My list of powerful and BIPOLAR women in DC UNIVERSE!

Who else should be here?

List items

  • I love her! My reason to read comics is this woman! I read every each comic where she appeared and sometimes I have pity for her. She is not free to have emotions, love someone or be just for a moment normal. Always her family making her desire to be death! An Strong woman and mysterious woman!

  • My reason to love the bat`s comics! Perhaps she is one of the maddest woman of the DC UNIVERSE- What do you think? But surely almost everyone loves to see her there. Batman`s life would not be so we know if she didnt exist! Beautiful Talia.. you are an exotic beauty!

  • BIPOLAR! The most bipolar, mad and... cuteee girl of the DC universe in my opinion. She has a MAD LOVE... and she loves it! The Joker is her life- and She is the only for him- the only woman who could support his madness. She is reallyyyy unique!

  • You don`t know when you can trust her. When she says the thrue or she is an enemy. Most time she is at the other side of the good ones but no one can deny she is a dangerous beauty!

  • Unpredictable kitty! Too bad to be a good girl and so cute to be an enemy <3

  • In my opinion she is a wolf in a sheep costume. An excellent and ambicious reporter but always putting herself in problems to be recued by someone- // Obviously I prefer WW. Sorry!!!

  • I need to say why this woman is bipolar? xD hahahha