My deputized Marvel Lanterns

This is a list of people from the marvel Universe who I think could have been a deputized lantern during Blackest Night

List items

  • My Red Lantern

    His rage and a red ring would make even Atrocitus himself look weak

  • Joint Sinestro lantern with his other self

    Before Secret Invasion when he was a part of the Mighty Avengers he was feared by his fellow team mates and even his wife

  • My Orange Lantern

    His Greed matches that of even DC Lex Luthor's

    It was his greed that played a part in the fall of his Dark Reign

  • My Green Lantern

    You may wonder why I chose him but he overcame great fear when he made his first armor and again when he stopped Norman Osborn from getting the information of all the heroes that signed the SHRA

  • My Indigo lantern

    He holds himself responsible for the death of his uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy. This is something that makes him into the hero he is today

  • My Star Sapphire

    Her love for Peter was so strong that she sacrificed it to give him a better life

  • My Blue Lantern

    Everything he has done in the past few year was to protect the remainder of his fellow Mutants and X-men in the Hopes for their survival