several takedowns from the clinch and so on. And on the ground, he is an artist. He uses a combination of Sambo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and folkstyle wrestling to outmaneuver his foes. From top position, he'll throw elbows and hammerfists to the head, gouge his opponent's eyes out, headbutt them, or smash the back of their head into the ground. From back-mount he'll throw elbows to the back of the head, smash the opponent's face into the ground or seize neck and jaw cranks to cause severe spinal injury or death. From half-guard he knees the groin, and from north-south he knees the head.

The Beast from the East - Powers & Abilities

Third Eye & Extranormal Senses

Thousands of years of meditation, intensive training, and exposure to the strange and otherworldly energies from the metaphysical hot-spot the Reisho Monastery was built upon, have awakened the Black Dragon's 'third eye'. A third eye manifests as an immaterial organ that provides sensory perception beyond the reach of ordinary sight. Ishin's third eye however, is further heightened by the Beast from the East's intimate knowledge of esotericism, as well as his genetic predisposition to respond strongly to psycho-spiritual phenomena. Primarily, Ishin's third eye acts as a dimensional aperture into higher immaterial planes of existence, thereby accessing their enormous reserves of higher psycho-spiritual energies, whose power exceeds the psycho-spiritual energies of the material world. On a basic level this grants him extraordinary resistance to any attempts at tampering with his soul by not only drawing upon his own psycho-spiritual mastery but by relying on a psycho-spiritual barrier of etheric particles that annul most forces attempting to interact with his soul.

The Heightened One
The Heightened One

Similarly, these barriers of otherworldly matter also protect his mind from telepathic assault. The limits of this mental protection are unknown but they are presumed to offer him great resistance to mental assaults. His higher consciousness prevents illusions and hallucinations, chemically induced or otherwise, from affecting his mind by detaching itself from the material plane. Against those who do not possess any meaningful form of mental or spiritual protection, the Black Dragon can pacify and tame violent and antagonistic urges by exposing the opponent's mind or soul to the appeasing and euphoric fabric of higher planes of existence. Furthermore, Ishin's third eye acting as a gateway to higher immaterial planes allows him to venture into these strange and unknown realms by means of an out-of-body-experience whereby he frees his spirit and consciousness from his physical body, roaming these higher planes as an incorporeal entity commonly referred to as his 'astral form'. Additionally, whilst in this form, he cannot deal physical harm. Although he can possess the body of others provided they have no means of spiritual or psychic resistance.

Also, the extraordinary perception granted by his third eye allows him to not only detect the presence of others by their immaterial auras and chi/qi/ki (the life-force or immaterial energy Eastern philosophies believe to be found in all living things), but also predict their intentions or actions prior to their own awareness of said intentions. This is because an individual's decision to perform an action or pursue an intention does not begin when most believe it does. An individual's decision to pursue an intention or perform an action is preceded by subconscious brain activity and processes that the individual is not aware of, but that Ishin's third eye can detect. And this enables Ishin to determine an individual's actions before they become consciously aware of their decision to perform said action. Meaning, the Black Dragon knows when someone will do something before even they themselves know it.

This grant him a primitive form of precognition, which he often uses on the battlefield to accurately predict his opponent's attacks before they can consciously think of executing them. Finally, Ishin's access to immaterial and spiritual planes allow him to communicate with the souls of any nearby dead.

Dim Mak & Subconscious Sensor

Among Ishin's deadliest abilities is Dim Mak or the 'Death Touch'. A technique often spoken of in whispers and referenced only in legends, Dim Mak is described as a strike or a number of strikes that, with very little force, causes instant death, severe injury, or disability. Ishin's own rendition of Dim Mak stems from his odd ability to, via ki/life-force manipulation, stop cellular respiration, inhibit and destroy the mitochondria (the source of energy in cells) and interrupt the body's electron transfer in a heartless bid to sap an opponent's body of the energy it needs to not only work properly but stay alive. When not intent on dealing fatal blows, the Black Dragon's strikes often target the mitochondria of the muscle cells, destroying their ATP and rendering it impossible for the muscles to contract and work. As a result, Ishin can, with a strike, leave an opponent's limbs useless and limp.

