Dangerous and desired women!

Just tell me if you are agree or which more character should I add =D Thanks guys!

List items

  • She is a desired woman but she has never had an officially relationship with someone. She is an hibrid. Partly human, partly demoness. She is Trigon´s daughter.

  • She used to be part of the League of Assassins. She is an skilled woman with a strong personality.

  • Daughter of Ra Al´Ghaul. She has a relationship with Bruce and she was the reason Jason Todd became a killer. She is one of the most important members of the League of Assassins. She is Damian´s Wayne mother.

  • She is Deathstroke daughter. She is rude but honest. She is a very talented fighter in hand to hand combat as her father.

  • She is a dangerous beauty. She used to be a cold hearted woman but she loves Cyclops. She used to be a villian in the Marvel universe but she joined the X-Men.

  • If she is not the most talented (woman) fighter in DC universe she at least is one of the best.

  • She is cold hearted bad woman. Recently, she lost her child (Roy Harper´s daughter) and a son (Catman´s son).She is full on rage and wanted to kill Deathstroke.

  • She is a beauty but you can see her as much as you want but remembering if you touch her lips you are dead.

  • She used to be insanely in love with the Joker. She is a talented fighter. She is part of the Gotham City Sirens. She has a bipolar role. Sometimes she is a kind of hero and other for her "Puddin" can be a psycho killer. A doll face woman but with sharp claws.

  • Her powers are one of the strongest arms of the X-Men. As Poison Ivy is woman to stared but not to touch. Gambit had many problems dealing with this.