When fully intent on dealing a fatal blow however, Ishin tends to target the heart, using his strikes to stop its mitochondrial metabolism, preventing it from acquiring the energy needed for pumping blood to oxygenate the organs of the body. When paired with his extraordinary quickness, Ishin can deal life-threatening damage with but a single blow. Beyond his unforgiving 'Death Touch', Ishin is also in possession of an altered subconscious sensor, one which not only maximizes the accuracy and precision of his strikes, but renders him extremely difficult to hit. The subconscious sensor is a feature which all humans possess between thought and action. The body and mind work in a sequence of perception-evaluation-planning-conscience-reaction.

One sees a threat, takes a moment to decide how dangerous it is, then another moment to think of how to counter it, then a moment of brief doubt, then one attacks, defends or flees. However, because Ishin's subconscious sensor has been altered, there are no unnecessary steps for it to go through. His body reacts instinctively and almost instantly, doing exactly what is needed in order to counter a threat while minimizing danger without any conscious input.

Chakra Nodes/Psycho-Spiritual Mastery

While there are no concrete and proven theories on chakras, they are usually held by some Eastern philosophies and belief systems as nodes for the immaterial energy or life-force in the subtle body (the psycho-spiritual body as opposed to the physical one). They are said to be the meeting points of subtle (psycho-spiritual/non-physical) energy channels through which one's life-force moves. Ishin's spiritual and esoteric mastery however, has led to a rare harmonization of his psycho-spiritual body with his physical one, enabling this exotic and immaterial energy to permeate his physical body and heighten his physical attributes far beyond the limits of an ordinary human. He is given superhuman strength, durability, stamina, agility and speed. His speed in particular is immense, enabling him to move so quickly that modern detection systems can no longer follow him, and accelerate to velocities at which the G-forces would be fatal to an ordinary human.

The exact limits of his speed are unknown but when combined with his subconscious sensor and ability to sense the subconscious brain activity preceding short-term conscious decision-making, Ishin's reflexes and reactions are rendered virtually instantaneous as he appears (from his opponent's perspective) to be moving ahead of time. Ishin himself is able to use the esoteric/psycho-spiritual energy of his chakras to temporarily influence his body's physical state. He can for example, increase his heart rate to levels thought otherwise impossible. And given his superhuman durability, his veins are capable of withstanding this strain while the increased blood being pumped into his muscles further augments his strength, speed and explosiveness. When doing so, Ishin's skin adopts a distinct red hue. And while he is rendered much faster and stronger, his stamina depletes very quickly, and forced use of this ability can result in his untimely death. Furthermore, Ishin's mastery of his own psycho-spiritual energies is what has preserved his physical youth over thousands of years.

Most interesting about Ishin's ability to access the psycho-spiritual energies of his chakras however, are his lesser known applications for them. For example, for longer ranged attacks, Ishin can draw upon the psycho-spiritual energies of his chakra nodes to emit a powerful, clear-white force from his body. This force is destructive and inflicts enough force to blast his opponents across a battlefield with authority, shattering bones and tearing soft tissue asunder, much like a violent shock-wave. He is also able to surgically inject his own psycho-spiritual energy into an opponent's subtle body through strikes, causing an imbalance of psycho-spiritual energies in a specific body part, leading to an violent and graphic explosion of said body part e.g. if he strikes an opponent's arm, their arm will inflate before bursting in a bloody and gory mess. However, the effects of these strikes vary based on intention and the amount of psycho-spiritual energy used.

At times, targeted body parts may inflate and erupt, or in other cases, Ishin can block the the psycho-spiritual nodes in an opponent's body, causing a violent buildup of psycho-spiritual energies as nothing is flowing out of the nodes/chakras. The result? Incinerating the area inside the body where the blocked chakra-nodes are located. Blocked nodes in the arm for example, will incinerate the arm. Furthermore, Ishin can also shut down (not block) enough of an individual's chakra nodes that their body no longer produces enough ki/qi/chi for the subtle body to use in any meaningful way, thus disabling an opponent's ki-related abilities. Finally, Ishin's ability (see in "Third Eye & Extranormal Senses") to erect psycho-spiritual barriers enables him to do the same for his chakra/psycho-spiritual nodes, shielding him from those trying to interfere with his own ki and psycho-spiritual energies.

The Black Dragon - Paraphernalia & Tattoos

Katana & Daishō Set

Katana & Wakizashi
Katana & Wakizashi

Like any katana, Ishin's katana features a curved, single-edged blade with a squared guard and long grip to accommodate both hands. His daishō set (arrangement of feudal samurai swords) also includes a wakizashi. The wakizashi, while similar to the katana in both length and design, is the companion sword. Though both the Black Dragon's swords appear to have ordinary steel blades, they are works of the extraordinary. Forged from supernatural materials and in otherworldly fires, Ishin's swords possess blades of improbable properties. Nearly unbreakable, the blades are forged not from metal but a form of exotic matter whose unique extranormal properties grant them great strength, durability, and sharpness. The first of Ishin's swords, his katana, features a unique edge wrapped in enchanted folds of etheric matter. The result is an edge that does not cut conventionally. Instead, it cleaves open a space-time rift wherever the edge goes by, physically changing the space-time coordinates of whatever is in its path.

When cutting off an arm from the shoulder for example, Ishin's katana physically changes the space-time coordinates that keep the arm physically located on the shoulder. By changing the space-time coordinates of anything it touches, the Black Dragon's katana can essentially separate anything from anything by physically changing its location from being attached to something to being away from something, enabling his sword to cut through anything - even adamantium. His second sword, the wakizashi, is different. Similar in sharpness to a vibranium blade, its true utility lies in its illusory power. When cut by this sword, one's sense of direction changes. Up and down, left and right, and forward and backward are all reversed. Furthermore, one's eyesight, direction of approaching phenomena (such as incoming attacks), and even the location of sustained wounds, are all inverted. The result is not only confusion and a severe lack of equilibrium, but vertigo, disorientation, nausea, and mental fatigue that render a foe extremely vulnerable. This effect lasts until the cut heals.

The Dragon God (龍神) & Other Tattoos

In one of many travels, Ishin came upon a gateway, one which led to a burning realm of black fire. The crackle of each dark flame echoed a forbidden power, one the Demon King quickly set out to harness. And he did so by taking advantage of his clan's Keijijo Geijutsu technique. Specifically, by exploiting and altering the exotic properties that enable one to teleport objects marked with Keijijo Geijutsu symbols, Ishin tattooed his tongue with a unique Keijijo Geijutsu tattoo of his own design. Called the the Dragon God, it serves as a sort of dimensional aperture for these black flames, enabling Ishin to breathe them from his mouth. And as he acts as the physical vessel for the flames, they burn neither him nor his possessions. Different from conventional flames, these black flames are much hotter and exhibit strange properties. They are able to burn things commonly regarded as nonflammable, like bricks, concrete, asbestos, and even things which have already been burned. Furthermore, when in contact with moisture such as water on the skin, the flames react with corrosion.

They form an acidic substance that rips the electrons off of molecules, turning nearly everything it contacts into superheated soup. The Black Dragon's other Keijijo Geijutsu tattoos are found along his left arm, each one enabling him to teleport to a specific location tethered to identical Keijijo Geijutsu symbols found there. His final Keijijo Geijutsu tattoo is located on his upper back. Its purpose is simple, to emit unique ki-energy resonant frequencies to neutralize the telekinetic energies that power both blood-bending and telekinesis. The result is strong resistance to both blood-bending and general telekinesis.